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Friday, July 20, 2018

Protect your Family from Identity Theft

Being a mother means having many different responsibilities under your hat.
That said one of those is making sure the family finances stay safe.
With that in mind, have you done everything you can to keep identity theft thieves away from your loved ones?

Be a Pro-Active Mom
If you have been a little lax in watching out over your family’s finances, this needs to change sooner than later.

It is important to note that it only takes one successful theft to change your family’s lives for years to come.

One way to go about better protecting the family is having someone watch over your finances.
So, go online and do some research to see which companies get the best ratings in watching over consumers.

You want to look at how good is LifeLock and the other well-known providers.
In doing such searches, review them on the following:

· History – How long have they been around. Companies that have been around for many years tend to do so because consumers trust them.

· Results – I.D. theft protection providers getting results are those to gravitate to. Those results mean they are doing something right.

· Services – What kinds of services do they offer? From oddities in a credit report to criminals and your bank account, find a provider to protect you.

· Feedback – Last, see what kind of customer feedback each provider gets. This can go a long way in helping you decide which one will best suit your needs.

Remind Your Children to Be Careful Online
As your children get older, there is a very good chance they will be spending time online. As such, they need to do so with care.

For instance, your child should never do any of the following acts online:

· Talk to strangers – It sounds like commonsense, but too many kids talk to strangers online. Many thieves know they have the experience to trick kids into getting them to do what they want. Remind your son or daughter to avoid strangers online no matter what they may say to them.

· Volunteer details – You do not want your kid to tell strangers about sensitive family info. This includes where your family banks, what credit cards you use, and more. Too many criminals can put the pieces together and figure out the details with only one small clue.

· Make online purchases – Last, with consumers making online buys on a daily basis, could your kid be one? Unless you are there with them on the computer, your child should not order something online. This is even more important when a credit card could be in play. Until your child is the right age in his or her teens to do such things have set rules in place for your child.
As you look to protect your family from the dangers of identity theft, are all your bases properly covered?

If they are not, make this a priority moving forward starting today.

Is your Child Headed for Braces?

Knowing when the right time may be for your child to get braces is not always going to be easy.

To start, you may be in a holding pattern, hanging on to hope that your child’s teeth will right themselves. As all too many parents discover over time, this is not going to happen.

With that in mind, you want to keep a close on your child’s teeth and well-being.
Having crooked teeth and other such dental problems is more than only a physical thing.

For some kids with bad teeth, their upbringing can be even more difficult. This is because they may get teased by other kids about the way they look.
With that being the case, is it time you thought about braces for your child’s teeth?

Start Searching for a Good Orthodontist
In the event you decide it is time to get your child braces, where best to begin?
The normal course of action is when your child’s dentist discusses with you why the teeth need attention.

Remember, the sooner you do something on your kid’s teeth, the better chance of those teeth looking better.

When searching for a good orthodontist, ask your dentist for a recommendation. More than likely your kid’s dentist can name some orthodontists in the area to consider.
From there, make a few calls and even schedule a visit or two. In doing so, you get the ball rolling.

Whether Walnut Creek orthodontics or another option, learn all you can on providers.
At some point, you will come to a decision. When you do, make sure your child is on board with the decision to get braces. 

For some kids, there may be a little apprehension at first the same there would be for an adult. At the end of the day, remind your son or daughter that they will have much better looking teeth sooner than later.

Giving Your Child More Self-Confidence
Once your child gets their braces, sure, they may be a little shy about cracking a smile at times. Be sure to remind them that their braces are the start of something wonderful.

When your child has his or her braces, they are one step closer to a more improved smile.
If you have the opportunity to get your child braces before their high school years, you may want to opt for it.

Given some high school kids can be image conscious in their teen years, a great smile now can make a difference. And if your teen has a great smile, he or she should feel more self-confidence.

Last, make sure your child follows through on what the orthodontist and his or her staff tells them to do.

If you had braces yourself back in the day, did you always listen to your orthodontist?
From keeping teeth clean to a retainer as long as needed, your kid must follow instructions.
If your child is heading for braces, it can be one of the best decisions you ever make for them.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Allurette Wash Bag Review

I received a sample from Allurette for the sole purpose of this review

Written by my Co-Writer, Stacy!
I have never been one to baby my laundry. I always just tossed in the washer and dryer. I thought  maybe it’s time to take care of my underclothes since my almost brand new Victoria’s Secret bra just broke in the dryer.

I was pretty excited about the Allurette Washer.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

S'mores Dip

Nothing says SUMMER like S'mores. Am I right? 
Don't have a fire to make S'mores? Don't feel like making messy S'mores?

Throw together this S'mores dip for that yummy S'mores flavor, without all the mess!! AND you'll have more of it to go around. PERFECT for family dessert, or taking to Summer get together!

Graham Crackers
Mini Marshmallows
Hershey's Bar

I didn't measure anything out, I just crumbled up some graham crackers in the bottom of a pie tin and added marshmallows and chocolate in layers until it looked right! Not an exact science!

And then I like to grill it, but my grill broke, so I baked it in the oven and it got perfectly browned! 

Use more graham crackers to dip into it!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Britax B-Mobile Stroller

I received a sample from Britax for the sole purpose of this post
I have always been a fan of Britax and we've had a couple of their products in the past. A Marathon and a Frontier, car seats. They were, in my eyes, the easiest and safest seats we've owned. Although heavy, they are well constructed and were super easy and fast to install. 

But I had never tried a stroller and recently had the chance to try out the newer B-Mobile, which is a standard 4 wheel stroller and great for every day strolling! I chose the Ruby color!

Super easy to put together, wheels popped into place, as did the canopy and bar. The bar also doubles as a carry handle which is an AWESOME feature!

All put together!