Mommy's Favorite Things: Totally Toddler Grand Prize Sponsor Spotlight- Pediped

Friday, May 10, 2013

Totally Toddler Grand Prize Sponsor Spotlight- Pediped

I received a pair of Pediped shoes for the purpose of this review

One thing you all know that I love is children's shoes. I love matching them to the kids outfits and having multiples pairs they can wear at any one given time!
So when it came time to review the Pediped new Spring line, I was super excited!! Emerson need a good pair of sandals for this summer so I decided on the Amazon Nittany Blue for our review!

 Love their diamond sole pattern

 We got the 12-18m and they fit him pretty well with a little room to grow. They look a little big here, but they are tight enough on his foot that they don't sleep off.

I just love the bright blue color on these shoes. It sticks out, but still matches a lot of clothes and different colors of clothes! I just love these shoes. 

I'm in love with Pediped shoes, they are wonderful for baby's (and children's) growing feet, they have a bendable sole and are flexible to support the growing feet. Baby's are born with more bones in their feet than adult have, so as their feet grow these bones fuse together and it takes a lot of work to grow up and be an adult. These shoes support that growth and fusing together. 

The sole on these are soft. We got the Originals line which is for infants and early walkers. Emerson is a full on runner, but these are mainly for inside, the grass and when we head to the mall or zoo and he'll be in the stroller/carrier. 
When he goes walking outside on concrete or at the park we put him in sturdier shoes and the Pediped Grip N Go would be perfect for this. They have a bit of a sturdier sole, but are still flexible and soft for those feet!

Pediped's sizing is pretty dead on. Emerson has been fit to be a 4.5 in other shoes and these are about a size 5, so they are slightly big, but not excessively so!

They have so many adorable shoes for summer! 
I'd love these for Avery
These are also the Amazon, so they would coordinate style wise!
I love these girls Grip N Go's too!
The founder of Pediped has also started a women's shoe company! Brian James Footwear has some adorable shoes for us busy mom's and women!

Price: The Amazon Nittany I received are $37. So worth it!!

Overall: ***** I have never been disappointed with my Pediped's!

For the Totally Toddler Giveaway Hop, Pediped is offering one reader the chance to win 3 pairs of shoes in gender and sizes of choice (they pick style). This will be a part of the Grand Prize giveaway!!

Giveaway goes live Monday the 13th!
Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Pediped in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Pediped for allowing me to review this product