Mommy's Favorite Things: Looking to Homestead? Utah may be the Answer!

Friday, April 2, 2021

Looking to Homestead? Utah may be the Answer!


The future is looking very much like the past considering how many modern people are starting to go the homesteading route. Just like in the early days when settlers arrived in Utah to work the land, people are quitting corporate life and getting back to the old ways.


I don’t mean that they are planting a vegetable garden in the back yard. What I mean is they are trying to live a sustainable life and lower their carbon footprint by detaching themselves from the industrial food chain.


If this sounds good to you then read on as I will give you some ideas on how to get started on your homestead adventure and why Utah is the ideal location to do it.


1 - Don’t go too remote


The nice thing about homesteading in a place like Utah is there is a lot of open space. You can feel very removed from the rest of the world but in reality, you are within a short distance of a city or urban area.


This is important because you’ll need access to cities and conveniences to realistically live as a modern homesteader. For instance, you’ll need a reliable truck so you can be near a Hyundai dealership Utah and get yourself a truck and not be far from your home. This is especially handy when you need repairs.


Being way off-grid is a huge challenge and many are not ready to do it in such an extreme manner. In fact, chances are that you’re still going to be working a regular job.


2 - Great place to grow


Utah is excellent for growing vegetables as the climate is very mild in many areas. Unless you are in the desert area or in a high elevation then you will be in a hardiness growing zone that allows for almost year-round harvesting.


This depends on you eating with the seasons, of course, but that is what homesteading is all about. A family of four should be able to grow enough food for the year in most places in Utah in a space as little as half an acre.



This means that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a gigantic plot of land. And when you get away from the cities the land is often very cheap.


3 - Sense of community


Utah is a great place for anybody for the community vibe that dominates as the people are very friendly. As a homesteader, it is even better as you will live near other like-minded people.


You may not be neighbors with others that are trying to provide all of your calorie needs but surely they will have some gardening and animal raising skills they can share with you. It is very common for people in this area to be more closely united with the land.


Having others nearby that live a similar lifestyle means you have a ready-made community when you get there. Plus, there are a lot of farmer’s markets so if you decide to try to make a living from your homestead there are many options for selling your goods.