Mommy's Favorite Things: This Week I Started the Keto Diet, Week 1 Results

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

This Week I Started the Keto Diet, Week 1 Results

Week 1 of the Keto Diet is behind me. Here are the things I discovered and had happen during the past week. 

If you're not familiar with Keto, the cliffsnotes are that it is a Low Carb, High Fat and Moderate Protein diet. However, I have been weight lifting and so I did high protein and moderate fat instead.

The point is that your body stops eating sugar that you consume through carbohydrates and it starts using fat for fuel, in turn making you lose weight. 

I set out to do 35g of NET carbs (carbs minus fiber to get NET carbs), 100g of fat and my regular 150g+ of protein. 

I ALSO added in drinking a gallon of water a day. Previously I couldn't quite get here. I would do about 100oz a day, but never a full gallon!

Day 1:
Weight 152.2, I've been dieting and exercising since JANUARY and haven't lost a single pound (well I've fluctuated between the same 4-5 pounds since then). 
I came in at 152g protein, 35g of net carbs, and 96g of fat. A pretty perfect day. 

Thoughts: This is HARD!! I wanted to eat all the carbs I could find. I was dieting before, but was still eating 100g+ of carbs a day. so cutting that down to a third was difficult at first. 
I've been using MyFitnessPal to easily track everything. 

Even though I came in PERFECT I really fought back on cravings this day.

Day 2:
157g of protein, 19g of net carbs, 117g of fat

Day 3:
145g of protein, 31g of net carbs, 98g of fat

Thoughts: This is definitely getting easier. My cravings are lessening by the hour.

Day 4:
Weight: 149.4 (down 2.8 pounds, I know it's all water weight, but still something)
145g of protein, 44g of net carbs, 99g of fat

Day 5: 
159g of protein, 31g of net carbs, 96g of fat

Day 6:
139g of protein, 36g of net carbs, 87g of fat

Thoughts: This is totally amazing. I haven't had a craving since yesterday afternoon and I'm not even interested in sweets anymore. Honest. I walked passed cupcakes at the store and silently scoffed.

Day 7: 
132g of protein, 35g of net carbs, 103g of fat

Final Weight: 149.6, I went back up a bit and now am down. Since this is my 1 week weigh in, I'll have to go with MOST of it is actual fat loss as opposed to water weight. I will not weigh myself ALL week until my week 2 weigh in, so I don't see any fluctuation on the scale. And even if I'm just down 1 pound I'll be happy with that.

What have I been eating?
Mostly Chicken, Fish, Almonds and Cheese.... these are the things that are no-low carbs and are higher in protein and/or fat. I've been eating swai fish as it's higher in fat than most fish is.
I've also been eating salads with chicken, feta cheese and italian dressing for carbs, fats and protein all in one.

I have been drinking a gallon of water a day, some days I fell a LITTLE short (115-120oz) but for the most part a gallon. I feel AMAZING. Drinking water really helps push out toxins and help you lose the most water weight possible. My weigh in today on the 1 week mark really shows that this diet has helped me significantly. 

I'm doing this diet for at least another week. I will be adjusting to protein around 120g, carbs still at 30-35g and fat hopefully around 120g as well. But it all depends on the calories I want to be at. This week I was around 1800, I'm hoping to lower to 1700 to help push off more of this weight. 

I'm hoping this will reset my metabolism and help me further lose weight.