Mommy's Favorite Things: September 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Girl Gotch Review

"I was potty-training my daughter and was having a really hard time finding underwear that fit her. She seemed to always be pulling and adjusting and no matter what, they would “ride-up”. I tried everything, even buying size 5/6 panties for her (even though she was 2).

One afternoon, we were at my sister‘s house. My daughter and nephew were playing and were so wrapped up in their fun that my daughter had an accident. I didn‘t have a change of clothes, so I borrowed a pair of my nephew‘s gotch. I didn‘t think much of it at the time, but as the day went on I noticed that she wasn‘t complaining about her underwear hurting. I also watched her jump and play around and they stayed in place. The gotch covered her whole bum, which was something her panties never managed to do.

That got me to thinking...why don‘t they make gotch for girls? And so, Girl Gotch was born"

Girl Gotch comes in two styles, brief or boxer, up to size 6. Rebecca sent us one of each set to try out. The boxers are fitted shorts style undies. They're fitted enough that they didn't show under pants and they're a great length for wearing under skirts and dresses.
Brief – inspired by the original ”tighty whitey“, we have taken the style and made it to be all girl. They feature a one inch covered elastic waistband and material binding around the legs.

Boxer – These are great to wear under skirts or for sports. Your daughter may just prefer this style for everyday. 

These undies and Very soft, and Did hold up great for washing! They are fantastic and I don't see them falling apart anytime soon!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Piggy Paint Review and Discount Code!!

Every time I put nail polish on my daughter I have to sit there and blow on it for what seems like forever. It takes forever to dry and then as soon as she gets up and walks around it's chipped... Sound familiar???

Enter Piggy Paint The All natural, Non toxic Nail polish and Remover. And to top it off It's WATER BASED!!
From their Website: Say good-bye to harsh, smelly chemicals and hello to Piggy Paint™…it’s as Natural as Mud!

We just tested out Piggy Paint for this review and It's amazing!!

We tried out the Forever Fancy Piggy Paint and It's a beautiful color. On my daughter's toes it's almost more of a hot pink, but for a 2 yr old that's fantastic!!

So She already had some old polish on her toes and I decided to try the Nail Polish Remover. It had No Harsh smells, and In fact it was Odorless!! It worked like a charm and took off her old polish in No time. It was really a great product. And the best part was that I only used 2 cotton balls and It will last a while!

Then I painted her Piggies with the Forever Fancy polish. I LOVE this nail polish. It also has no harsh smell. It's not runny so I got the excess off and painted away. I was able to do her whole foot on 1 brush full of paint!!! YAY! No re dipping, which also means that this will last a while.  Granted her toenails are Small, but that's not the point, And I know I won't be using HOT PINK nail polish any time soon. So this is all for her.

Now It dried in about a minute time. It was quick, easy, painless and She was up and running within 3 minutes! She loved that it didn't take long, and I loved that it was easy. No mistakes were even made. And she's been running around and there's no chipping involved!! I love that. It's a Very Thick Durable Nail polish!

Another thing I Liked is that when I was using the Polish Remover on Avery It didn't dry out my Hands and nails, like regular polish does. I loved that!! 


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This even works on Sale Items... And if your order is over $25 you'll get free shipping! 
Who here doesn't love free shipping? I think I'll even use this code myself!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Go to People Of Walmart for more hilarious pictures!!

My Potty Trained Big Girl

 Click here for Cute Video!!!

Avery is officially Potty Trained. She's a big girl now and there's nothing I can do to stop her. 
We did the 3 day Potty Training Method. I was skeptical at first let me tell you... 
We purchased Avery's potty when she was about 15 months. Every day from then on she sat on the potty with her clothes on every time I went. It was nothing special to her just a place for her to sit while mommy went potty. She has peed in the potty twice since 15 months old, but they were flukes.
Now at 28 months I decided to give this mthod a try. We bought her panties a couple months ago, but she never wore them. 

Day 1: I started by letting her run naked around the house, Told her that she would have to go pee pee in the potty today and not make any messes. She didn't have any accidents on the first day. She had to go #2 and wouldn't, she was afraid of going on the potty. So after almost 2 hours of her crying and complaining, I did put a diaper back on her (Bad mommy) and she Pooed almost instantly. So back to no diaper. She did fantastic! Put on a diaper at nap time and It was completely dry when she woke up. YAY!! and then Obviously a diaper at bed time as well!

Day 2: Two 1/2 Accidents today (Started to go, but finished in the potty). Pooped in her nap diaper, changed her and then when she woke up from her 2 1/2 hour nap she was dry. Took off her diaper and she said "Potty" so she sat down and went. All on her own!! 
*Also I wanted to say, that I haven't been watching Avery like a Hawk like it says to do. I go about my regular day, Reading, Stuff on here, laundry, dishes... Yada yada, and She's Been telling me POTTY... She's further advanced then I thought she was. She will tell me Uh-Oh Potty and then go without me even telling her. It's amazing. and It's well worth a try.

Day 3: Avery Pooped in her potty!! I was making her pee before her nap and She didn't even say anything to me. But when she got a little whiney when she got up and looked scared I said "Did you go pee pee in your potty?" But when I looked she had pooed!! Obviously made a HUGE deal out of it and let her say "Bye Bye Poo Poo" As it was going down the toilet. And she got Chocolate!! Yum

Day 4: Put panties on Avery and She started taking them off herself and sitting on the potty and going. All on her own! I will say that this makes her Day potty Trained!!

Now at nap I leave her in Panties and leave her potty in there. She has had 1 Nap accident in the 4 days I've had her in Panties at nap. She usually takes them off and Goes in the potty on her own. She sometimes wears a pull up at nap. She's still in a diaper at night and will remain there for at leasta few more months. I don't want to overwhelm her with both at once.

Also we did leave the house the other day with her in panties, We went to Petsmart and I took her twice to the bathroom, She didn't go. We decided to go out and eat so I put a diaper on her, I did tell her though "You get a diaper on because you're a baby and won't go potty on your own, Babies wear diapers" I was half joking, but actually thought it was a good thing to say to her!! So we tried that and she didn't have an accident, but her diaper was peed in when we got home! That's OK though!! If I can get away with 1-2 diapers a day I'll be happy!
Now we're going away next weekend for 3 days. We'll see how she does with keeping it up. I'm afraid My grandma will ruin everything. I'm afraid she'll keep putting her in diapers and Avery will totally forget about going in the potty!!

I really hope this Method works for you as well. It's a great method and It has most certainly Worked for Us!! 

Saturday, September 19, 2009

See Kai Run Review

Not Sure about you, but I love to pick out new Cute shoes for my daughter as much as I like to find amazing shoes for myself! That's why I Love  See Kai Run Amazing shoes for your children. You'll love them. They have smaller 0-18 mo, see kai run for kids 6-3 years, and  eleven for ages 3-8 years! 

We reviewed a pair from the New Fall Line at  See Kai Run. We Reviewed Rebekah
 Avery just loves these shoes! They're so comfortable on her Little Feet and She's in love. She didn't even want to take them off. They are a little bit big and I was debating holding off the review until Spring but I just couldn't do that to my readers. I had to do the review/giveaway now so you could take advantage of the Beautiful New Fall Line!!
Aren't they adorable? We Love them. They came adorably packaged and are so Butter soft, you'll want a pair for yourself!! These shoes are excellent for little runners. They're Flexible, fit great, look amazing with great bend ability and flex ability which is great for walkers and early runners.
Learn a little bit about See Kai Run... Twice a year, I design a new collection of 15-20 designs. Our designs are sophisticated and classic with modern twists sprinkled throughout. And most importantly, our shoes are healthy for developing feet. The soles are made of extremely flexible rubber which is great for outdoor use while allowing the foot to flex in all the right places. They're also made of butter soft leather with a breathable leather lining and padded collars for comfort. Finally, See Kai Run shoes are easy to get on and off with Velcro closures that ensure a great fit. Read more here! I think it's awesome how new designs are going to keep coming and that's going to keep me checking them out. =)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Newest Addition!

We get up north (about 3 hours away) to visit my grandmother. Well she's anal about dog hair and Dogs in general, so our pooch has to be chained up in her front yard and locked up in the garage at night, No biggie until he broke his collar. So we drive into town to the Dollar General to get a new one. I park in a Handicapped spot (Jon's a disabled vet) and See a pooch in the Car next to us, And said "Awww, Hi" and waved at him. The guy rolled down the Window and Said "Do you guys want a dog?" We talked to him and He told us he Had just found him wandering in the parking lot, He's skinny, underweight, Toe nails are LONG. He's wearing tags that Say his name is DAYTON But no answer at the phone number, and the address is almost 2 hours away. And his Rabies Tag was from 2008. He doesn't look much older than a year. But we couldn't Say NO to his face... Cutest PUREBRED pup. He's still playful. LOVES his new home. Loved us, Got right in the car. Wasn't shaking or anything. Very gentle with Avery and Our Pug Boog (We think they're about the same age)... Great dog!! We're getting him to the Vet on Tuesday for a check up...

Without Further Ado... Here's CHANCE (We thought this was a fitting name for him)

Stopped by PetSmart and got this HUGE dog bed for them to share... Looks like they don't mind sharing Huh?

We also bought DeWormer, and Ear mite stuff for his ears. And Had them Clip his nails since they were HUGE. Other than that he's Healthy besides being about 5 pounds underweight.


Also He's Very well trained. He's Gone through a course for sure. When the dogs are Playing and I say "NO" sternly, He Lays down and Submisses to me by laying over. He knows I own him and I love that. Boog has Never done that and now He's STARTING TOO. I think Chance is teaching him a few things.

Normally Boog Needs to be caged while we leave the house, because he eats EVERYTHING. But today we left for about 4 hours and left them both to themselves out of the cage, and We got home everything was the way we left it. We think Boog just needed a Friend so he's not lonely.

So we took him to the vet today, They checked him for a chip and He DOES have one... We have TRIED everything to contact that owner, So we called the Number on the chip and they told us he's AKC registered. Then they also told us that we Needed to call the Company of the chip and Find out where it was sent to. If it was sent to a Breeder the dog is AUTOMATICALLY ours. The person hasn't called in that he's missing so apparently that don't want him back so this is very good news for us!! Jon's looking up EVERYTHING right now to see what all he can do, But so far we've tried everything! The Chip came directly from the AKC, and We asked the vet if their's do and he said "NO" so that means that it was probably sent to a breeder and they will actually be Fined for letting him go!!

Also Chance has Officially been switched over to our name and address. His chip and His AKC papers which are on their way. There was no way to contact the owner (Their Number has Been Disconnected) And so they officially made him our dog! YAY!! We're so excited about this. They are sending us the papers along with an AKC Collar and Stainless steel tag!


The owner called the Sheriff's Office up in the county we found him in. He called Jon and Demanded the Dog back. We took him to the Shelter and They TOOK him from us. They're just going to give him back to his owner and There's nothing we can do about it. Even though he's NOW IN OUR NAME!! Monday afternoon in the mail we will have proof that he is our dog and They don't CARE!! They're giving him back to his Neglectful owner ONLY if She has PURCHASE proof, Which she probably does! This sucks...They put him on a leash and Took him back to that NASTY kennel in a CAGE and Avery said "Bye Chance" We got out to the car and she said "Where's Chance?" It's so sad for me and her... I'm crying right now and I can't stop. This all happened 2 hours ago and I'm still crying. He was such a good dog!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Please Support a Great Cause!

It's about that time again!

Why are we raising money?
Aside from our fundraising efforts to make our budget for 2010 upfront...

We will be having a
in January 2010!
Please help us raise as much money as we can to make
this a successful anniversary party!
For more information, please contact Lisa Johnston or Roxanna Jolly.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shabby Apple Discount Code!

Shabby Apple Specializes in Dresses For Women, Toddlers, and Children Alike. They also have accessories for girls. I'm really eyeing the Anchors Away

Check out this Toddler's Dress called Vineyard
Gorgeous! I would love to put this on Avery my 2 yr old!!

The Toddler Dresses come in sizes from 0-6 month to an 8 yr!
Then the Pre teen dresses run from size 10 to 14!

I love all of Shabby Apple's Dresses, and Will be Purchasing one of them one day soon here! I would love to buy the whole store but unfortunately I didn't just win the Lottery!!

Shabby Apple Has agreed to offer Mommy Of 1 and Counting readers a Discount code to use at Shabby Apple!
That 10% discount code is
mommyof1andcounting10off  Expires  10/1/2009 So October 1st!
Please Take the Time to check out all the dresses and accesories that Shabby Apple has to offer, I know you'll find something you love!
Please if you purchase something come back here and let me know about it, I'd love to know what you purchased!