Mommy's Favorite Things: Our Newest Addition!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Newest Addition!

We get up north (about 3 hours away) to visit my grandmother. Well she's anal about dog hair and Dogs in general, so our pooch has to be chained up in her front yard and locked up in the garage at night, No biggie until he broke his collar. So we drive into town to the Dollar General to get a new one. I park in a Handicapped spot (Jon's a disabled vet) and See a pooch in the Car next to us, And said "Awww, Hi" and waved at him. The guy rolled down the Window and Said "Do you guys want a dog?" We talked to him and He told us he Had just found him wandering in the parking lot, He's skinny, underweight, Toe nails are LONG. He's wearing tags that Say his name is DAYTON But no answer at the phone number, and the address is almost 2 hours away. And his Rabies Tag was from 2008. He doesn't look much older than a year. But we couldn't Say NO to his face... Cutest PUREBRED pup. He's still playful. LOVES his new home. Loved us, Got right in the car. Wasn't shaking or anything. Very gentle with Avery and Our Pug Boog (We think they're about the same age)... Great dog!! We're getting him to the Vet on Tuesday for a check up...

Without Further Ado... Here's CHANCE (We thought this was a fitting name for him)

Stopped by PetSmart and got this HUGE dog bed for them to share... Looks like they don't mind sharing Huh?

We also bought DeWormer, and Ear mite stuff for his ears. And Had them Clip his nails since they were HUGE. Other than that he's Healthy besides being about 5 pounds underweight.


Also He's Very well trained. He's Gone through a course for sure. When the dogs are Playing and I say "NO" sternly, He Lays down and Submisses to me by laying over. He knows I own him and I love that. Boog has Never done that and now He's STARTING TOO. I think Chance is teaching him a few things.

Normally Boog Needs to be caged while we leave the house, because he eats EVERYTHING. But today we left for about 4 hours and left them both to themselves out of the cage, and We got home everything was the way we left it. We think Boog just needed a Friend so he's not lonely.

So we took him to the vet today, They checked him for a chip and He DOES have one... We have TRIED everything to contact that owner, So we called the Number on the chip and they told us he's AKC registered. Then they also told us that we Needed to call the Company of the chip and Find out where it was sent to. If it was sent to a Breeder the dog is AUTOMATICALLY ours. The person hasn't called in that he's missing so apparently that don't want him back so this is very good news for us!! Jon's looking up EVERYTHING right now to see what all he can do, But so far we've tried everything! The Chip came directly from the AKC, and We asked the vet if their's do and he said "NO" so that means that it was probably sent to a breeder and they will actually be Fined for letting him go!!

Also Chance has Officially been switched over to our name and address. His chip and His AKC papers which are on their way. There was no way to contact the owner (Their Number has Been Disconnected) And so they officially made him our dog! YAY!! We're so excited about this. They are sending us the papers along with an AKC Collar and Stainless steel tag!


The owner called the Sheriff's Office up in the county we found him in. He called Jon and Demanded the Dog back. We took him to the Shelter and They TOOK him from us. They're just going to give him back to his owner and There's nothing we can do about it. Even though he's NOW IN OUR NAME!! Monday afternoon in the mail we will have proof that he is our dog and They don't CARE!! They're giving him back to his Neglectful owner ONLY if She has PURCHASE proof, Which she probably does! This sucks...They put him on a leash and Took him back to that NASTY kennel in a CAGE and Avery said "Bye Chance" We got out to the car and she said "Where's Chance?" It's so sad for me and her... I'm crying right now and I can't stop. This all happened 2 hours ago and I'm still crying. He was such a good dog!