Mommy's Favorite Things: Summer Cloth Diaper Sponsor Spotlight- Rock-A-Bums

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Cloth Diaper Sponsor Spotlight- Rock-A-Bums

I received items from Rock-A-Bums for the purpose of this review

Even though this event has already taken off, I still have some spotlights to write. This company took a bit of time letting me know what was for the giveaway so I didn't want to write the review until I knew what they were giving away. 
2 Spotlights are left after this one and that's because I just got the diapers THIS WEEK!!! 

Rock-A-Bums is a fairly new company that makes a 5-in-1 diaper. You're probably thinking, "WHAT?" How on earth do they do that right? 
Well here's how!
I received 4 diapers and 2 wet bags to try out!
They also make a red diaper and wet bag.
Each diaper comes with 2 inserts
 The inside is a lovely grey fleece so it's less prone to stains.
 Still pretty trim

 Way 1 an AI2. You can pop out the insert and pop in another one for the AI2 aspect.
 Ways 2 and 3 an AIO or a pocket. You can leave the insert snapped inside the pocket for an AIO aspect, or leave it unsnapped and pull the insert out before washing for a pocket diaper
 Ways 4 and 5 It can be a cover and it can be a hybrid where you use different inserts inside.
 SUPER trim!

Now, I have used this as an AI2, I snap out the first insert, snap in the second and then usually wash it like that with the insert attached, but I leave it out of the pocket so it washes cleaner. So I guess that COULD be an AIO as well. 
I've also used it as a pocket, and a cover. I haven't used different insert options in it yet, but to be honest using as a cover and with different inserts is pretty similar. BUT you could stuff a prefold/flat or hemp insert into the pocket for that hybrid option. 

These diapers have actually been wonderful. They are very trim, Adjust really nicely and the options are awesome. I've only been using 2 diapers as of yet 1 black and 1 white so I have 2 covers and 4 inserts to snap between. I've been loving them. I've always loved AI2 diapers, so these are seriously perfect for me. 

The best part is it STAYS snapped inside through a wash and a dry load. It doesn't unsnap, so it makes matching it so much easier and it's already ready to go and be stored. 

The wet bags are pretty nice as well. They only hold about 2 of these covers with 2-3 inserts. So not a whole lot, but it's perfect for the diaper bag.

Price: The diaper with 2 inserts is $16.95 for $8.50 per change!! And the wet bag is $8

Overall: *****

For the Summer Cloth Giveaway, Rock-A-Bums is offering one reader a black diaper and black wet bag. 

Giveaway is already live!! CHECK IT OUT here
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Rock-A-Bums in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Rock-S-Bums for allowing me to review this product