Mommy's Favorite Things: Concert...

Friday, June 10, 2011


I don't know if you guys really know this or not, But we see hundreds of concerts every year. In 4 years we've probably seen over 300 artists. I don't even remember some of the smaller ones It's hard to remember all of them.
We see country shows.

Tomorrow night we are going to see Taylor Swift. Jon is so happy and excited to go, he's not one bit embarrassed by it, which is AWESOME. We're sitting right on the aisle and he's hoping he gets hugged by Taylor!! haha.

He doesn't even really like her too much, thinks she sings all the same songs (I agree), but look how far she's come, look how popular she is. So we're going and we're excited about it! I can't wait. It's at Ford Field (where the Lions play) and we're pretty amped up about it.

I hope it goes better than the Reba and George show though. That was when I thought I was pregnant and we just weren't feeling it, I was exhausted, but I feel great now! Avery is going to his mom's house and staying the night.

Then Randy Travis and Josh Turner tickets go on sale tomorrow morning for July, so we're buying those tickets. We're pretty spent though. We're done with shows. I wanted to get in a couple before baby comes though.

Be back with some pictures Sunday morning.


Amy said...

How fun! I agree that most of Taylor Swift's songs are the same, but I like them none the less. I think she's a very talented young woman with a good head on her shoulders. Hope you guys have a great time!