Mommy's Favorite Things: I make my own Peanut Butter, do you?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I make my own Peanut Butter, do you?

My friend actually introduced me to making my own peanut butter, when she told me how easy it was, I was shocked and a little mad at myself for not already making it!

Do you want to see how I do it???

Honey Roasted Peanuts
Peanut Oil

THAT'S IT! You can use the oil of your choice though, but peanut oil is obviously delicious!

I use my magic bullet type blender and I grind up the peanuts with it first. Then I add oil and just blend it together, then pour it into my large mason jar and store in fridge. It is really THAT easy!

If you want smoother peanut butter grind the peanuts a little better, if you want it chunky don't grind them as much. And watch the amount of oil you add, too much and it's pretty runny stuff!!

But it's super easy! We go through peanut butter left and right here. 
This costs me about the same (or a little less) than a large jar of PB, but there's NOTHING else in it, no added sugar, no preservatives etc. It's just peanuts and oil. Although you're welcome to add some sugar to it if you wish, but the honey roasted peanuts make it plenty sweet!


Brooke Bumgardner said...

I didn't realize making your own peanut butter was so simple!

Rebecca said...

ok got to try this

Lindsey said...

I also didn't realize it was so simple, this is definitely on my to do list now!

Shary said...

I personally don't like natural peanut butter. Crazy I know! I just don't find it to be sweet enough.

Rose-Marie said...

I wonder where you get your peanuts. I compare prices of peanuts and peanut butter, to see if it is cheaper to get the peanut butter. I'd be more interested in making my own if I could have the freshest peanuts, not sure where that would be. It is messy to clean up, too, that is another hassle, but not any more trouble than trying to stir in the separated oil from the peanuts for jars that have been there for a while!

Heather S said...

I just buy honey roasted peanuts from Kroger.
If I buy Kroger Brand Peanut Butter, it does end up being about the same price, but it's more natural so worth it to me.