Mommy's Favorite Things: Summer Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop Sponsor Spotlight- Wee Pea Originals

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop Sponsor Spotlight- Wee Pea Originals

I received an item from Wee Pea Originals for the purpose of this review

This is probably one of my favorite diapers in this hop. I received this diaper a few weeks ago and so far I'm totally in love with it. We got it from Wee Pea Originals (I LOVE the name). And it's been amazing.

She sent me a diaper and 3 flannel wipes!

 The wipes!
 Inside of this AI2 (All In 2)
 2 inserts, that snap together, or separate for a newborn or larger baby.
 It is a perfect fit!

He's so weird. He has to wear shoes ALL THE TIME!!

I love the embroidered dog on the back! Adorable!

This diaper is just simply amazing! It's an AI2, so it has a waterproof layer of PUL. The inner layer is an Organic Bamboo French Terry. The soaker is 5 layers of Organic Bamboo French Terry, Bamboo baby loop Terry and Organic Bamboo Velour on top! It's SO absorbent it's ridiculous. I actually only need 1 insert with Emerson. We don't use cloth at night (because of yeast issues) so I never need both inserts. But I'm convinced this would last all night with no issues. 

I love her embroidery and that dog is just so darn cute!! He couldn't be any cuter, honestly! 

The diaper washes well and is super absorbent so really, you can't ask for anything more in a diaper.
They come in velcro or snaps and she has some ADORABLE diapers available. 

They're all so cute!

Price: These are $32, but $29 without embroidery. Honestly it's a bit much, BUT it's SO worth it! This diaper makes up for it and then some. 

Overall: ***** loving it!

For the Summer Cloth Diaper Hop, Wee Pea is offering one reader the chance to win a OS AI2 of Choice $29 (without embroidery)
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Wee Pea Originals in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out toWee Pea Originals for allowing me to review this product