Mommy's Favorite Things: Get Green For Spring Sponsor Spotlight- Life Without Plastic

Friday, March 8, 2013

Get Green For Spring Sponsor Spotlight- Life Without Plastic

Our next sponsor for this wonderful event is Life Without Plastic. Plastic usually has chemicals in it and isn't typically healthy to eat/drink from. Especially when you put hot food into it or put it in the microwave. This is when the chemicals are released the most. 

Life Without Plastic sets out to product stainless steel items that are healthy and chemical free. I received the 4pc Cereal Bowl Set and the Yellow Tiger Mug both are stainless steel inside. 

 Mug comes with a lid

Neither of these are microwave OR dishwasher safe, but they're super easy to clean and are great for already heated food. Avery has been eating out of these for dinner. She's a slow eater, so I like that they're stainless steel because they keep her food warmer for longer. 

She has also been using the mug for her tea. Same thing I give her the tea which is drinkable, so barely warm, but this keeps it warmer for longer. Especially if you put the lid on it. The lid just rests on top though. I'd much prefer it if it screwed on, or popped down a bit. Because it's really loose on there. It doesn't stay on except just to rest there. 

Both items are really nice though. I see them lasting a long time durability wise though. 
I love the patterns on the bowls. Yellow has tiger, Green has Frog, Pink has Bunny and the Blue has Dolphin. All are super cute and I like that BOTH my kids can use them since they're a mixture of colors. Not that the color of a bowl determine's your child's gender, but you get it. 
A nice tip on their website too is that standard yogurt container lids (the 32oz size) fit on these bowls!! So they work to keep things fresh!

Price: The bowls are $19.95 and the mug is $11.95. Mug is 14oz size and the bowls are about a 12oz size. 

Overall: *****

Get Green For Spring
For the Get Green For Spring event, Life Without Plastic is offering one reader BOTH of the above items!
Giveaway starts on the 11th!!
Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Life Without Plastic in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Life Without Plastic for allowing me to review this product