Mommy's Favorite Things: "Whatever Goes" Giveaway Hop Sponsor Spotlight- Cheribundi #WhateverGoes

Friday, October 11, 2013

"Whatever Goes" Giveaway Hop Sponsor Spotlight- Cheribundi #WhateverGoes

I received a sample from Cheribundi for the sole purpose of this review

I've known for quite a while now that Tart Cherry Juice is a great health tool. There are lots of benefits of cherries and putting them into a juice is a great way to get those benefits easily. They are more powerful than other superfruits like acai, blueberry, grapes and pomegranate and can help you recover from exercise, sleep better and overall, live life to the fullest because you feel better. 

We received cases of the Cheribundi Juices and Refresh teas and fruit juices. 

The black bottles are the Cherry Juices. I got Cherry Juice Light, Cherry Juice, Cherry Rebuild, Cherry Relax and Cherry Restore. The rebuild is wonderful for after a workout as it has added whey protein to rebuild your aching body. The Restore is good for strength recovery plus electrolytes to restore your vitality and the Relax helps you sleep. Most of these are best for after a workout or for those that have inflammation issues like arthritis. 

The white bottles are their Refresh Teas and Juices. These are a bit more watered down to taste more like a regular drink. These are meant for everyone, you still get the benefits of cherries though which is wonderful. 
I received some different kinds in here and a few more than others. But I got the Cherry Cranberry, Cherry Raspberry, Cherry Pomegranate, Cherry Blueberry, Cherry Lemonade for the juices. And then got Cherry Black Tea, Cherry Green Tea, Cherry Rooibos Tea and Cherry Jasmine Tea for the tea varieties. 

I love the juices. I'm a juice drinker, but these are wonderful because of the benefits. Same goes for the teas because we all know tea is good for you. 

These can be purchased on Amazon and qualify for free shipping!

Price: A case of 12 (of each of the kinds) is about $30 each. 

Overall: ***** Love the drinks so far and they aren't super tart like they claim.

For the Whatever Goes Giveaway Hop, Cheribundi is offering 1 winner a mixed case of the Refresh (white bottles) and 1 winner a mixed case of the Functional (black bottles). Each winner worth $30, but a total of $60 in prizes!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Cheribundi in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Cheribundi for allowing me to review this product 


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