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Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Potty Trained Big Girl

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Avery is officially Potty Trained. She's a big girl now and there's nothing I can do to stop her. 
We did the 3 day Potty Training Method. I was skeptical at first let me tell you... 
We purchased Avery's potty when she was about 15 months. Every day from then on she sat on the potty with her clothes on every time I went. It was nothing special to her just a place for her to sit while mommy went potty. She has peed in the potty twice since 15 months old, but they were flukes.
Now at 28 months I decided to give this mthod a try. We bought her panties a couple months ago, but she never wore them. 

Day 1: I started by letting her run naked around the house, Told her that she would have to go pee pee in the potty today and not make any messes. She didn't have any accidents on the first day. She had to go #2 and wouldn't, she was afraid of going on the potty. So after almost 2 hours of her crying and complaining, I did put a diaper back on her (Bad mommy) and she Pooed almost instantly. So back to no diaper. She did fantastic! Put on a diaper at nap time and It was completely dry when she woke up. YAY!! and then Obviously a diaper at bed time as well!

Day 2: Two 1/2 Accidents today (Started to go, but finished in the potty). Pooped in her nap diaper, changed her and then when she woke up from her 2 1/2 hour nap she was dry. Took off her diaper and she said "Potty" so she sat down and went. All on her own!! 
*Also I wanted to say, that I haven't been watching Avery like a Hawk like it says to do. I go about my regular day, Reading, Stuff on here, laundry, dishes... Yada yada, and She's Been telling me POTTY... She's further advanced then I thought she was. She will tell me Uh-Oh Potty and then go without me even telling her. It's amazing. and It's well worth a try.

Day 3: Avery Pooped in her potty!! I was making her pee before her nap and She didn't even say anything to me. But when she got a little whiney when she got up and looked scared I said "Did you go pee pee in your potty?" But when I looked she had pooed!! Obviously made a HUGE deal out of it and let her say "Bye Bye Poo Poo" As it was going down the toilet. And she got Chocolate!! Yum

Day 4: Put panties on Avery and She started taking them off herself and sitting on the potty and going. All on her own! I will say that this makes her Day potty Trained!!

Now at nap I leave her in Panties and leave her potty in there. She has had 1 Nap accident in the 4 days I've had her in Panties at nap. She usually takes them off and Goes in the potty on her own. She sometimes wears a pull up at nap. She's still in a diaper at night and will remain there for at leasta few more months. I don't want to overwhelm her with both at once.

Also we did leave the house the other day with her in panties, We went to Petsmart and I took her twice to the bathroom, She didn't go. We decided to go out and eat so I put a diaper on her, I did tell her though "You get a diaper on because you're a baby and won't go potty on your own, Babies wear diapers" I was half joking, but actually thought it was a good thing to say to her!! So we tried that and she didn't have an accident, but her diaper was peed in when we got home! That's OK though!! If I can get away with 1-2 diapers a day I'll be happy!
Now we're going away next weekend for 3 days. We'll see how she does with keeping it up. I'm afraid My grandma will ruin everything. I'm afraid she'll keep putting her in diapers and Avery will totally forget about going in the potty!!

I really hope this Method works for you as well. It's a great method and It has most certainly Worked for Us!! 


Annie said...

I did this method *kinda* and it worked for me too! I say kinda because if your LO's body isn't ready it just won't work. I did this when Lizzie was 25 months old but she kept having accidents over and over....I could tell she didn't want them to happen she just couldn't tell that she had to pee in time. But after 1 month she was trained! She is now almost 28 months and is fully potty trained except for night time. We have tried to keep her dry at night but that part of her is just not developed can wait :)

She still has one or two accidents every once in awhile when she forgets to listen to her body, but thankfully those are rare and I don't have to remind her! (it wouldn't work if I did, she would just say "nope!" she is very independant)

Heather S said...

Glad to hear it worked for someone else as well!! Avery is also 28 months... almost 29. so They're at the same stage of development. And I must say she's had no accidents in 5 days now!!! YAY!
I also say that the night time can wait. I was using cloth, but I don't mind buying a pack of diapers a month. $10 a months is OK with me!!

So she's completely day trained Even at nap now. She goes down in a pull up, but It's ALWAYS dry, and sometimes she pees in her potty during her nap!

And just 1 diaper at night. We also wear pull ups when we leave the house, haven't quite mustered that yet, but she isn't afraid of the big potty so that's a good sign!