Mommy's Favorite Things: Handmade Natural Eczema Cream

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Handmade Natural Eczema Cream

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We struggle with eczema a lot here. All 3 kids and myself have it. Nothing was working. I have a prescription for the kids for hydrocortisone, but I like to use that as a last resort. I like to use natural and homemade things where I can, so I decided to try and make my own handmade eczema cream. So far it's working pretty well, so I decided to share with you all!

This is my 3 year old's back. He also has it behind his knees. My daughter has it REALLY bad on her hands. We just have eczema all over the place here

About the Ingredients
-Coconut Oil- Has lots of good fats, chock full of Vitamin E and also has antifungal, antimicrobial and antibiotic properties

-Shea Butter- Another good fat, incredibly moisturizing and has great healing properties.

-Lanolin- Is a breathable barrier. It protects and absorbs all at the same time. It helps moisturize from the outside and helps the skin moisturize itself from the inside.

-Lavender Essential Oil- Antiseptic, Antifungal and antibacterial. They help to speed healing and prevent or reduce scarring of the skin.

-Tea Tree Essential Oil- Antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic. Helps prevent infections often common with scratching.

Awesome right? I decided to make my own recipe up and see how it turned out!

1/2 Cup Shea Butter
3/4 Cup Coconut Oil
1tbsp Lanolin
40 drops Lavender Essential Oil
10-15 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

Double Boiler (or makeshift one)
Hand Mixer
Container to store the cream in. I used a mason jar.

Start by using a double boiler and melt down the coconut oil, shea butter and lanolin
(I started with 1/2 cup each here, but it wasn't solidifying, so I had to remelt and add more coconut)

Once melted add in your essential oils and take off the heat.

Let cool a little bit, it will start to solidify, take the hand mixer to it, it will start to turn a whitish color and will 'whip' up pretty nice.

Let sit 10 more minutes and whip it again. Do this a couple more times until it's not solidifying anymore (once it's at room temperature it should be at it's ultimate solid state). It should be at a lotion/cream consistency.

Put in your container. You can store it at room temperature OR in the fridge. If you keep your house warmer than 70, I recommend the fridge. Mine is on the counter now, but in the summer we keep it 76-78 in the house, so I'll keep it in the fridge then. 

It looks like butter, but DON'T eat it (although it won't harm you if you do)

It melts pretty quickly so put it on immediately (I couldn't even get a picture before it melted down my finger!)
Use Once or Twice a day!
It smells so awesome though and my son's back is already less red in just 3 days!

It is also Cloth Diaper Safe and would make a WONDERFUL diaper rash cream. I also rub it on my hands nightly as well and then rub off the excess in a towel.

It is a bit greasy (although it absorbs in pretty quickly), so probably not great to slather the whole body in. BUT I've never had issues with coconut oil staining (or essential oils either), so if it does get on your clothes, the stains should come out!

I hope it works as well for you as it has been for us so far!!


Rebecca Orr said...

This is awesome. I am going to get the ingredients to make this. Thanks for sharing Heather!

Anonymous said...

I would leave out the Tea Tree Oil, isn't that a bit drying?

Heather S said...

It absolutely can livefreeblogg, however I feel that the benefits of it being in there are better than leaving it out. It kills bacteria commonly caused by scratching. And with the coconut oil and shea butter in there it's enough to keep the skin moisturized enough that the tea tree won't dry out excessively.

Unknown said...

Wow this is great to know.Eczema runs in my family,I've tried numerous creams,to find some work and some not so much.It's nice to know there's an easier at home remedy instead.Thanks so much for sharing.

Mary said...

I would love to try to make this because I am always needing something for rashes.

penni said...

This is a remedy I'll definitely be trying for my chronic eczema! I love that it's all-natural, non-toxic, and compatible with my sensitive skin!

Unknown said...

This would be a wonderful for my Daughter,Granddaughter and Sister. They all suffer from Eczema. Especially on their hands. I will be making this myself for them. I can't think of anything else that would be so useful for them..Thankyou so much for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely going to try this. My son has eczema and nothing has seemed to help.

Danielle.Gephart said...

My son has terrible eczema from allergies that we're trying to tame (in fact, lavender is one of them). I'd love to give this a try, but do you have any suggestions for substitutions for the lavender EO?

Deborah Caudill said...

Thanks for sharing your new homemade remedy for eczema. I am going to try that on my hand. I am not sure if that is what I have, but it has been that way for over 3 years. Hopefully it will work since none of the prescriptions I have tried have worked; they only made it worse.

Jessica said...

This is great information, looks like I have a new "recipe" to try out!

Erica P. said...

This sounds awesome! It may actually make rounds as a Christmas gift this year...

Unknown said...

I get eczema in the winter, I will definitely try this out! Thanks!

Sandra Watts said...

This might be something to try for my son. He gets terrible dry skin.

Gail Williams said...

I really would like to make this cream. Hopefully I can get the ingredients this week. Thanks.

Denise Low said...

Thank you for sharing. This is great information.

laurie nykaza said...

This lotion sounds amazing to use love to try making it I have not tried to do this before.

rochelle said...

Like to try this looks good

Unknown said...

Such amazing results and so easy to make which is the best part.I myself and my 2 yr old son have extreme eczema.I have to watch what lotions,shampoos,pretty much all chemicals we use are dye free.Thanks so much for sharing your tips with us!!

Unknown said...

My son suffers from eczema I can't wwait to make this! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Blogger said...

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Mary Gardner said...

This looks great and I am excited to try it. Thanks for sharing!

Audrey Stewart said...

I have had it all my life. I can't wear perfumes, or detergents that have them in it. I wear gloves to wash dishes. Everything I buy is free of dyes and perfumes. I am going to try this. Thanks for the post.

Kathy P said...

My daughter suffers from eczema and I will have to give her this recipe..Thanks for sharing :)

Amy D said...

I recently discovered that my youngest daughter has eczema. I have just been putting coconut oil on her. I have all of the other ingredients that you mentioned except for the Lanolin. I am going to try your recipe.