Mommy's Favorite Things: Must-Have Road Trip Snacks!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Must-Have Road Trip Snacks!

We don't take a lot of long trips. The longest we've taken with the kids is 2.5 hours to my grandma's house up north. This has been long enough for us! 

However, in February we will possibly be making the trek to Washington D.C., it's about a 9 hour drive. So on this trip we will need to take along some snacks and meals for us and the kids. 

I'm so thankful we have a van, but if we didn't I would consider the Kia Sportage
This will be a LOOOONG trip, so on this trip we will need lots of healthy snacks to keep the kiddos energized. 
  1. Granola Bars. Perfect for a pick me up!
  2. Pretzels (LOVE a little crunch)
  3. Puree Pouches (These are great for both kids to snack on in the car)
  4. Bottled Water
  5. Twizzlers, for that something sweet that isn't messy
  6. String Cheese
  7. Hard Boiled Eggs for protein
  8. Fruit Snacks, great for all ages and yummy!
  9. Crackers, like Annie's Homegrown
  10. Juice Boxes. Again good for all ages and even the adults can have some for that sweet little something
Those are our must-have snacks for a trip. A cooler is needed for the eggs and cheese unless you're planning on eating these the first couple hours of the trip. And you might want one to keep the water and juice boxes cool as well!

Snacks like these make stops less often and get you to your destination faster. I know that if we made this trip with nothing it would probably be at least 2 hours longer when you think of about 3 stops for potty/food breaks! 
This way we just need to stop probably once for a potty break. Just don't over indulge in water/juice!

What are your must-have snacks for traveling?
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Denise Low said...

When we take a road trip I have to take my chips and something to drink.

Shannon W. said...

I love that this isn't filled with sticky sweet candy & gives a good variety of food groups! My girls LOVE sweet peppers so those would be added to our list!

Anonymous said...

Will have to keep some of these in mind on next trip

christina moore said...

Great tips, thank you for sharing

tisme143 said...

Great selection, when we go on a road trip we enjoy bringing lots of fruit, fresh and dried.