Mommy's Favorite Things: 10 Ways to Become More Productive

Saturday, May 13, 2017

10 Ways to Become More Productive

It's not always easy to become the better version of yourself. After all, you’re a living person, which means you make mistakes and sometimes come across laziness. Daily stress factors make performing some tasks impossible, and you have to rush to work in a hurry, without even having breakfast once again. The habit of getting too relaxed can be the cause of all your unproductive days, but here's how to overcome it. As a result, some of the Brides Star might start to appreciate you even more!

After a long working day, all you really want is to jump onto the couch and watch your favorite TV shows. It seems to be a good way to relax, but we suggest using it only in extreme cases. Instead, try this.

1) Make a to-do list for the next day before going to bed
Instead of looking around, trying to figure out what to do next, you’ll have time to quickly deal with the next task. Having a to-do list is very important, so use it at home and at work.

2) Try to sleep more
You’ll probably be surprised to learn that there’s a huge difference between the four hours of sleep and eight hours of sleep. If you haven’t had enough sleep, your brain activity, self-esteem, and assertiveness significantly decrease. But if you get enough sleep, everything goes according to the opposite scenario.

3) Leave all the gadgets in the living room
Your bedroom should become an area free from electronics. This way you’ll be able to fall asleep faster, not being tempted to watch a TV show or check your Facebook account. Bright screens of devices confuse your internal clock, and as a result, you can’t fall asleep. Try to read a good book instead.

4) Start the day with something pleasant
If you find at least a few minutes to look at something pleasant every morning, you’ll get a huge dose of motivation for the whole day. Before you go outside, open the window in the kitchen and think about your life for a minute or two. A few moments spent on pleasant memories will add value to your time, and coping with the everyday routine will become much easier.

5) Do morning exercises
Physical activity stimulates the production of endorphins, and endorphins basically mean happiness. When you do exercises for just 20 minutes every morning, endorphins provide an extra boost so that you can deal with all your plans easily.

6) Don’t let unproductive people influence you
Are you familiar with the type of people whose only concern is how to avoid work? You probably are. If you want to move forward, you must surround yourself with people with goals similar to yours or follow your own path. Your productivity will greatly increase without these slackers; besides, you’ll become much happier.

7) Drink more water
According to nutritionists, about 75% of people suffer from chronic dehydration, which adversely affects not only body but also mood. The recommended minimum water norm per day is eight glasses. Without water, your mind and body simply won’t be able to function properly.

8) Take breaks
This is especially important if your work requires you to solve many difficult tasks. If your work involves a lot of concentration, you need quick walks or a brief chat with someone for a few minutes from time to time. These little mental breaks will give you the chance to rest and regain strength.

9) Learn to say no
You can’t be in a million places at the same time, so learn to give up unimportant plans and events. Your time has its limit, and by letting some people wait a few extra days or a week to meet you, you’ll have much more time for yourself.

10) Don’t do many tasks at the same time

When you constantly switch from one task to another, you can’t concentrate normally. The risk of the mistake, in this case, gets a lot higher. Instead of doing many small things at once, focus on one thing and do your job well.


Unknown said...

These are great ideas and more ways to be productive. It's important to stay on track and be organized