Mommy's Favorite Things: 31 weeks

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 weeks

Yes I'm there already! I seriously can not believe that I'm 31 weeks along already!
In less than one week I will have 8 weeks left and will officially be 8 months pregnant!!

I'm feeling it too.
With Avery I gained 15 pounds. So far I'm at 26. I'm hoping it really tapers off from here on out though!

At 30 weeks with Avery I stopped gaining weight. I would gain a pound and then lose it the next week. So I'm hoping that remains this time too. I'm not that concerned about it, but I know the more I gain the harder it will be to lose.
I do remember that I gained 15 pounds with Avery and the day I left the hospital I was 23 pounds lighter.

I feel so big!!!!!!


Courtney B said...

awww you look great! we are almost done! i'm 35 weeks today! and i want it over with!

Amanda @Mommymandy said...

you look great and have a super cute belly

Anastasia said...

You look great! I feel even bigger, due in two weeks! :)

Molly W. (@mommylovespark) said...

You look so adorable! And I'm only 27 weeks along and up 23lbs so I'm right there with you.