Mommy's Favorite Things: Four Essay Writing Tips to make your Assignments Easier

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Four Essay Writing Tips to make your Assignments Easier

You may think you know everything about research paper writing or you may struggle each time you get an assignment; the following steps is something you might want to consider. After all, when it comes to getting a high grade, every little thing matters.
Tip 1: Everything is possible with an essay
If there is some space for creativity among the strict academic standards, it’s definitely on the part of essay writing. Subjective ideas, flowery metaphors, unexpected associations, quotes from favorite songs. You can use any method possible and express every idea of yours that you couldn’t express during strictly structured lectures and lab classes. The best writing advice here would be this: think out of the box and show your creative self.
Tip 2: Don’t forget about standards
That being said, essays still have their standard structure you must always follow. Of course, some professors may not have any strict requirements as to the essay structure, but in this case, basic common sense applies. This is why you need to remember the following:
Essays are for expressing your point of view in a written form. If you don’t want to strike your professor as someone who has logic issues, you should better stick to the conventional paper structure (Introduction-Main part-Conclusion). Yes, there may be exceptions, but it would be better to discuss them with your professor.
Choose your essay style and content based on a specific task you were given, your essay topics and goals you need to achieve. Usually they give you essay writing assignment in order to assess your ability to analyze and think critically. But it would be strange if your essay on physics contained tons of philosophical ranting or if your analytics essay included only bare facts with no explanation or attempt to interpret them.
Using plagiarisms is showing your lack of self-respect. You do have a personal point of view, right? Besides, essay writing isn’t like research paper writing; it’s a smaller form of academic paper assignment and its size isn’t as important as to resort to stealing ideas that belong to someone else.
Using sources is very important. If you use references to some reputable sources, your essay automatically gains more credibility. Just don’t forget to use every reference as a quote and make a list of references to every source you’ve used.

Tip 3: Put your ideas in order
Now you can wait for inspiration or just use the brainstorming method. Don’t be afraid of the blank page: it won’t stay like that for a long time.
Read your essay topic attentively. What kind of ideas, examples, facts pop up in your mind? Write them all down as they are, in any form that suits you best. If you have enough time, leave your essay alone for a couple of days and just read various sources or watch video materials related to your essay topic. You can be sure that when you come back to writing your essay, you’ll already have fully shaped ideas.
In case your professor recommended considering certain publications and printed sources, find them. If that’s not the case, find all kind of related materials on the subject. Write down some quotes you especially like.
Now read all the ideas and quotes you wrote down. Maybe you’ll see that some of them support your point of view nicely. Time to bring them all together - find relevant examples or even statistics data and analyze them. This is how you create you build your essay, step by step, till you realize that you have enough material. Now you can write an introduction (presentation of your essay topic and explanation what it is about) and a conclusion.
It would be better if you rewrite your essay some time after you finish the draft copy. Take a break, and then try to notice how logical your essay structure is, whether your arguments support your thesis statements well and if there are no mistakes. Think whether you would really like this essay if you were your professor.
Tip 4: Make it stand out
Of course, better writing would result in an essay they will show as a model work to other students. Your task is to make your essay stand out among tens of others. If your essay format requirements allow this, write it in a form of a dialogue, a letter, or in an autobiography format. Your options are limited by your imagination only. Think of an unusual title, some strong impressive quote to use as an epigraph. This will definitely draw some attention to your work.

And remember that working on essays you don’t just earn grades; you also do yourself a big favor and develop your argumentative skills.


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