Mommy's Favorite Things: Get Green For Spring Grand Prize Spotlight- CellularWindowShades

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Get Green For Spring Grand Prize Spotlight- CellularWindowShades

For the Grand Prize for this event CellularWindowShades has been super generous in offering a reader a $250 certificate to their site!!

I had the chance to get a shade for review and I'm so happy I did. 
Emerson's room had blinds in there. They stunk and were broken and were constantly falling off. We ripped them down and hung up a sheet, but it was really light in his room still and was disrupting his sleep. Until we got our shade.

We received a Double Cell Blackout Shade in Latte along with the ComforTrack system in White.
Shade and ComforTrack system

Before with the blinds removed. Sorry the room is so dark, my camera used all the light from the window despite having the light on in the room.

To install the shade you needed to screw 3 brackets into the wall. This part was easy you just have to make sure they are at a perfect distance away from the edge of the wall, otherwise the shade won't snap onto it. We learned this the hard way. The bracket on the right side was screwed in 1/4" further back and the shade wouldn't snap in!!

 Once you put the brackets in the wall, you snap the shade in. You have to line up the lip on the shade with the mark on the bracket first and then you push the shade back until it snaps into place. This was a bit hard to do. It took us about 30 minutes just to get it right. Then we finally got it and the shade wasn't directly in the middle. 
So we did it again, but it still wasn't directly in the middle, but at that point we left it because both sides were covered and it wasn't worth the fight again!!

Then we put up the ComforTrack system. This is tracks that go on either side of the shade and keeps light and cold air out. It's a better way for more efficiency. These were easy. I lined it up on the wall and measured how far back it was on the top, middle and the bottom and made a mark on the wall. That way they were even all the way down and not on an angle, otherwise the shade won't work right. 

Once that was done, we peeled off the sticky backing and stuck the track to the wall. This part was really easy. 

Then we bracketed the pulley system to our wall there on the right side and the shade was DONE!!
As you can see the shade isn't in the middle, but with the tracks being there, it still blocks out all light
The only area a bit of light comes in is in the 4 corners, but it's not enough to hinder anything. His room is SO dark now!!

All in all it took about 50ish minutes to install it. It was a bit of a pain, but the end result is AMAZING!!! I'm ready to buy one for our living room!

What I like is no matter what color you choose for the inside, the outside is white, so all your windows will match from the outside. 
They have a lot of colors to choose from too. They have standards like white, and creams/taupes of all shades. Then they have colors like red, blue and cinnamon, as well as brown, black and yellow! There really is something to satisfy every style of home or room!

Price: The total for this shade came to $267, but they always have a sale, so at this point it was 15% so my total would have been $227! This might seem like a lot, but these are so much better and that was the price with the track!

Overall: ***** LOVE this shade. The installation was a bit tedious, but the end result is amazing and so worth the trouble!

For the grand prize, CellularWindowShades is offering a $250 certificate to one reader. BUT you can not be a blogger to win this Grand Prize giveaway!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Cellular Window Shades in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Cellular Windo Shades for allowing me to review this product