Mommy's Favorite Things: We've been SO BUSY!!! LOTS OF PICTURES

Sunday, September 26, 2010


So Saturday we went to Frankenmuth in Frankenmuth, MI. It's about a 1.5 hour drive from us. We left down our street, but construction was going on. We made is 2 miles in an hour. So we turned around to go to the other expressway, we wasted a lot of time being in traffic in the first place and contemplated not going, because it would've been late, but we kept going anyway. We got there at about 4:30. Did some shopping at the outlet mall and then headed into Frankenmuth. It's a German town for those that don't know. We mainly went for the world known Chicken Dinner. Jon had never been, I'd been many times, but it was a new experience for both Jon and Avery.
These are all 'stolen' from my Facebook, that's why they're working
Zehnder's restaurant
Horse Drawn Carriage
Bavarian Inn Lodge
And Again
And again
The bridge that leads from town to the lodge
The front of bridge
Walking down the bridge
The lodge up closer
Old Brewery
Avery with a Beer Stein
Avery with the Bavarian Inn Restaurant Sign
And again
Now some of you may know that Jon works on our local ANG Base. Well today was Family Day and he works for headquarters so even as a civilian he was invited AND heard that Josh Gracin would be there. Nobody else knew this and it wasn't announced. So we decided to go!! We got some great pictures. They had bouncey houses set up and she had lots a fun. It was all free. Rides in old model cars, free food and of course the concert. It was a lot of fun.
Police Horses. Avery got to pet the BIG black Horse and she LOVED it. It was her first horse to pet. 
Avery with a fire truck
Avery in the fire truck
And again
Avery driving a Nascar. Kevin Harvick's old car!
There's my little Nascar driver
In front of a model car
Then came the concert. It was just him and his guitarist. It was real intimate and it was technically Avery's first concert (Her first was at 3 months old, so we don't count that)
1 good one of Josh
Us with Josh. I have a funny expression, Excuse the hair, It was 60 degrees and being on the water it was windy
Then us with the guitarist (I THINK Loren)
It's been a couple busy days, but they've been fun. That was our end of summer bash. Now it's time to start settling in for fall!!