Mommy's Favorite Things: Making your home Toddler Proof- it can be Done!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Making your home Toddler Proof- it can be Done!

It seems like only five minutes ago you were cradling a tiny baby…then you blinked and now you’re chasing after a toddler that won’t put their trousers back on and will do anything to stop them having their nose wiped. Being a toddler means that everything needs to be looked at, inspected, touched, handled, possibly eaten and then you can run around a bit more making as much noise as possible. It’s all part of the fun! But what isn’t fun is constantly worrying that your little one is going to hurt themselves.

Sure, we have to let them learn and be kids – but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a few things in place to help prevent a serious accident from happening! To help, I’ve gathered ways you can help toddler proof your home and a few tips on keeping ontop it all. Good luck!

Have all your first aid in once place
It sounds so simple, but when there’s a grazed knee and a screaming toddler the last thing you want to be doing is cursing the person who has moved the plasters and the antiseptic wipes! Find a cupboard or designate an area, put up a first aid sign so everyone knows where all the first aid items can be found and make sure everyone adheres to putting everything back that is used and keeping the area tidy. Fill a box or several boxes with basic first aid items and keep it firmly locked or out of reach of little hands.

In the kitchen
  • ·      Start by installing child safety locks on all your cupboards and drawers.
  • ·      Keep all your household cleaners and chemicals – including washing powder or pods, well out of reach or in a locked cupboard
  • ·      Ensure items like diaper bags, garbage bags, shopping bags or anything else that could be a suffocation risk are also out of reach and sight.
  • ·      Use the back burners on your stove and ensure pan handles are not within reach

In the living room
  • ·      Blind cords are deadly. Either replace the blinds you have with a different mechanism like an operating wand, or remove ensure that the chord it out of reach and tied up so it cannot be played with or wrapped around a child’s neck
  • ·      Make sure there are no long wires stretching across the floor that could be a trip hazard
  • ·      If you’re having a hot drink make sure it’s out of reach
  • ·      Ensure that your TV is mounted to the wall securely or fixed securely so it cannot fall
  • ·      Cover the corners of fireplaces, coffee tables and TV stands so they are no longer sharp

In the bathroom
  • ·      Reduce the hot water temperature on your boiler thermostat so hot water remains at a safe temperature
  • ·      Never leave your child alone in the bathroom
  • ·      Ensure items like toilet brushes, toilet/bathroom cleaning chemicals, razors, makeup, medicines etc are well out of reach
  • ·      Keep the bathroom door closed at all times
  • ·      Cover hot towel rails with towels
  • ·      Keep the toilet lid closed when not in use