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Friday, October 22, 2021

Hottest Deals of the Week!!!

   *This post contains affiliate links, I do receive a small incentive if you purchase through these links.

These are some of the Hottest Deals of the last week!!!

2 price drops on dog treats!! 

⭐️BIG Drop!! Milk Bone 10 lb large size dog bones just dropped to $6.75! Reg $13.99!

⭐️Rachael Ray Burger Bites 55% off and down to $4.38!

This is the coziest sherpa blanket! Today it’s 50% off with coupon + code 9TCDOWM7 at checkout! Works on 90x90 only, all colors except grey and brown. Check out those reviews!

These little 3.5' pre-lit trees are so stinking cute! And a great price for the 2 pack!!!

🎃👻🍪Cheryl's 24-pc Halloween Ghost & Pumpkin Cookies for $22.99 with code HOLIDAY. They come individually wrapped too which makes it easier to gift!

Lots of Hallmark wrapping paper on limited time deal!!! Love this kind! ad:

🔥🔥Um, run!!! Chromebooks $99!!!

Under Armour Runplay Sneakers are just $20-$25 right now! Infants, Little and Big Kids all available! Shipping is also free when you sign in with your email address.

Thinking about getting a membership for Sam’s Club? New members can get a Sam's club membership for $45 and get a free e-gift card for $45!! Basically your membership is FREE! (Allow up to 30 days to receive your e-gift card in your email!)

What deals will you be grabbing??

Thursday, August 26, 2021

What Makes you a Great Mom


Being a great mom should give you reason to be proud and put a big smile on your face.

That said are you doing everything within your power to be the best mom possible?

No doubt raising one or more kids is a tall order even for the moms with unending energy and more.

So, what makes you a great mom and what more would you like to do in being a mom?

Take Your Motherhood Skills to New Levels

In being the best mom you can be, here are some ways you can go about excelling even more:

1. Be inquisitive – There is no doubt that being a mom is a full-time job and then some. As such always be looking to learn more into what goes into being a great mom. One of the ways to do such a thing is turning to the Internet. Going online can help you become more educated in what it takes to be a great mom. From how you feed your kid to making sure they get an education to staying healthy and more, the ways to learn never end. You can turn to blogs like I’m a Proud Momma and other such blogs to get some good advice on mothering. Also look to social networking sites to reach out to some other mothers. See how they go about being great moms and how best to be an even better one than you are now. Talk to moms in your neighborhood you are friendly with. You can also go to mom support groups where available in your community. If you have children in sports or doing other such activities get with some other moms when the kids are active. Such opportunities can be good times to share ideas on parenting. At the end of the day, there are so many ways to reach out and get advice on how to be the best mom out you can be.

2. Listen to your children – While you may often be talking to your children, how good of a listener are you? Being a good listener can go a long way. That would be in creating a unique and strong relationship with you and your children. Too many times a parent does not hear what their child is trying to tell them. From problems in school to peer pressure and more, listen to what your children have to say. You may in fact be surprised to see how advanced your children are. That is when it comes to having educated and informative discussions with you. You might be the one learning when all is said and done.

3. Treat your children equal – No doubt there are many only children out there. That said there are quite a few households with more than one child in them. So, if you are one of those households, be sure you treat your children on an equal basis. Even if you have one you favor a slight bit more than another, it must never show. Show to your children why they are equal and why you love them each. That means they get equal time and opportunities when it comes to your actions and love towards them.

Being a great mom is something you can take a lot of pride in the rest of your life.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Tight On Space? Here’s How To Set Up An Efficient And Small Home Office


Now that many people are working from home, home offices are sprouting up all over the place. Usually, they are squished into some neglected corner of the home. The result is a mishmash of office space and catch all are where things seem to pile up.


There is a better way to go about this even when you feel that you don’t have much room to make a home office where you can be productive. With some small changes and a few tricks and tips you can squeeze a home office into some small spaces but still enjoy working in it.


In this article, we will go over several of those ideas you can use to maximize your home office space.


Use small devices


Your surface space is going to be limited so the items you place on it need to be as small as possible.


For instance, instead of using a full desktop computer with a big screen monitor, just use a laptop that will free up a lot of space on your desk. This way you can put other items on the desk. Even things like mobile scanners are available that take up less space than a book so you don’t have to worry about where to put your essentials.


Get creative with storage


You might not have a desk with drawers in your effort to save space. So, finding a place to keep your essentials is going to be a challenge. Do things like you would in a ship’s galley where cooks have to use every available space to store things.


For starters, install shelves on the wall about your workspace and use that for keeping your reams of paper, pens and paper clips and whatever else fits on them. You can even use the underside of the shelves or some other surface to attach things that will hang down so they don’t use up any surface area.


Stay organized


One thing that makes even a big space feel small is when you are not organized. Make sure when your space is limited to have a space for everything. Create a system and then stick to it to have all of your work areas functional and neat.


Keep all of the cables tied up and in one area where they not only won’t be seen but also won’t be getting tangled in anything.


During the course of the day, make sure to take some time to reorganize so you don’t have things building up to the point that work becomes difficult in the limited amount of space.


Keep it separate


Even if you can’t make it physically separate from the rest of the living space of the home, try to make it virtually separate. Don’t let anybody use the space for things that are not related to your work. And you should not either.


Make it off limits to put anything on your desk or in your work area that normally would go somewhere else in the house.




Thursday, August 5, 2021

Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common types of mental ailments in the country and affects millions of people every day. However, despite being a common occurrence many people don’t talk about their problems and do this for many reasons. No matter the reasoning it is important to understand that help and tools exist to make your life better. If you’ve tried in the past to deal with your anxiety and not succeeded this does not mean you can’t succeed in the future, and it is also not your fault as it can take time to find what works for you. Tools such as can help you improve your life and provide guidance. 

Signs of Anxiety

The symptoms of anxiety can be varied and some can easily be mistaken for some other problem. Here are five common signs of anxiety-related issues.

  1. Worry: increased worry is one of the more common signs of anxiety. What differentiates anxiety-induced worry from common feelings of worry is the response level and the triggering events. The worry associated with anxiety is often far more severe than the situation warrants, makes you unable to perform common daily tasks, the causes are often common everyday events and occur daily for a long period of time (roughly six months). 
  2. Lack of Social Engagement: with anxiety, you can find your normal social interaction negatively impacted. Social anxiety can include avoiding large gatherings due to fear, fear of judgment, the fear you will be embarrassed, and high levels of fearfulness about routine social engagement such as going out with friends.
  3. Panic Attacks: a symptom often associated with anxiety, panic attacks are defined as an overwhelming sense of fear that is often debilitating. Panic attacks can cause increased heartbeat, shortness of breath, shaking, fear of loss of control, and tightness in the chest. Depending on the nature of your anxiety, panic attacks can occur far more often than reported by people without anxiety-related issues.
  4. Lack of Sleep: with anxiety, your ability to fall and stay asleep can be negatively affected. Sleep issues can include your ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and waking up during the night. Insomnia and anxiety can be linked and many with one ailment often report the other. Treating your anxiety can improve any insomnia or sleep-related issue you may be having by addressing the underlying cause. 
  5. Irritableness: with anxiety, you can find yourself far more irritable than you would be normally. Studies show that when your anxiety symptoms are at their worst your irritability levels can be noticeably higher. This increase in irritation is caused due to the high levels of worry and increased emotional response that anxiety can cause.

Final Thoughts

When you have anxiety it is very easy to feel that your life is out of your control. Luckily there is assistance available to help you manage your anxiety. Steps you can take include professional medical care, changes to your diet, lifestyle changes, and smartphone apps designed to help you feel better. Often a person’s anxiety solution involves several methods and treatments and can be highly personalized. There is no one size fits all solution and part of getting better is seeing what works for you.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

How to Get the Most from your Cleaning Products!


Are you looking for ways to maximize your cleaning? Well, cleaning is a reoccurring task that may sometimes consume a large number of products and time. The good news is that you can clean your home to a high standard, and save time, if you pay attention to your cleaning products.

Here are some efficient ways to help you get the most from your cleaning products.


Buy quality cleaning products


The first step to boosting the efficiency of your cleaning products is purchasing high-quality products. Most people confuse high quality with a high price, but that is not always the case. When shopping for cleaning products and supplies, check the concentration, the ingredients, and general effectiveness.

A good microfiber duster will ensure that you use very little soap or detergent; this will then improve efficiency.


Consider store brands


Store cleaning products are usually cheaper than exotic brands. While people attach the price to quality, sometimes these cleaning products do a better job than their superior brand counterparts.

As you shop, look for store brands and compare the listed ingredients. This will show that many of the brand products are the exact same as the store-name versions, just with a higher price.


Get reviews before purchase


Having many brands in the market is a great thing. However, the same can be daunting, especially when you haven’t used any product.

If you buy cleaning products and supplies from online shops, you must read the reviews and know what the other homeowners think of the product. If most of them complain about the items, you should quickly reconsider your options.

Talk to your friends who’ve bought and used the products and learn from their experience.


Only use what you need to


Sustainable cleaning is one aspect that boosts efficiency. People learn only to use what they need when cleaning as every last bit counts. Before you shop, think of the precise amount of detergent you require for the household. This helps you know whether you have been using less or more.

While at the shop, read the packaging and see how much detergent is recommended for the particular load or area you are washing. Chances are you usually use more than necessary.


Let your products sit for a while


Cleaning products and supplies hate the rush. If you rush the cleaning process, you may end up using more products than required. For example, if you are cleaning using bleach, you should let it sit on the surface for around six or seven minutes. This ensures that the bleach removes every stain.

Additionally, you should wait for at least thirty seconds before you can wipe away when using disinfectant sprays. Bottom-line is; letting your products sit breeds more effectiveness while using little product.


Go for multi-use and all-purpose products


What is the difference between multi-use and all-purpose products? The former refers to using something more than once. For example, when you have a duster, you can use it to clean for more than ten times. You only need to clean it after use, leave it to dry, and store it properly. It is a different case for disinfectant wipes as they are not reusable.

On the other hand, all-purpose products serve more than one place. If you have an all-purpose cleaner, you can use it to clean your bathroom, kitchen, and even for carpet cleaning. It is a multi-purpose cleaning agent suitable for different surfaces.


Store the products properly


Improperly stored cleaning items will become messy; how you store the products and cleaning agents matters.

Apart from quick retrieval, you also keep your home organized and clean. If the products are stored under the right conditions, they will remain effective for longer. For example, a detergent that has been under the sun for a long time will be less effective than one that’s correctly stored.

When you store products correctly, you can quickly pick them and clean the required areas. Besides reducing prep time, storing products correctly will reduce the workload as well. It would be frustrating if you had to start cleaning the products every other time.


Control the clutter in the home


Maintaining a clean home is the first step to effective cleaning. If it’s a large household, you can teach the occupants to return items where they found them. During the weekends, advise them to remove clutter in their room for disposal.

By removing unwanted and unnecessary items from your home, you will have less to clean. If you have less area to clean, you will use less detergent and cleaning agents. It is a cycle that is as simple as that.


Final words


A clean home is not only attractive but also a healthier space for you and the other occupants. You can keep your home clean while still conserving the cleaning products. By maximizing the products, you get to save money without compromising your cleaning routines.

We hope that our tips and tactics helped you make the most of your cleaning products.