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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Could CBD Be the Answer to Anxiety?

It seems like everyone these days is struggling with anxiety. If you log onto any social media platform, you'll see a slew of people you know talking about how they're dealing with anxious thoughts about work, school, and relationships. In fact, "anxiety memes" fill Instagram and Twitter, with people trying to find a way to laugh at the creeping sense of dread that seems to be affecting us all.

Many people wonder why anxiety seems to be on the rise, especially among young adults. Some speculate that our ever-growing dependence on social media has led us to become too preoccupied with how others perceive us; when everyone is a public figure, we're all panicked about how our audience views and judges us.

However, a pharmaceutical treatment plan might not be for everyone, especially those with milder forms of anxiety disorders. This is where CBD and a unique Austin startup come into the picture.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Is your Family Getting Away Enough?

Whether your family has a nice amount of money or you are struggling, you still want to get away from time to time.

That being the case, are you taking steps so that you and your loved ones at home can get away on occasion?

It is important to remember that being stuck at home all too often can cause a myriad of issues.

With this in mind, what is your family doing to get away enough?

Finding Ways to Travel without Spending Big Dollars
In your quest to find ways to get away without spending too much money, be sure to shop for deals.

So, if you wanted Disney World tickets but think they are going to cost you too much money, think again. Finding such tickets is doable if you know where to look.
From travel partners to approved ticket resellers, there are options out there.
One of the ways to go about searching for such deals would be going online.
Keep in mind there are websites for helping travelers avoid spending too much. As such, all you have to do is find them.

Another way to avoid spending big dollars so that your family can get away more often is by planning in advance.

If you want to get the children out of the house more, you can’t wait until the last minute to plan such trips.

Among the advantages to planning adventures away far out enough in advance:
· Budgeting your money – By putting money aside for trips ahead of time, you are likely going to have more of it to spend. Be sure to set up a travel budget and do your best to stand by it.
· Getting good options – Another reason to plan out as far as you can is you tend to have more options at your disposal. As an example, you plan on taking your family away for spring break. Given how popular that time of the year is, waiting to get airline tickets, hotels and more can be a disaster. Book far enough in advance to have the best choices possible.
· Having a trip to look forward to – When you have a trip far enough down the road to look forward to, it is a goal. So, if you are planning a summer trip when it is early in the year, that getaway will be on your calendar and in your mind. It can make work and other things go a little bit faster.

Relax When You Go Away
Finally, be sure you relax when you do end up going away for a family trip.
Do not be one of those parents who can’t get away from work even for a day or two. All you do when you take your job with you on vacation is spoil things for your family.
Do your best before leaving on a trip to get as much work done as possible. From there, the rest of it can wait until you return.

This means no computers, talking work on your cell phone and more.
If your family is not getting away enough, is it about time you packed the suitcases and hit the road?

4 Simple Tips for a Greener Home

When you spend time to make your home greener, it’s not only better for the environment but it also usually saves you money too. Therefore, it’s got that feel-good factor and your pocketbook will thank you.
To help get you started, here are four tips on how to make your home that bit greener.

1.     Switch to Appliances That Are Energy Efficient

Older appliances were never that energy efficient. It’s only in the last few years that manufacturers have focused on producing appliances that qualify for the EnergyStar logo. EnergyStar signifies that the appliance is more energy efficient compared to other ones and helps shoppers to pick out appliances that won’t be wasteful with power.
Coming from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, their EnergyStar program aims to encourage homeowners to use less power. Power generation through not always climate-friendly methods can damage the environment, so the less we use of it, the better for everyone. Choosing an appliance that does a better job with its energy consumption is also easy to do with clear labeling of new appliances in the stores.

2.     Use Wooden Chopping Boards

Luxury wooden chopping boards are built to last. Unlike cheap plastic ones that look unsightly and too easily collect bacteria on them, wooden ones are easy to clean and provide many years of pleasurable use too.
When you invest in only the highest quality kitchenware, you have kitchen knives, cutting boards, plates, cutlery and cookware that last. This lowers the annual cost of ownership to much less than when purchasing unreliable, cheap alternatives that won’t serve you well. Also, wooden cutting boards, especially, are better for the environment as forests can be replanted, making them a renewable material, unlike plastic, which has to be manufactured.

3.     Unplug When Not in Use

With the lower energy usage of digital devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets, we tend to forget that they consume power too. When they’re left on and plugged in all the time, they’re forever using power and recharging themselves. This is overly costly and not very green.
Turning off digital devices or letting them go into sleep mode reduces their power drain and limits how much recharging is required. They will still alert you when there’s an important message or notification. Make use of their energy-saving modes which turn off their screens to conserve power.
The same unplugging rule goes for other items in the home like hairdryers, radios, standing fans, the toaster that gets barely used in the kitchen, and so on.

4.     Stock Up the Refrigerator and Freezer

Most refrigerators and freezers, especially older ones, use a similar amount of energy whether they’re one-quarter full or totally full.
It is wasteful with energy to only keep the refrigerator or freezer partially full. Energy is still being expended to keep them at a constant lower temperature – even more so with the freezer – and this is wasteful.
If you don’t expect to keep a cooling system full then purchase a smaller one. It’ll use less energy when it’s filled to capacity versus a larger unit that’s half empty.
Along with being greener at home, it pays to practice the same concepts outside the home too. This means making a to-do list that’s longer so that less frequent errands are run. Look to shop at a smaller list of places to use less gasoline (or electricity if you have an electric car already) on the way around town too. This way, you’ll waste less time, use a reduced amount of energy, and not emit as many emissions into the atmosphere either.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Midi Dress Styling Tips

You may already have heard about midi dresses. It's possible you have even owned some. They are any dresses of a length ending at approximately the middle of your calves. What you may not know is how to choose the best midi dress for you or how to style it successfully. Here are some helpful midi dress styling tips.

Midi Dress Length Variations Can Help You
Strictly speaking, a midi dress is one designed to end at the mid point of you lower legs. However, that can give your legs a very short appearance. It can also look almost as if your legs are cut off. Choosing a midi dress that hangs to a point just below or above your mid calves can help you avoid having that cut off or stumpy-legged appearance.

Choose a Midi Dress Color and Pattern for Your Body Type
If you are tall, you can afford to select a patterned midi dress, but try to keep it simple. If you are short, most fabric patterns will only make you look shorter. Selecting a single-color midi dress gives the appearance that you have a longer, taller silhouette. No matter what your height is, selecting patterns that are too elaborate or feature large components is rarely flattering. Small, delicate designs like little polka dots or flowers are often pretty.

Choose Shoes to Wear with You Midi Dress Wisely
A midi dress has the ability to make you look taller or shorter, but the footwear choices you make have a a large impact on that outcome. For example, wearing boots covers your ankles. Although the boots may be pretty, that will make your legs look shorter. If you are already tall, that type of footwear may be fine. However, when you want to look taller you need to leave as much ankle exposed as possible. A flat or a very slight heel is a better option, if that is the case. Similarly, any type of footwear with ankle straps makes legs look shorter when paired with a midi dress.

Select the Midi Dress Skirt Style That Suits Your Frame
Midi dresses can vary in designs. For example, some have form-hugging pencil skirts. Others have A-line skirts or full, flowing skirts. A loose, flowing skirt is often most comfortable, but it may not look as flattering as you might expect, especially if you are height challenged. The reality is a clean, streamlined midi dress with a simple skirt is likely to look best on a shorter frame.

Opt for an A-Line Midi Dress for Versatility
A midi dress with a simple A-Line skirt is often best in terms of versatility. For example, you can wear such a dress while running routine errands or when going out with friends. Depending on your chosen pattern and the general style of the dress, such as whether it has sleeves, it may also be appropriate work attire.

Select a Sexier Midi Dress Style for Date Night
An A-Line midi dress may be versatile, but it may not show off your figure the way you want it to. If you are seeking a dress to wear on a date, consider a midi dress with a little more pop and style. A dress with a slit up one side or a form-fitting skirt may attract more attention. Choosing a dress with an accent around the waist, such as a sash, can also help you capture a special someone's attention.

Accessorize Midi Dresses to Give Them Longer Lives
Nobody wants to buy a dress and only wear it once. Most midi dresses are perfect picks because you can wear them over and over again. But do not mistake the ability to wear the same midi dress again for the suggestion that you repeatedly wear it the exact same way. Instead, swap out your accessories to give it a completely different look each time. Sunglasses, scarves, purses and jewelry can make all the difference when trying to get several unique looks out of one midi dress.

Finding the Perfect Gift for your Pre-Teen Son

Is your son’s 12th birthday looming? 
Pre-teens can be notoriously difficult to buy for a number of reasons. Sadly, they probably won’t talk to you quite as much as they did when they were younger, so you have less idea about their specific interests, making it much more difficult to buy something that you’ll know they’ll like.

Here we’ll give you a few ideas to help you find the perfect gift for a boy of 12. If you are really struggling, why not visit the Wicked Uncle website? On their website, you can search specifically by age group and gender to ensure that you buy something that is perfect for your son.

A drone
Many of us will have enjoyed remote control cars or other remote-controlled toys when we were younger, and things aren’t much different today! Drones are extremely popular, and with some having built-in cameras they can be a really fun, exciting and interesting for gadget-loving boys.
Drones come in a range of different styles and capabilities, so it is important to take care whilst buying to ensure that you are getting bang for your buck. If you’re looking for a simple racer drone then these can be relatively inexpensive, however if you’re looking for all-singing, all-dancing then these can be much more expensive. Make sure you check the features before you buy.

A young driver experience
Wait, what? Yes, that’s right, you can get a driving experience for children as young as 10! If your 12-year-old has already begun to show an interest in cars, then a driving experience could be the perfect choice. This will enable them to start learning the basics of driving on a purpose-built course designed to replicate real roads!
Not only will this give them something cool to talk about at school, but it will also give them an appetite for driving which will mean they are more likely to pass their test when they turn 17.

PlayStation or Xbox vouchers
Vouchers can sometimes feel like a bit of a cop-out as birthday presents, however some vouchers are much better received than others!
If your son has a games console, then why not opt for vouchers to spend on the PlayStation store or Xbox Marketplace? This will enable them to buy full games or add-ons for games they already have. For some pre-teen boys, this is the ultimate gift as they can buy upgrades or modifications in their games which otherwise would have been extremely difficult to earn!

An Amazon Echo
Ever-present in most homes nowadays, there are plenty of ways that your 12-year-old son can utilise the Amazon Echo. From asking it to play music by their favourite artist and finding out the latest football scores to cool features such as turning their own room into an escape room, the Echo offers endless options for entertainment.
Whilst the initial impact may not match some of the above ideas, Alexa and the Amazon Echo is sure to be something that becomes a part of your son’s daily routine