Mommy's Favorite Things: 5 Signs you Have Found your Perfect Match!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

5 Signs you Have Found your Perfect Match!


There is nothing quite like falling in love, you feel like you’re on cloud nine and nothing can stop you from spending the rest of your life adoring that one person. Unfortunately for most of us, that initial wave of emotions is short-lived, being in a long-term relationship is not all about the movie moments and after a while, those feelings morph into something more sustainable in the long run. Knowing when you’ve found the perfect partner for you isn’t as straightforward as you may think, here are 5 signs that your current partner is your perfect match.

1.      You Still Get Butterflies

There is slim to no chance that the initial wave of excitement and intensity will be sustainable in a long-term relationship – it simply doesn’t fit with the science of falling in love. Those feelings will subside and one day, during a road trip with your spouse, you’ll look back and realise that it happened without you even noticing it. You should still get excited to see your partner and those giant butterflies you had in your tummy, in the beginning, should still be there - just less of them.

2.      You Communicate Well

Communication is key in any successful relationship, if your partner is a perfect match for you then communication will be fluid. This might not happen at first but don’t despair, if they are your perfect match then you will soon learn how best to talk to communicate with each other. An ISFP in relationships is often highly observant so if you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with one of these personalities then communication will be easier.

3.      You Trust Each Other

Trust is vital in a successful relationship, and it is very different from control – it is quite the opposite. Trusting your partner means that even though you don’t always know what they are doing or who they are talking to, it doesn’t matter. Remember that trust is earned so if you have your partner’s implicit trust you should never do anything that breaks that trust.

4.      You Value Each Other

Perfect partners never take each other for granted but we don’t always live in a perfect world. If you value your partner, then they will always be at the forefront of your mind and every action you take will be for the both of you. Show your partner that you truly value them by doing small, romantic things for them often such as making them breakfast in bed or leaving a cute note on the fridge – it’s the small things in relationships that count the most.

5.      You Grow Together

As we get older, our priorities change and we change with them. You can’t expect for your partner to stay the same as the day you first started dating – it simply isn’t possible. The important part is that you grow together as a couple, not apart. If you do find yourself growing apart from your partner, then they aren’t a perfect match for you. Couple growth is equally as important as personal growth.