Mommy's Favorite Things: 5 Ways to Laugh More

Monday, November 22, 2021

5 Ways to Laugh More

Life can be rough. Stress can easily overwhelm, and depression can sneak in. That's why people need to laugh more and find some joy even in the midst of difficulties. Read on for five ways to get a good laugh.

Read Something Funny

You can lighten up your day by finding some laughter in the pages of a funny book or on a website. Visit the humor section of your local bookstore (or online bookshop), and see if anything strikes your fancy. Pull out an old favorite from childhood that used to make you laugh until you cried, and see if it still has the same effect. Fall back on comic strip collections from Garfield or the Far Side or the Peanuts Gang. If nothing is quite working for you, do an internet search for misheard song lyrics, spoonerisms, or autocorrect fails. You will laugh.

Watch Something Humorous

If you aren't in the mood for reading but still need a good chuckle, watch something humorous. Put on a favorite movie that always makes you laugh, or sit down with a hilarious sitcom. There are plenty of comical videos online featuring everything from funny animals to human clumsiness to kids that say exactly what they think. Look for videos from Dr. Jason Campbell, the Tik Tok Doc, too. His dance routines are bound to bring a smile to your face. You can also search for blooper reels or outtakes from your top movies or TV shows and get a good laugh at the times the actors just didn't get things right.


Sometimes the best way to get a good laugh is to gather together a group of family members or friends and start reminiscing. Funny memories abound, and they are always more humorous in the telling and retelling. Ask each friend or relative to relate a humorous memory, and even offer a prize for the one the group thinks is best. Record your reminiscing session to preserve these stories (and laugh at them all over again later), but be sure to get permission from everyone present before doing so.

Play a Game

Games provide yet another almost surefire way to have a few laughs. Gather some friends, and sit down for a rollicking game of cards or a round of Pictionary, Password, charades or another favorite game. Choose something action-packed with plenty of potential for goofiness and good-natured competition. If your first game gathering is successful, consider making it a routine, once or twice a month, perhaps. Both you and your friends will appreciate the camaraderie, the entertainment and the laughs.

Get a Pet

If you are looking for a continuous source of chuckles, consider getting a pet. While pets do involve a solid commitment and a significant amount of work, they also provide a lot of entertainment. Watching a cat go crazy over catnip, for instance, would likely stimulate hearty laughter as would observing a goofy dog trying and failing to catch a ball. If you can't have a pet of your own, visit a friend who has one, and get some laughs that way.

Indeed, laughter is an important part of life, and it helps you decrease your stress and find happiness.