Mommy's Favorite Things: Our Favorite Blankets by Aden & Anais

Monday, March 28, 2016

Our Favorite Blankets by Aden & Anais

I received an item from Aden & Anais for the sole purpose of this review

I own quite a few items from Aden & Anais and have never, ever been disappointed. I have loved all of our wonderful items and I recommend them to anyone, but especially new mothers. 

I own quite a few of their single layer swaddling blankets, and I wanted a dream blanket for the longest time. I finally got one in the Fall of 2014 and ever since then I was dreaming of getting more for my youngest little guy (ironic they're called dreams!!). The Dreams are 4 layers of their wonderful muslin. So they are just as soft, just much thicker and warmer. 

I received their newest print in the dream. The Zutano Pup in Tow. We reviewed this Zutano line last summer and the clothes will still fit my little guy this summer so now he has a matching snuggly blanket. Of course he loves this dream just as much as the last one, but I love that it's double sided printed and BRIGHT!

I've always had a thing for teal and thing my boys look amazing in Orange. So this blanket just SCREAMS to me!

We love the dream SO much! 
If you've ever felt a regular Aden & Anais swaddle blanket then you know how soft it is. Well take that times 4 and that's exactly what this blanket feels like!! It's so wonderful!

Aden & Anais' blankets are 47x47 and are pre washed. So they are large, large enough for a toddler to cuddle with and since they're pre washed they are well on their way to ultimate softness and plushness. As you wash it, it will become softer. But it's soft right out of the box.

I love their blankets as they serve many purposes. In the beginning they are great for swaddling obviously, but the regular and the dream can double as tummy time mats, stroller covers, car seat covers, nursing covers and so much more! We love the regular blankets so much and now have a newer love of the dreams as well.

Aden & Anais has released some new  too like these
The top 2 are the silky soft material in Meadowlark and Indigo
bottom left is Organic called Mariposa (butterflies) and the bottom right is classic called flip-side. Loving all their bright colors.

Price: Dream Blankets are $50. But they are worth EVERY penny! Organics are $60

Overall: ***** as always! We love our A&A!!

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Aden & Anais in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Aden & Anais for allowing me to review this product