Mommy's Favorite Things: Important Ways To Prepare Your Child For Their First Day Of School

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Important Ways To Prepare Your Child For Their First Day Of School


Preparing your little one for their very first day of school requires a bit more than shopping for stationery. Although shopping for stationary itself is quite a tiring task, your child will need all sorts of things for their first year, from pencils and sharpeners to book bags, books, art supplies, and everything in between.


Furthermore, whether your child will be attending a private school in Madison or a public school, these are the most important ways that you can successfully prepare your little one for their first day.


Visit The School And The Classroom

The first day can be pretty overwhelming for any child, regardless of how socially confident they might be in general; the first day presents an entirely new environment and wholly different children and adults.


The main reason a first day can be a bit nerve-wracking is simply due to the newness of the environment and all aspects it contains. So, the best way to prepare your little one is to remove as much newness gradually as possible. A visit to the school and the particular classroom they will be in is an excellent idea. This will allow your child to familiarize with the environment on their first day.


Furthermore, meeting their teacher is also a beneficial decision to help your little one better anticipate what to expect.


Talk To Your Child About School

There are also other practical approaches to help your child mentally prepare for school, and talking about all the details of school is another excellent solution. You can simply discuss things like how they should try to make friends, acceptable behavior in the classroom, the kinds of activities they can look forward to, and others.


Creating conversation around the topic of school will also help your little one grow excited about starting big school.


Rehearse Self-Help Tasks

One of the scariest elements for parents sending their little ones to school for the first time is knowing that their child will no longer have the extensive assistance they received in preschool and at home.


We tend to help our children more than we need to out of habit, and of course, immense love and care. But with that said, you will need to let go and support your child through the process of becoming independent, and this starts with some basic self-help skills.


Rehearsing things like dressing, undressing, using the bathroom, and handwashing is essential, as these are things your child will need to know how to do alone from their first day of big school.


Practicing Safety Habits

Most importantly, your child must also know how to be safety-conscious to some level when they start school. So, educate your child on bullying, body safety, how to keep their belongings safe, and never to leave the school with anyone that's not their designated transporter.


Preparing your child for school can be overwhelming and scary, and the same is true for your child. However, the more you invest in preparing your child, the easier it will be to adjust to the new environment and fall in love with learning and everything else the school has to offer.