Mommy's Favorite Things: Tight On Space? Here’s How To Set Up An Efficient And Small Home Office

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Tight On Space? Here’s How To Set Up An Efficient And Small Home Office


Now that many people are working from home, home offices are sprouting up all over the place. Usually, they are squished into some neglected corner of the home. The result is a mishmash of office space and catch all are where things seem to pile up.


There is a better way to go about this even when you feel that you don’t have much room to make a home office where you can be productive. With some small changes and a few tricks and tips you can squeeze a home office into some small spaces but still enjoy working in it.


In this article, we will go over several of those ideas you can use to maximize your home office space.


Use small devices


Your surface space is going to be limited so the items you place on it need to be as small as possible.


For instance, instead of using a full desktop computer with a big screen monitor, just use a laptop that will free up a lot of space on your desk. This way you can put other items on the desk. Even things like mobile scanners are available that take up less space than a book so you don’t have to worry about where to put your essentials.


Get creative with storage


You might not have a desk with drawers in your effort to save space. So, finding a place to keep your essentials is going to be a challenge. Do things like you would in a ship’s galley where cooks have to use every available space to store things.


For starters, install shelves on the wall about your workspace and use that for keeping your reams of paper, pens and paper clips and whatever else fits on them. You can even use the underside of the shelves or some other surface to attach things that will hang down so they don’t use up any surface area.


Stay organized


One thing that makes even a big space feel small is when you are not organized. Make sure when your space is limited to have a space for everything. Create a system and then stick to it to have all of your work areas functional and neat.


Keep all of the cables tied up and in one area where they not only won’t be seen but also won’t be getting tangled in anything.


During the course of the day, make sure to take some time to reorganize so you don’t have things building up to the point that work becomes difficult in the limited amount of space.


Keep it separate


Even if you can’t make it physically separate from the rest of the living space of the home, try to make it virtually separate. Don’t let anybody use the space for things that are not related to your work. And you should not either.


Make it off limits to put anything on your desk or in your work area that normally would go somewhere else in the house.