Mommy's Favorite Things: Winter's Coming: Here's How To Prepare Your Home For It

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Winter's Coming: Here's How To Prepare Your Home For It


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You know when winter’s around the corner because the air gets crisp and the leaves turn golden! Whether you live in the middle of a bustling city or are out in the remote backcountry, preparing your home for winter makes sense.

Preparing for winter isn’t just about having some cozy blankets to hand or keeping your feet warm on cold floors. It’s about checking your home will keep you all safe and warm - whatever the weather.

To that end, take a look at these practical suggestions to help you winter-proof your abode and keep stress levels to a minimum:

Check For Drafts

Firstly, you should check all external doors and windows for drafts. When the air gets chilly outside, your indoor HVAC system will have to work hard to keep you warm, which ultimately results in higher heating costs.

If you find any drafty doors or windows, find suitable ways of sealing them, such as replacing damaged frames or sealing holes with silicone sealant. It’s an important check you should conduct every year before winter.

Service Your HVAC System

Another annual check you must complete before winter approaches is servicing your HVAC system. It’s a job that you should ideally let a professional complete, as certain safety risks are involved during HVAC maintenance.

Some HVAC maintainers offer annual maintenance plans to help you budget for the cost and not worry about unexpected repair fees. Consider getting quotes from a few suppliers to help you determine the average cost you can expect to pay.

Service Your Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers are invaluable for keeping driveways and paths clear of leaves and even snow during winter. They are simple machines to operate and are easy enough for any competent DIYer to maintain and repair.

If your leaf blower isn’t working as expected, the good news is that leaf blower replacement parts are available here. It can also make sense to buy a second leaf blower to have as a backup.

Test Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Keeping your family and yourself safe will undoubtedly be your top priority. One way to achieve that goal is by testing your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors before the winter months arrive.

That’s because you’ll most likely use your home's open fireplaces and gas heating appliances during that season. Testing those devices is straightforward, and if any of them don’t work, it usually means you have to replace the batteries that power them.

Insulate External Pipes

One final winter task to complete before the snowy season arrives is insulating all external pipes, such as those that provide water to outside faucets. Thankfully, it’s an easy task to do as you can insulate them with lightweight foam material that “slides” onto the pipes.

Final Thoughts

The above examples are some of the most essential tasks you can complete to make your home winter-ready. Always have a professional carry out maintenance on systems like HVAC and furnaces to ensure their safe and efficient operation.