Mommy's Favorite Things: Pink & Blue Sponsor Spotlight- Bravado Designs

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pink & Blue Sponsor Spotlight- Bravado Designs

I received a sample from Bravado Designs for the sole purpose of this review

When I was pregnant and nursing my almost 2 year old, I lived in my Bravado Bliss nursing bra. So when I found out I was pregnant again, I knew I had to try another bra of theirs. 

I was sent the Body Silk Seamless in Jacquard Pattern, one of each color.

They are both so beautiful. I love the gorgeous Jungle Teal, it's a nice deep color and looks great under non sheer items. And the Jungle Rose is perfect under those items that are slightly sheer, since it's just a tad more pink than skin tone.
Such a pretty pattern on there.

I'd like to say that these are the most comfortable bras I've ever worn. They have removable cups if you choose too, but truly they are super comfy. The band at the bottom is the best ever, it doesn't stretch out like other bras and it stays put right where it needs too. 

The sizing comes in S-XL and they put a really easy to read sizing guide on which size is for you. I'm between a 34C and 34D currently, but I chose the medium which covers a 34D, I figured once my milk comes in they will get bigger, so I'm glad I went with the bigger size. But the bra still fits me perfectly, it's not too big and gaping in the cups at all. Each size covers a variety of sizes too, so you know you'll be getting the right one for you. 

The bra washes and drys perfectly with ease. I did have to readjust the removable cups afterwards, but it was no big issue. 

Overall I love the bras, the clasps on them are super easy to use one handed and I know these will definitely come in handy once I'm nursing this babe! Just 6.5 weeks to go!!!!!

Price: This bra is $49 and it's really worth it, TRUST me! It's a great maternity bra too! 

Overall: *****

For the Pink & Blue Event, Bravado Designs is offering your choice of a Blue OR Pink Jacquard Body Silk Seamless bra! Worth $49!

Giveaway goes live on 12/16!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Bravado Designs in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Bravado Designs for allowing me to review this product 


auschick said...

I have tried the Bravado for Target line and quite like it. But I'm so tired of the plain colors! Glad they have some brighter options now!

Ashley-Raye said...

These look so comfortable! I will have to keep these in mind next time around.