Mommy's Favorite Things: Announcement!

Friday, May 10, 2013


It's true!! Baby #3 is due January 14th. So 1/14 in 1/14 how cool!

There's no telling when baby will come, Avery was born at exactly 39 weeks, and Emerson was 40w1d, so this baby could come at any time really. 

But, both my kids were born on Wednesdays so if this one follows suit, s/he might come on the 8th or 15th! 

First appt with the nurse is on Tuesday (14th) and they'll do a blood draw and go over due date and such. Then I see the Dr. on Friday (17th) and he'll make sure my blood levels are right on and do a brief appt. 
At the next appt around 9ish weeks I should get an ultrasound and should be able to see the heartbeat!