Mommy's Favorite Things: International Babywearing Week!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

International Babywearing Week!!

10/5-10/11 is International Babywearing Week! If you follow me on Instagram then you'll see that I've posted a bit in the last few days! But I wanted to share me wearing my babies over the years here!
This is the only one I have of me and my daughter. She was 2.5 here. I didn't know about babywearing when she was little.
This was just a work at home made pouch sling.

Here come the pic overloads, so I am putting them in collages to save some space ;)

Here is my now 2.5 year old through the years!
Newborn, just over a year almost 2 and 2.5
Boba wrap, action baby carrier, rockin' baby ring sling and didymos nino petrol size 6.

Emerson wearing HIS babies!
 and Beco

Me wearing Liam (my now 8.5m old)
For the most part these are in order of age.
Boba wrap, wrapsody breeze iris, storchenweige vicki size 6
didymos nino petrol size 6, wrapsody breeze iris, storchenweige vicki size 6
wrapsody breeze iris, storchenweige vicki size 6, action baby carrier
 action baby carrier, hoppediz dublin lightweight converted to ring sling and little frog fluorite size 6
Poe Wovens Herringbone Lake size 6

and my oldest wearing my youngest!
action baby carrier

and a different way we use our wraps! I tie a knot in each end and hook them over the bedroom doors and close the doors. It makes a hammock and my toddler and the baby love them!
Little frog fluorite size 6
 girasol diamond coral size 6
 storchenweige vicki size 6

As you can see, we LOVE babywearing around here! Everyone (but the husband) gets involved!!!! I love finding new ways to wrap up my babies!

How are you celebrating Intl Babywearing Week???


akronugurl said...

i never heard of this week! cool!