Mommy's Favorite Things: 5 Creative Baby Shower Gifts For Your Expecting Friends

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

5 Creative Baby Shower Gifts For Your Expecting Friends

 We’ve all been there: perusing the children’s clothing section and picking out yet another pair of cute little booties that you know your mom-to-be friend probably doesn’t need. But what do you buy for your friends who are expecting?

When there’s a baby on the way, expecting moms are usually showered with so many baby toys and onesies that by the time the little one arrives, there’s an abundance of stuff that ends up being donated or passed down to future kids or other mothers

If you’re looking to gift something really special at your friend’s baby shower, here are a few ideas that (probably) won’t be forgotten in the back of a closet.

Themed Items

Avoid the generic items that your friend could likely end up receiving multiple of, by grabbing them a gift that fits a specific theme. You could align this with the theme of the baby shower, or if you know the theme of the nursery this will be a great option to choose for your gift.

If you’re not sure of either of these, you can pick up a themed item that matches up with a special memory or an inside joke you share with your friend. For example, if your friend is a total foodie, opt for food-related gifts like avocado print baby clothes, a burrito blanket or a “locally grown” sleepsuit that will make everyone say “aww”.

Personalized Items

Another great option that will definitely be put to good use is a personalized gift for the baby. Any items that feature the baby’s name will be cherished by new parents – think embroidered clothing or blankets, memory books, jewelry, name plaques or storybooks personalized with the little one’s name.


If you know the theme or color scheme of your friend’s nursery, you could buy them some gorgeous wall art to decorate the space. This will be an amazing contribution to their décor and making the space into a little haven for the baby – with so much to fuss over after the big day arrives, they won’t have time to think about decorating and will appreciate the help too.

Post-Partum Self-Care

After giving birth, it can be tough to make time for yourself. New moms often desperately need a little self-care after giving birth, and you can help them out with this by gifting them a little survival kit.

This could include anything you think they might need – from luxury bath products, snacks and candy for long nights of breastfeeding, some practical, comfortable clothing, or even some frozen meals that you’ve prepared to save the new mom and ad from having to cook.

Cash or a Voucher

This might not feel very special or personal, but don’t underestimate the value of being able to buy exactly what you want or need. If you want to avoid purchasing a gift that won’t be useful or special to the new mom, offer her a cash gift or a voucher that she can use instead.

This way, when the moment comes that she realizes she doesn’t have enough of any specific item, or really wished she had a specific type of toy, lotion or pacifier, your gift can come to the rescue.