Mommy's Favorite Things: September 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Healthy, Natural, Green week KOPALI ORGANICS

Kopali Organics is dedicated to supergood superfood. They have 5 different fruit varieties and 5 different chocolate varieties. Something for everyone's taste buds.
We received 2 samples in the mail

 I had never tried Mulberries before this and I thought they were really good. Avery enjoyed them as well and they made the perfect snack for a toddler on the go. They have 5 fruits and 5 chocolate varieties. I really want to try the chocolate ones!!!

There is a full serving of 100% fruit in these little 1.7-1.8oz bags

Fruits: Mango, Mulberry, Pineapple, Goldenberry, and a Gojiberry/pistachio trail mix
Chocolate: Chocolate covered gojiberry, Chocolate covered Banana, Chocolate Covered Mulberries, Chocolate Covered Cocao nibs. Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans.

Those espresso beans sound so YUMMY!!

Price: A pack of 6 1.7oz are $20 A pack of 3 8.8oz bags are $30. This isn't too expensive I don't think

Overall: ***** So yummy and a gret way to get in vitamins, nutrients, and fruit!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Healthy, Natural, Green week GLADRAGS

Since making the switch to cloth pads I have felt amazing! I'm on Mirena so my periods are light as it is already, but they have been even LIGHTER with making the switch. What I love about my GladRags is that you can change the absorbency. It is an open backed pad with a pocket per say, and you can put in 1 or 2 of the included pads. 

They come in 1 packs, 3 packs, and also in Organic Natural color or a Color color, like you see above. I got the Aubergine color and there are also dots and other colors as well

I like the absorbency change on these, at night and on my heavier day I use 2, even though I don't think I need them. And on a REALLY light day or every day use, I don't see why you couldn't just use the liner by itself. It's just enough to protect your underwear. 

These snap around, which holds the inserts in the pad. I like this concept. The pad is super soft and held up nicely. It washed nicely and didn't stain. It's VERY soft though.

Price: The 1 pack which is 1 pad and 2 inserts is $13.99. The 3 pack which is 3 pads and 6 inserts is $35.49. This is reasonable. I use 3 pads in 1.5 days, so it's not that expensive. An average period of 5 days you would need 4-5 of the 3 packs. You're looking at $150-$185 and they will last you a LONG time. You can cloth for cheaper, but I really like this concept.

Overall: *****

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Healthy, Natural, Green week DAPA DIAPERS

*Somebody sent me a message this morning wondering how I adequately review diapers if Avery is out of them. To clarify, we ONLY use diapers at Nap and Bed. Most sponsors of cloth diapers know this ahead of time. If you as a reader think that it isn't an adequate review, PLEASE let me know and I will no longer review cloth.*

We received a lovely diaper and inserts from Dapa Diapers. We received the Sweet Pea Diaper and 2 of the Hemp Inserts. Hemp is the most absorbent (I think) material for inside cloth diapers. I have found it to work the best. It doesn't stink after a lot of uses like Microfiber does, it is more absorbent than flannel or bamboo. I like it best.

I love the green color they sent, very gender neutral. I love the inserts. They are a little shorter than I like, but they help accommodate for the smaller setting without being too bulky. For nap I use one insert and for bedtime I use 2 inserts. So far they have held up quite well. They absorb nicely. No leaks. The only thing Is I have to put a fleece cover on top that I made so that it pins closed. She can get velcro and snaps off, so if I pin a cover on top she can't get the diaper off. It has saved up a lot of cleanup in the morning.

I washed the diaper and inserts 3 times in hot water and dried 3 times on hot before putting the diaper on her, This gets all the manufacturer oils out of the diaper and makes it more absorbent. I have noticed that with every wash so far the inserts get more absorbent. Usually about 10 washes is the max for that. They are at a steady absorbency pace right now. 

I liked the way the diaper fit. It has a lot of sizing options between the rise and the waist adjusters this diaper will fit a wide range of babies and toddlers.

Dapa diapers sells a bunch of seconds diapers at a discounted price. They also sell a lot of name brands like Fuzzibunz, and Monkey Doodlez. You can also search by category like one size diapers and fitteds etc. So there are a lot of search options as well.

Price: Because it is discontinued that means the diaper is a SUPER cheap $10.95. That's almost unheard of for a one size diaper. The inserts are $4.49. Which is reasonable for a hemp or bamboo insert.

Overall:***** very happy!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Healthy, Natural, Green week TROPICAL TRADITIONS

You've seen them featured twice before here on my blog!!! I love all their items and this tie received something quite different than the other 2 times. This time I got the Laundry Detergent  from Household Traditions. It's a relative of Tropical Traditions! It's all their cleaning products and things for the house. 
5lb of Powdered Laundry Detergent. It's a LOT of detergent that's for sure. I really like it. It's simple with no scents or color or additives so I like that it's natural and non irritant. I enjoyed washing with this detergent. It cleaned my clothes, but didn't leave a residue or smell on them. I thought it cleaned nicely and rinsed out very well. I checked the machine in the rinse cycle and there were no bubbles!!!

Price: 5 lb on sale for $21.99, not bad!! You use 2 oz per regular load in a top loading machine. So that's 40 loads. But I was using half that amount which is supposed to be for a front loader, and it worked just fine. So 80 loads for a front loader, or a top loader, but smaller amounts.

Overall: *****

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

California Blooms Review

I love flowers, roses in particular. They add such a great look to your space and smell pretty too. I received 18 roses from California Blooms for review. They sent me the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Roses which are white with a teal ribbon. 

Mine didn't come with a vase, but we have plenty. They arrived so beautiful in a package.

We've had them 2 weeks, and I'm just now ready to throw them away. They're getting brown on the edges. Still pretty though!!

We talked through email on a Monday evening and he told me he could have them here the next day, I opted for Wednesday and they were here via FedEx at 9:45 AM. So it was super fast!!!

Nice service. Love the roses, they did last 2 weeks after all. I'm very happy with them and they smelled so good as well.

Price: These 18 roses are $39. You can get 24 for $48. A normal dozen roses are $39. So they are giving you more white then color for the prize. I love their Mixed Roses
You can also opt for the vase or no vase.
Overall: ***** super fast, great service and they've lasted longer than the tag said.
*Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Healthy, Natural, Green week ALO SPORT

Alo Sport is a website that sells athletic apparel and sportswear. They also have some outdoor apparel as well. I received a Yoga Relax Tank in Black and the Reversible Capri in Black/Spruce/White.

I included this giveaway in the Healthy, Natural, Green week because working out is healthy and we all need workout clothes to workout so it is HEALTHY!!

I love these pieces. The top id great over a sport bra, it has a built in, but it's not enough for me. 

The bottoms are a little big on me, but they are tolerable. I like these for working out in. They are perfect for my 1 mile runs. Especially in this early 70 weather!!! They are absolutely perfect. I love them.

They are lightweight and really wick away the moisture. So far I haven't had a problem with them. Had them for well over a month now, they've been worn and washed many times and are still in perfect condition. I'm very happy with them both.

They also sell a lot of outerwear pieces as well and they have for men and women.

Price: The Top is $36 and the bottoms are $59. These are a LITTLE pricier, but they are GREAT quality.

Overall: *****

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Monday, September 27, 2010

Healthy, Natural, Green week MOTHER-EASE

Mother-Ease sells diapers, training pants, and covers for all your child's diapering needs. We received a Bamboo Terry OS Diaper and an Air Flow Snap Cover in yellow. We also received the Snap in Absorbent bamboo Terry Liner. 

When we got these items I thought they just looked HUGE! I know that diaper in a OS but it is big. and It really is. It's just big all around, but bulky, but covers a wide range. I LOVE this diaper though and it's my go to bedtime diaper. It's so absorbent, it holds 13oz and the liner holds 7oz. So altogether 20 oz and it works. When this diaper comes off after 14 hours of sleep it's barely damp on the outside. We tried on this cover and I liked the fit, but she can't wear PUL for breathability issues and she can't do snaps because she will get it off. So I made a fleece cover that I pin shut for over her diapers. Works like a charm. 

I love this diaper and I love the Bamboo Terry. It's very soft. This diaper fits from 8-35 pounds, Avery is about 28 and it fits her great on the largest setting with the snaps  just as they are pictured there, so she has a LOT of waist room to grow still before this will no longer fit her. This diaper dries really fast as well.

Price: The Diaper is $14.25 for Bamboo Terry, they have other materials and other colors as well. The liner is $3.70 and the cover is $12.25. All sizes are $12.35 except the XL which are $13.95. The covers are sized and not OS so that may stop some people!

Overall: ***** Love it all!!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Healthy, Natural, Green week AMBER TEETHING NECKLACES *CLOSED*

Another natural item. The amber has natural healing properties. It can take away pain. It is also good for the Throat, stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver and gallbladder. It also alleviates joint pain. It's also great as a baby teething remedy as it takes away pain. 

We got a Mother/Child set from Amber Teething Necklaces. And might I just say WE LOVE THEM!

They fit us both about the same. Almost like a choker length. They are supposed to be. I measured mine and Avery's neck and I they give a size range they can be online, so I told him the higher end for the child's necklace and the lower length end for my necklace and He DID!! The range for the mother necklace is like 1" difference. Well I like mine shorter and Avery needed length to hers. But overall they are a great length and we like them A LOT.

I have arthritis, joint pain and I also heard it was good for acne. It did nothing for my acne, but I notice when I wear it, my knees feel 10X better than normal. Avery has nothing wrong, but it's cute and everyone compliments her on it. She likes to show it off that she now has her OWN necklace. 

We like them! They have so many to choose from. They have the sets, individual. Child Necklace/Bracelet sets. Adults only. They have a lot of different options and different colors.

Price: This set was $52.24. It was pretty darn worth it!

Overall: ***** Love them!!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Healthy, Natural, Green week TAMARACK

Cloth pads!! That is Healthy, Natural AND Green all in one!!! You can't do better for the environment then cloth. All around it is better. In diapers, wipes, pads and napkins even. They also have what's called UnPaper towels and they are all better than the paper that pollutes our earth. 

So from Tamarack I received 2 beautiful pads. I received a Maxi Cozypad AIO and a Mini CozyPad AIO. She has 2 different kinds of pads and 2 sizes in each. The maxi is bigger and longer and the mini is shorter for lighter days. She also has a JazzyPad set which includes a pad and 3 absorbent pads. It's worth it because you can get the max or min absorbency you need.

The bigger one on the left is the Maxi. I love both these pads. The flannel on the monkeys is softer, but I like the knit print on the maxi one as well. They have snaps on the wings and they snap together easily. I liked these because they stayed in place and didn't slide around at all. 

As bad as it sounds, I'm WAITING to start my period because last time I was up north and missed using cloth. That sounds bad, but I look forward to my period now and not putting all those chemicals in my system. 

Once you switch to cloth your periods will get lighter, shorter and less cramping. So says about 85% of users. I have yet to determine. I've only had one full period using cloth, so we'll see. I can't wait to start though and get to use all my pads.

Price: Her cozymaxis are $6.75. Cozyminis are $5.75 and the jazzymaxi $9.95 and the jazzymini $9.50. She only has one JazzyMini to choose from, but other than that she has great selection and she has decent prices as well, not the best, but they are VERY competitive.

Overall: ***** I have used these pads twice now and I'm loving them so far.

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Healthy, Natural, Green week Officially started TODAY, but we were gone all day!!

But it still started today! Look for 19 giveaways going up this week (or maybe a little over a week from now) But yes 19......19 sponsors wanted to be a part of this! First giveaway going up now!


So Saturday we went to Frankenmuth in Frankenmuth, MI. It's about a 1.5 hour drive from us. We left down our street, but construction was going on. We made is 2 miles in an hour. So we turned around to go to the other expressway, we wasted a lot of time being in traffic in the first place and contemplated not going, because it would've been late, but we kept going anyway. We got there at about 4:30. Did some shopping at the outlet mall and then headed into Frankenmuth. It's a German town for those that don't know. We mainly went for the world known Chicken Dinner. Jon had never been, I'd been many times, but it was a new experience for both Jon and Avery.
These are all 'stolen' from my Facebook, that's why they're working
Zehnder's restaurant
Horse Drawn Carriage
Bavarian Inn Lodge
And Again
And again
The bridge that leads from town to the lodge
The front of bridge
Walking down the bridge
The lodge up closer
Old Brewery
Avery with a Beer Stein
Avery with the Bavarian Inn Restaurant Sign
And again
Now some of you may know that Jon works on our local ANG Base. Well today was Family Day and he works for headquarters so even as a civilian he was invited AND heard that Josh Gracin would be there. Nobody else knew this and it wasn't announced. So we decided to go!! We got some great pictures. They had bouncey houses set up and she had lots a fun. It was all free. Rides in old model cars, free food and of course the concert. It was a lot of fun.
Police Horses. Avery got to pet the BIG black Horse and she LOVED it. It was her first horse to pet. 
Avery with a fire truck
Avery in the fire truck
And again
Avery driving a Nascar. Kevin Harvick's old car!
There's my little Nascar driver
In front of a model car
Then came the concert. It was just him and his guitarist. It was real intimate and it was technically Avery's first concert (Her first was at 3 months old, so we don't count that)
1 good one of Josh
Us with Josh. I have a funny expression, Excuse the hair, It was 60 degrees and being on the water it was windy
Then us with the guitarist (I THINK Loren)
It's been a couple busy days, but they've been fun. That was our end of summer bash. Now it's time to start settling in for fall!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bluegala Review & Giveaway

I had the opportunity to try out a beautiful dress from bluegala. They have Cocktail Dresses and so much more.
He sent a medium which I thought would fit, and it does it's just a tad big. It's a little baggy under the armpits. Other than that, it fits fairly well though. Orange would not have been my first choice but now that it's in my home I actually quite adore it. I love this dress. I love how summery it is. I do love the colors in it and I love the fit and shape. 

At the hips it flares out a little bit. My only complaint is that I don't have a good bra to go with this. The straps are so thin so I need a strapless for this dress and I don't have one, But this dress would be cute with a bolero or shrug over it and then could be worn with a regular bra. I think a denim jacket would be SUPER cute over this dress, of course I don't have one of those either. But it would be cute!

Bluegala has so many items to choose from. They have casual and cocktail dresses. They have Skirts, tops, bolero jackets and they even have prom dresses. You can't beat it!
I'm in love with this evening gown by Aidan Mattox and if it came in white or ivory I'd wear it to my upcoming wedding
So they have lots to choose from!

Price: They are fairly priced. Their casual dresses are right around $30 or so and their blouses are from $18-$120, but most are around the $20-$30 range.

Overall: ***** love my dress!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

bump2baby Review & Giveaway

I love Etsy! Seriously LOVE it. If you're looking for anything that you may not find in a store, check there first.
I checked out bump2baby and fell in love with her Black and Green Reversible Maternity Skirt. NO I am not pregnant, but I loved it. She sent it to me and I love it even more. The best part? It has a 7" wide stretchy waistband. So it accommodates a pregnant belly or a before and after belly. I love that it fits me now, but will stretch to fit me if and when I get pregnant again.
It has a little pink tag in the back to let you know that is the back. The green side has a black border at the bottom, and the waistband is all black!

I got this skirt in a Small which says hips 38"-42" I have 36" hips so I thought it might be big, but it fits me quite well. Honestly I don't think it would fit a 42" hip. But I have the small and it fits me great. 

These are obviously handmade and I had this skirt in just 6 days from the conversation. Pretty happy about that. But I love the way this skirt fits. I love that it's reversible so 2-in-1. I love the material, like a women's dress shirt material. And I love the stretchy band that stretches!! Love this skirt!

She has so many other beautiful skirts to choose from, as well as some baby slings, and diaper and wipe cases as well.
I love this skirt as well
Price: Her reversible skirts are $35. Her regular skirts are $22 and her Slings are $31.45. These are all very reasonable prices!

Overall: ***** Happy with this skirt. I love it!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Monday, September 20, 2010

Nicholas Sparks Safe Haven Review & Giveaway

Nicholas Sparks, popular author of 16 novels, six of which have been made into motion pictures. 

With SAFE HAVEN we meet Katie, a beautiful young woman who has sought refuge and anonymity in the small community of Southport, North Carolina. She rents a small cabin and works at Ivan's restaurant. Katie has no car, and walks wherever she goes. She's a bit of a mystery to Alex, a widowed store owner, and Jo who soon moves next door.
Katie is determined to reveal nothing about herself lest she be found by Kevin, her alcoholic husband, who kept her a virtual prisoner in their home and savagely beat her without reason. On their honeymoon she was beaten for leaving her sun glasses by the pool; at home she's been thrown down the cellar stairs, her head knocked against the kitchen table. She endured all forms of Physical abuse that left her bruised and sore. Kevin often swore that it would never happen again but it always did. When he finally pulled out his gun, a Glock, and held it to her head she knew she had to somehow escape, run for her life.
Yet despite her resolution to remain private she finds herself drawn to Alex, a kind, good hearted man who his doing his best to be both father and mother to his two children, Kristen and Josh. Katie develops a fondness for them, and they feel the same about her. Over time she is able to relax, to enjoy being with Alex and the children. It isn't long before she must to admit to herself that she's in love with him and dares to think of what being part of a happy family might be like.
Meanwhile, of course, Kevin is searching for her. He's a policeman and a smart one, but not smart enough not to let vodka get the best of him, turning him into a raging psychopath intent upon finding and killing Katie as well as the man he believes has taken her away.

This is a different kind of book for Sparks. He has never written a book about a man who hunts down his wife and tries to kill her. This is such a different storyline for him, and there's a HUGE twist at the end of the book. Yet again Nicholas Sparks has not failed a reader. I have read 5 of his books and I have NEVER EVER in all my time of reading have I read a book in 1 day! It was about 16 hours later that I finished my book. It sucked me in and I couldn't put it down.

Price: $13.88 on Amazon! I forgot this book came out and We were in Target on Wednesday (day after release) and we bought it on the spot, no questions asked. It was 30% off and it was about $18.

Overall: ***** definitely, I love Nicholas Sparks and will read EVERY single book he releases and will not ever stop there. I absolutely love him.

 *Disclaimer: I bought this book with my own money and these are my honest opinions. The Giveaway book has been donated by the publisher for the sole purpose of this giveaway.*

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Southern Enterprises Review

Southern Enterprises has high quality furniture and accessories. They have everything from bath accessories, to tables, to fireplaces and everything in between. We had the chance to review the Oak Pyramid Trunk Cocktail Table.

I'm in love with this. We had an ottoman, it was microfiber and our dog slobbered all over it all the time. We've been wanting a coffee table, but I didn't want to give up the storage. So this was the perfect solution. Storage and a hard cleanable surface!
All the pieces. Well kind of. Hard to get them all in here.
Here is where they connect using a Lock nut and lock cap. Well my lock caps kept breaking on me. I broke 2 of them.

 So my husband went to Home Depot and bought a pack of 4. They were $5!!
Then I finished putting it together and it was done. It was fairly easy. I don't like putting stuff together because my hands hurt after a while, but I know I can do it in half the time my husband could and I don't complain about it. So it was obvious who was putting it together. 
All done!
I love it, It's very sturdy. It's bigger than our ottoman and holds more inside. We have all our blankets in there and Avery has a couple toys in there as well. We love it! We now have a coffee table. However, It's hard to rest my feet on it now. I sit on the couch when I'm on the computer and put my feet up, but now that's not comfortable. So it will take some getting used to.

We still have our ottoman, it's still in the living room as well. I don't want to get rid of it in case we move, it would be great in a basement somewhere. So we're keeping it for now. 

Price: This table is $199.99 and I think this is VERY reasonable!

Overall: **** it was a pain to have to run to the store and put assembly on hold, but other than that we're pretty happy. 
*Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Saturday, September 18, 2010

ABCteach Review & Giveaway

To go along with homeschooling, I have been searching up and down for websites to help guide us along on our journey. One that I had stumbled upon while on this search was ABCteach. They have so many printables to use, over 5,000 to be exact. They are for ANY grade. There is also helpful information about homeschooling and those thinking of doing it. 

They have a free version, but they also have a membership. It offers over 39,000 pages of worksheets and more materials are added every week. Along with this membership every week you get an email newsletter than lets you know all the new stuff that was added. It also has an extensive educational clip art collection as well. 
There are so many great things about this website!

I won a 1 yr membership and I put it to great use. I have printed off some of the flash cards, I put them on key rings and we are using them daily. Some of these include different animals, On the Road signs and many more. She is learning from a little piece of paper that I printed off the computer and I'm LOVING it!

Price: A 1 yr membership is $39.99 and a 2 yr is $69.99 saving you $10. I will continue to use this website once my membership expires.

abcteach aim
To be a user-friendly educational site that provides quality printable materials for immediate use by teachers, education majors, and parents.
abcteach history
In 2000, abcteach entered the Internet world as a free educational website for teachers. The site was the brainchild of Sandy Kemsley, a Michigan schoolteacher who was retiring after 26 years of teaching elementary school. A website seemed the perfect way for Sandy to continue to communicate her love of teaching and her wealth of knowledge. Little did she know that her “little website” would evolve into the hugely popular site that abcteach has become. Since inception, the original staff of one has expanded to eighteen.

Overall: ***** use it every day and then some!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Friday, September 17, 2010

Britax Review

If you're a parent or even a grandparent then you've probably heard of this great company. They have Car Seats and Strollers and are dedicated to the safety of your child while using those products! 

I couldn't have been more happy or excited when Britax has told me that yes, indeed they were willing to send me a review item! They sent me the Marathon 70 Car Seat in Onyx color.
First, I'm going to start with the box. It has a missing spot where the seat sits. This saves materials and the amount going to the dump. I'm very happy about this. most boxes are completely square, but Britax has thought of every little detail down to the BOX. 

 LOVE this seat!!
Here's the color a little closer up
Avery had to try it out right away. That infant insert is NOW GONE! After I read the manual I realized it was for Rear Facing only
 The harness adjuster. It is super easy to use. You loosen the harness below and then pull the trigger on this and either lift it or push it down to adjust the harness height.
And the absolute best part is the latch system. Our old seat had the clips that were hard. On our car the latch hooks are far in the seat. Getting them in wasn't the problem, it was removing the seat from the car. I damaged my hands every time!
NOW Britax has these AWESOME clips. They are long and the release button sticks out of the seat making it super easy to maneuver.
Love them!
Britax claims to seat children lower than the average seat. After I took our old Eddie Bauer 3-in-1 out of the car, I measured them against each other. This Britax is HUGE. It's higher up and just bigger all around.
In the car finally!
Now I do have 1 problem with this seat. It is higher up than our last one, so I can't physically get Avery into the seat myself. She has to get up in there herself, otherwise I would bust her head on the roof. There isn't that much room in there and that's the only way this would work. I can't imagine if I'd had this seat Rear Facing or if she was smaller and couldn't climb in there herself. That's my only issue though.

The latch was super easy to use. And those bars on the side of the seat make the latch easy to adjust from RF to FF. The latch harness just slides along them. It also makes it easier to get the seat tight. I got a MUCH better install with this seat then our last one. It was super easy.

So the true test in this seat. We got it 2 days before our vacation. That trip was 2 1/2 hours each way. She did great. She loved the seat and kept boasting about it. She was so happy and comfortable, even with a St. Bernard sharing the back seat with her. She loved it. She's also happy to sit higher because she has a better view!

This seat RF from 5-40 pounds and then FF from 1yr and 20 pounds up to 70 pounds!! This is a great seat for a newborn up until they're 6-7. We will still need to buy a booster after this because our state law is 8 OR 80 pounds. So unless she's 8, 70 pounds and under 49" then we will need a booster for her. 

Price: This seat is about $270. This is expensive, but think from 0-6 this is the only seat you'd need? This is our 3rd seat already, we've spent more than $270 combined on the other 2. This would've been a smart way to go.

Overall: ********** and more! Love this seat and we will probably be purchasing a second one for the truck!