Mommy's Favorite Things: The BeneFIT Box: Supplements Simplified & GIVEAWAY!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

The BeneFIT Box: Supplements Simplified & GIVEAWAY!

I received samples from The BeneFIT Box for the sole purpose of this review

I remember when I started working out in the gym, 3.5 years ago. Everything was SO overwhelming as a newcomer and there was a LOT of information to learn. Thankfully I had friends who helped me, the internet and patience. 
I've slowly learned a lot in that time and have learned what works for me and what doesn't. 

Changing your lifestyle and changing your body takes a lot of time. Not just the transformation, but the time to figure out what works. Learning about what macros are and what yours need to be, learning to adjust these accordingly based on where you are in your training and how your body is reacting. And then once you have all that figured out, we have supplements, I believe these to be the hardest of all. 

Do I use Creatine or not? What about BCAA's (what are those anyway?), or CLA or Pre Workout, etc etc. There is so much conflicting info online and you truly need to figure out what works FOR YOU! Do your best research. 

But the MOST overwhelming of ALL? Walking into that supplement store, as a newcomer, with VERY little information. There is so many things to choose from, different formulas, different brands, different prices. It's so hard to distinguish what is what and what you need. 

That's where The BeneFIT Box comes in. They are a supplement subscription that is delivered right to your door. 
You can tell them what you want/need, if you already know. OR you can tell them your goals and they can build a box JUST FOR YOU! And the best part, is deliver it right to your door. Super easy, Super simple, SIMPLIFIED!

Jason (the co-creator of The BeneFIT Box) has been absolutely wonderful to work with. I'm lucky in that the company is ridiculously local to me (in St. Clair Shores, MI) and I was able to visit the warehouse.

They even offer Vegan Protein!

He is very organized and has everything put together and really has this business figured out. He's gone above and beyond anybody I've ever worked with before. He's set up meetings with me to go over business plans and keeps me supplied with products so I never run out. 

He's very friendly and an awesome person. If you have ANY questions about your box, he is there for you. Reach out, he's there to help you the best he can and really make this a personal experience for you.

I received my first box in the mail (you can see that above), it was very well packed and had a little of everything for me to try. Protein, BCAA's, Carnibolic (which I am new to and has some caffeine, but I found I LOVE it and the amount of caffeine in there doesn't bother me YAY!), a shirt, a shaker bottle and quite a few samples. I was incredibly happy with my box and LOVED that he included little cards about the products and how to use them.

My 2nd box, I picked up while at the warehouse, so he loaded me up!
I received Protein, BCAA's, Carnibolic, Creatine, CLA, Multi Vitamin, Shaker Bottle, Water Bottle, 2 shirts and a backpack.

Overall I am extremely happy with this brand and will absolutely continue to use it and preach about it to my friends! Perfect for those newbies, also perfect for those bodybuilders who know what they want, but don't have time to visit a supplement shop for them. This is truly perfect for EVERYBODY at every level and nobody should ever be ashamed of their level. 

Price: There are 3 levels of subscription. Gold is 2 full sized products ($59.99), Platinum is 3 full sized ($89.99) and Diamond is 4 full sized ($114.99). You can choose the frequency of delivery between 4, 6 and 8 weeks. 

Overall: ***** hands DOWN! I love the simplicity of this. 

To save 15% on your first box, use code MOMMYSFAVTHINGS

BUT that's not all! I'm also giving away 1 Platinum box to a lucky reader!
You will win a Protein, Pre Workout Fat Burner, BCAA, Shaker Cup, T-shirt and Instruction cards!

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from The BeneFIT Box in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to The BeneFIT Box for allowing me to review this product and for offering a giveaway


bison61 said...

I read that The BeneFIT Box works with schools to build recurring supplement box programs that are focused on quality and performance. Boxes are built based on YOUR gym goals.

tiramisu392 (at)

latanya t said...

We have vegan plant based options!

ColleenMarie82 said...

I like that these items are also vegan

Unknown said...

I like that you can build your own box.

Leela said...

The BeneFIT Box is a full size supplements and vitamins monthly subscription box service.

Maryann D. said...

I did learn that the Diamond Box Comes with 4 full size supplements associated with your goal, instructional cards to let you know how, when, and why to take your products. You will also get special goodies like T Shirts, Shaker Cups, Bags, or more in every box!

saturdaynightfever said...

There are three different delivery options!

Jennifer H. said...

I learned that there are 3 DIFFERENT DELIVERY OPTIONS.

amyd16323 said...

They started as two guys from just outside Detroit, MI who wanted to simplify the overwhelming and confusing supplement selection process.

Princess Seronica said...

I learned they have vegan pant based options.

Audrey Stewart said...

I like that they are vegan based products.

lilyk said...

I learned that the company is located in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.