Mommy's Favorite Things: Joovy Boob and Dood Feeding Products!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Joovy Boob and Dood Feeding Products!

Family Gear Company Launches The Boob Baby Bottle Line
Joovy’s New Mood For Food
There’s a new mood for food at Joovy with the launch of the company’s newest feeding products.  The Boob Baby Bottle and Dood Training Cup introduce the simplest and most advanced technology to the baby-feeding category to date.

“We’re excited to bring these new products to market,” says Joovy founder Rob Gardner. “We pride ourselves in setting high quality standards and being different in our approach to the market.  Our product philosophy is simple:  we want to bring products to consumers that we want to use ourselves, practical and functional with high quality and good looks. We’ve worked with the best bottle designer in the world developing new technology for the feeding category and we’re confident parents will agree that this is the best feeding system available today.”

What makes the Boob the best baby bottle on the market? The nipple, vent system, bottle and insulator are state-of-the-art and use today’s best design and materials. Transitioning from breast-to-bottle or bottle-to-breast can be frustrating and delicate, but the boob baby bottle’s innovation and technology make it a “natural” choice for quick and easy transitions.  There are five key features of the Boob Baby Bottle system that are markedly different than any other bottle available today.

The first of the five key components is the proprietary nipple.  The Boob nipple design reduces “nipple confusion” allowing babies to properly latch and suckle from the bottle so busy moms can easily switch from breast-to-bottle and bottle-to-breast.  The nipples are made to European standards and are baked to maintain consistent softness and to help prevent nipple collapse.

The Boob’s CleanFlow® Vent is simple, and high tech at the same time.  The one-piece vent ring is extremely easy to clean and you don’t need to touch the sanitized silicone sleeve when assembling the bottle. The quad vent allows for consistent venting regardless of how the bottle is held. Venting reduces colic and inner ear infections by eliminating the vacuum created in a sealed feeding system.  The CleanFlow® Vent is notched to fit perfectly in the Boob Baby Bottle’s wide neck and this design eliminates over and/or under tightening reducing leaks and maintaining consistent flow rates.
Joovy has spared no cost in the ergonomic Boob Bottle design. The Boob Bottle is available in two bottle materials that offer different features as well as price points; high quality PP (polypropylene) and ultra premium PPSU (polyphenylsulfone).  PPSU is the superior material for baby bottles and does not absorb odor or color and is extremely durable. The PPSU Boob has a distinct gray color that makes breast milk and/or formula look bright white and appealing. Both bottles are dishwasher safe.                           

Temperature is another important element in feeding, and the Boob Insulator keeps liquids at a desired temperature longer (cold, warm, frozen). The Insulator fits the Boob exclusively and is clear for easy liquid viewing.  The Boob Breast Pump Adapter allows moms to pump directly into the Boob Bottle and it works with most major breast pumps on the market.  The sealing cap will allow easy storage or transport of breast milk.  All of these components work seamlessly together as a fantastic feeding system.

The Dood Training Cup (7 ounce) and Dood Drinking Cup (9 ounce) use the same patent pending CleanFlow® Vent technology as the Boob so all parts are interchangeable.  The Dood Training Cup comes with a soft spout that helps protect gums and pallet duri ng teething. The next step is the 9 ounce Dood Drinking Cup. It’s bigger for growing kids and comes with a friendly hard spout that makes drinking easy and comfortable.  The Dood is available in purple and turquoise. The Dood has all the benefits of the Boob plus a non-spill valve to prevent leaks. The Dood is made of clear and colorful PP (polypropylene.) 

All Boob Baby Bottles and Dood cups are BPA free, phthalate free and PVC free and are manufactured in a clean room environment.

 The Joovy Boob and Dood line will be available at buybuy Baby stores and at  The line will range in price from $4.99 to $26.99.

Joovy focuses on producing high quality, affordable, sporty juvenile gear with
exceptionally good looks and functionality. With keen attention to customer service, Joovy is committed to building brand loyalty and long lasting relationships with customers.


About Joovy:

Joovy is a privately held US company founded by Robert Gardner, which focuses on innovative design and sturdy construction of strollers, playards, high chairs, toys, and other juvenile products. Joovy is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with additional offices and warehouse distribution facilities in Irvine, California.