Mommy's Favorite Things: Let Me Raise My OWN Children!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Let Me Raise My OWN Children!

I raise my children with a very laid back approach. 
I let them explore and do things their own way. I don't helicopter over them very much. I let them learn their own things. 

If we're at the park and you see my daughter struggling to do something and you run up to help her, you WILL get an earful from me. 

My daughter is at the park to LEARN. She's there to learn how to climb and how to slide and how to make friends and learn teamwork. She's there to explore her environment. If she asks for help to climb a ladder, you will hear me say to her "figure it out" or "find another way". 
I am not one of those parents who will run up to help my child do it. 

Granted this starts at a certain age. If my 1 year old were at the park, he wouldn't be allowed near a ladder, but I follow the same thing with him. You WILL find my son eating dirt and wood chips. It's his natural way of exploring. 

So PLEASE if you see my children doing something you wouldn't let your child do, it doesn't mean I WANT or NEED your input. I know what they're doing at all times and if I'm not with them, it's because I want them to learn on their own.


Kecia | From Mom's Desk said...

I agree that everyone should be allowed to parent the way they want! So long as it's not harming the children, I don't get into anyone else's business.

Isra {TheFrugalette} said...

A very young woman, couldnt be more than 20, told me to watch my child (2) when we were going down the escalator. I was right next to her and totally holding her, I got pretty annoyed! I know what my kid is capable of and standing on a step is one of them.

Darcy said...

I feel the same. If my child isn't in danger or I haven't indicated needing a hand please don't give advice or try to correct my parenting. I don't step in for others unless it's a safety concern or I just saw you redirect and now another kid has your attention while the first goes back to doing it again.