Mommy's Favorite Things: More Love, Less HATE!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

More Love, Less HATE!

Just stop. Stop playing sides. Stop acting like one life is worth more than another.
Stop acting like race isn't an issue in this country.
Stop pretending like the color of your skin doesn't hinder/help you.
Stop saying that it matters what bathroom a person uses. 
Stop being blind to the propaganda shoved down your throat every day.
Stop saying that a cop "deserves" anything but respect.
Just STOP!
Stop and look at your family, your neighbor, your co-worker. Look at your community. Look at your city.
There needs to be justice on ALL sides of the house. Do I think more justice will be brought for the victims in Dallas? Yes, of course. Police officers have a voice. Do I think the same of Louisiana or Minnesota? No. Because people are already saying that for some reason these men, their communities, their families - they don't deserve the same voice.
Just STOP. These are all senseless acts of violence. SENSELESS.
Be better than that. Help raise the voice of people that can't be heard. Support each other.