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Friday, June 10, 2011

All Things Baby Blog Bash Spotlight: Gumdrop & Review

Avery was never one to take a pacifier. I really wish she would have. She STILL sucks her 2 middle fingers on her left hand. Her fingers are permanently damaged from this finger sucking. I wish a pacifier would have been had and I could've pulled it at 18 months or so. You can't remove a finger.

She started sucking at about 2 months old. And hasn't ever stopped. It was cute at first, then at a year she was still constantly sucking her fingers. By 2 it went down to when she was cranky, tired or sad. Then by 3 it was just at night and nap when she was sleeping. Still is. But it's terrible.

I really want this next baby to use a pacifier. I'm glad I already have a good start with the GumDrop Pacifiers we received. From Sandbox Baby we received a Cheaper Keeper Value Bundle in orange/green which comes with 2 GumDrops, a Cuddle Square, a Cheaper Keeper which clips to clothes and stickers.
We also got 2 additional pacifiers. The Snoedel Doll and an Expandable Mesh Dishwasher Baskets.

 Hole which is great for attaching to baby's clothes with the included clip.
The thing that sets the GumDrop apart from almost all other pacifiers is it's just one piece AND it has a cut out at the top so it doesn't block baby's nose. These are two crucial parts of a pacifier that are needed. 

Don't confuse this with the GumDrop you buy in stores. That one is made by The First Years and it's a different one entirely. This is a Hawaii Medical Grade GumDrop and it's the same ones they use in hospitals and you can only buy it online. AND They're made right here in the U.S.

I love the feeling of it. It's latex free which is great, but it feels different in general. It also has those breathing holes on the side so baby doesn't stop breathing. It has air flow.

The Snoedel doll is really great too. You sleep with it a couple nights in a row and then it's a great soother for when baby is away from you or in a crib. It smells like you and helps baby sleep longer. I will be using this as soon as #2 gets home. I will sleep with it right before I'm due and bring it with me to the hospital so baby gets used to it. It will be great to use in the bassinet in our room starting from night 1. Hopefully it helps me get 2 hours stretches right off the start!! It's also machine washable which is great, because you know it will be chewed on, spit up on and possibly worse!!

These are pretty awesome too. It's a 2 pack. It's perfect for Avery's sippy cup valves and I use it every wash load. It's perfect for that. It will also be great for bottles nipples and pacifiers once baby gets here. 

Overall I'm in love with GumDrop pacifiers and can't wait to use them. I'm taking them to the hospital with me and hope they get used. 
The GumDrop Pacifier comes in Orange, Blue, Pink, and Lavender and they come in Vanilla flavor or Natural.

Price: The GumDrop pacifiers are SUPER cheap. One single is $1.95!!! Buy 6 Get one Free so it's $11.70 for 7! OR a 10 pack is $18.95 with Free shipping and a free clip!!! If baby likes these I'm so buying a 10 pack. You can mix and match colors and flavors too.

Overall: ***** LOVE them and the idea behind the Snoedel doll, also love the basket.

For All Things Baby GumDrop has offered one reader the chance to win a Cheaper Keeper Value Bundle (2 pacifiers, a cuddle square and a clip with stickers), a Snoedel Doll and a Dishwasher Baskets a $45 value
Look for the Giveaway coming in June.
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from GumDrop in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to GumDrop for allowing me to review this product and offering a giveaway


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Maria said...

I've heard about some hospitals using these. They look better than the round soothies. Neither of my kids would take a paci. *sigh*

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Regina said...

I never gave my daughter a pacifier for worries that it might ruin her teeth form. Other moms advise me to wean her from the bottle soonest possible too. I've seen other babies with pacifiers and their teeth look fine, but I try to stay on the safe side just in case their right. What's your thought on this? Is there any truth to it?

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Heather S said...

Regina, there is truth to it past a certain point. I think up until about 2 a pacifier is alright!! It might change the baby teeth form, but it doesn't permanently change the adult teeth once they come in (that I know of). However, getting baby off the bottle around 1 is crucial. You don't want them attached to that and getting juice in it because it can cause bottle rot. Avery was weaned from the bottle at 11.5 months! She then used a sippy cup! Good Luck