Mommy's Favorite Things: Keep your Feet Warm with Heat Holders!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Keep your Feet Warm with Heat Holders!

I received a sample from Heat Holders for the sole purpose of this review
Keep your Feet Warm with Heat Holders!
I have worked with Heat Holders in the past (4 years ago already?!?!?), and I still have my pair and love love love them still to this day. But knowing this winter was going to be particularly bad and cold I contacted them again and they were generous enough to send 3 new pairs of their famous socks!

Heat Holders are incredibly soft, warm and thick. And they are perfect for the brutal climates or even if your feet always get cold. 

This last week we went through a deep freeze (as I'm sure 98% of the country did) and we had windchills as low as -25. Heat Holders SAVED my feet and they came in handy when I was out shoveling snow as well.
Keep your Feet Warm with Heat Holders!

I received the SLEEPERZZZ™ Ladies Solid Lounge Socks in Candy, the Ladies Mono Twist Stripe Socks in Soft Navy/Cream and the Ladies Original Socks in Purple.

These are the SLEEPERZZZ™ and I'm obsessed with them!! They are SUPER soft and I love the cuff, but I like that I don't slide around in them (I don't slide in the original ones though either). However, I wore these over leggings and they left fuzz EVERYWHERE, just an FYI, but it won't stop me from wearing them, because they're AWESOME!
Keep your Feet Warm with Heat Holders!

The Mono Twist are the same warmth inside, just not with slipper soles and they come up a bit higher as well for more optimal warmth.
Keep your Feet Warm with Heat Holders!

Keep your Feet Warm with Heat Holders!

I ended up giving my Mother in Law the Original Purple pair for Christmas and she is impressed with them as well. She has given a lot of praise for Heat Holders and says she'll be buying more. 

I love the look of Heat Holders, I love the warmth and I love their affordability. These are perfect for those who get cold feet often and in winter climates as well as those who work outdoors!

I also found them at my local Meijer ;)

Heat Holders has socks for men, women and children and they have other products as well like Blankets, Hats and Gloves, Thermal Underwear and even warm sweatshirts! 

Price: The SLEEPERZZZ™ are $17.99, the others are $15.99. So so wort it, as I stated my first pair are 4 years old!!!

Overall: ***** yet again!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Heat Holders in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Heat Holders for allowing me to review this product