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Thursday, May 16, 2019

The BeneFIT Box: Supplements Simplified & GIVEAWAY!

I received samples from The BeneFIT Box for the sole purpose of this review

I remember when I started working out in the gym, 3.5 years ago. Everything was SO overwhelming as a newcomer and there was a LOT of information to learn. Thankfully I had friends who helped me, the internet and patience. 
I've slowly learned a lot in that time and have learned what works for me and what doesn't. 

Changing your lifestyle and changing your body takes a lot of time. Not just the transformation, but the time to figure out what works. Learning about what macros are and what yours need to be, learning to adjust these accordingly based on where you are in your training and how your body is reacting. And then once you have all that figured out, we have supplements, I believe these to be the hardest of all. 

Do I use Creatine or not? What about BCAA's (what are those anyway?), or CLA or Pre Workout, etc etc. There is so much conflicting info online and you truly need to figure out what works FOR YOU! Do your best research. 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Making your home Toddler Proof- it can be Done!

It seems like only five minutes ago you were cradling a tiny baby…then you blinked and now you’re chasing after a toddler that won’t put their trousers back on and will do anything to stop them having their nose wiped. Being a toddler means that everything needs to be looked at, inspected, touched, handled, possibly eaten and then you can run around a bit more making as much noise as possible. It’s all part of the fun! But what isn’t fun is constantly worrying that your little one is going to hurt themselves.

Sure, we have to let them learn and be kids – but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a few things in place to help prevent a serious accident from happening! To help, I’ve gathered ways you can help toddler proof your home and a few tips on keeping ontop it all. Good luck!

Have all your first aid in once place
It sounds so simple, but when there’s a grazed knee and a screaming toddler the last thing you want to be doing is cursing the person who has moved the plasters and the antiseptic wipes! Find a cupboard or designate an area, put up a first aid sign so everyone knows where all the first aid items can be found and make sure everyone adheres to putting everything back that is used and keeping the area tidy. Fill a box or several boxes with basic first aid items and keep it firmly locked or out of reach of little hands.

In the kitchen
  • ·      Start by installing child safety locks on all your cupboards and drawers.
  • ·      Keep all your household cleaners and chemicals – including washing powder or pods, well out of reach or in a locked cupboard
  • ·      Ensure items like diaper bags, garbage bags, shopping bags or anything else that could be a suffocation risk are also out of reach and sight.
  • ·      Use the back burners on your stove and ensure pan handles are not within reach

In the living room
  • ·      Blind cords are deadly. Either replace the blinds you have with a different mechanism like an operating wand, or remove ensure that the chord it out of reach and tied up so it cannot be played with or wrapped around a child’s neck
  • ·      Make sure there are no long wires stretching across the floor that could be a trip hazard
  • ·      If you’re having a hot drink make sure it’s out of reach
  • ·      Ensure that your TV is mounted to the wall securely or fixed securely so it cannot fall
  • ·      Cover the corners of fireplaces, coffee tables and TV stands so they are no longer sharp

In the bathroom
  • ·      Reduce the hot water temperature on your boiler thermostat so hot water remains at a safe temperature
  • ·      Never leave your child alone in the bathroom
  • ·      Ensure items like toilet brushes, toilet/bathroom cleaning chemicals, razors, makeup, medicines etc are well out of reach
  • ·      Keep the bathroom door closed at all times
  • ·      Cover hot towel rails with towels
  • ·      Keep the toilet lid closed when not in use

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Anti-Aging Essentials for Every Budget

Finding the right skincare products can be daunting, especially considering staying on budget. There are so many products on the market today, it can be difficult to find something that works that you can afford. When it comes to anti-aging essentials, there are options that can suit every budget, if you know where to look! With pure hyaluronic acid serum and 100 squalane oil, you have a few options to add to your anti-aging skincare regimen that works, not costing you a fortune in the process!

Affordable Skincare Products
With our suggestions, you will find skincare products that work for anti-aging and won’t break the bank. Take pure hyaluronic acid serum for example. This product provides the much-needed moisture and hydration for your skin. The serum requires only a few drops with each use and at just under $10, the price can’t be beaten. You can easily use one bottle for several applications, helping you to spend less on your skincare regimen.
100 squalane oil is another quality product that won’t cost you a ton of money to use to fight the signs of aging. With this product, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. The oil helps to provide elasticity, which is needed to avoid the signs of gaining. Only two to three drops are needed with each application and also under $10, makes this product quite affordable.
At a slightly higher price point, Vitamin C and E serum is another product you might want to add to your anti-aging routine. The product helps to build collagen as well as even out your skin tone. With this product, your skin is provided Vitamin C that will help to nourish the skin, avoiding drying out and creating wrinkles. This product costs just $25.95 and only requires two to three drops per application.
These are just a few examples of top-rated products you can add to your skincare routine that won’t break your budget. Add one or all to your routine today to enjoy the anti-aging benefits.

Get in your Best Shape with Terra-Core!

I received a sample from Terra-Core for the sole purpose of this review.
I have been a fitness enthusiast for over 3 years now. What started as a means to lose a LITTLE weight, became SO much more than that and I love fitness way more than I ever thought I would. 
I keep venturing out and doing more and more. 

Not only do I lift weights 6 days a week, I also hike, and bike (completed 20 miles last week and 15 yesterday!) and do bodyweight exercises as well. I am in the gym 6 days a week and outside doing more 2-3 days a week. I keep myself busy with fitness and I'm loving the new routine I have. 

Terra-Core has made some of my new routine SO much more fun. It's 1 device, 1 tool to help you build the body you want! It's a Stability Balance Trainer and helps you use way more muscles per exercise. 

I received their Balance Trainer and was impressed with what was inside the box. 

It comes deflated, but also comes with a tool to remove the plug, it's own hand pump, a DVD, tape measure, and instructional poster.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

14 Money-Saving, Mommy Proven Tips That Actually Work

"Save money, build wealth, retire like a boss in your own corner of heaven and watch the sun go down as you sip on your super Shirley temples." Sounds easy when the experts on CNN are talking about it, but in reality, saving money is difficult.
Throw children into the mix, and the savings mountain becomes that much harder to climb. Think about it, raising a child born around 2015, to the age of 17 years will cost you a whopping $233,610 as per the U.S Department of Agriculture statistics. This enormous amount that could boost any retirement package magnificently does not take into account the huge costs of education of putting a child through college or university!

Saving…with children

For parents with more than one child in the brood, saving cash and providing the best care you can afford can be two difficult balls to juggle.  Did you know that over 25 million U.S households live paycheck to paycheck? There is really not enough money to go round and have much left after the needs and wants have been met.
Statistics show that 70% of mothers with kids under 18 years have to work, with most taking on full-time jobs to fend for their families. In fact, 74% of the households with children under 18 are solely dependent on their moms as the sole income earners.  So can mothers pursue the virtues of savings, while they juggle busy work lives and parenting? Below are tried and tested saving tips backed by mothering experience.