Mommy's Favorite Things: All Things Baby Blog Bash Spotlight: Miracle Blanket & Review

Thursday, June 16, 2011

All Things Baby Blog Bash Spotlight: Miracle Blanket & Review

Avery had colic. MAJOR colic and the only thing that seemed to help was the way I held her and bouncing her and holding her all day long. She wouldn't ever let me put her down unless she was sleeping. Luckily I got a full 12+ hours at night out of her starting at 12 weeks. That was a godsend, but naps were few and far between.
I held her all day long. She kicked off swaddling blankets and they didn't help.
I wish I had known about Miracle Blanket then. This would have been the ideal and perfect item.

We received one in the Green with Beige trim. It's nice and neutral. What's so unique about this blanket is there's pockets for baby's feet and arms so they can't get out of it.
I used it on Avery's doll and here are the step by steps.
 It has 2 sets of side wings. You'll see why.
 Lay baby down, See that small arm wing?
 Wrap it around baby's arm and lift their bum up and put it tight under their back.
 Do this with both arms.
 Put their feet in the pocket.
Wrap the short wing around baby and then tuck it under their back
 Then take the long wing and wrap it all around.

Looks like a lot of steps, but I can do the whole thing in under a minute. I really wish I had this for Avery.

Here are the stats on the blanket
• Helps Fussy Babies Sleep Great!
• Helps Ease Fussiness For ANY Baby!
• Aids In Preventing Facial Scratches!
• 100% High Quality Cotton
• Helps Babies Sleep Better On Their Backs!
• Helps Stop Twitches That Wake Your Baby!
• Makes Breast Feeding Easier!
• One Size Fits All Up to Four Months

I think those are pretty great! So worth it too. 

I will be bringing this with me to the hospital. It's way better than those hospital reused receiving blankets. This will be brand new and will keep my baby safer and more comfortable!\

There are many colors to choose from. They have Beige, Blue, Pink, Mint with Purple, Purple with mint, and green with blue currently. But they have other colors at different times. 

Price: $30 each. If you buy 2 you save 15%.

Overall: ***** so far. I've seen videos and those were enough for me. 

All Things Baby
For All Things Baby Mircale Blanket has offered one reader the chance to win one blanket in the color of their choice
Look for the giveaway next Week!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Miracle Blanket in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Miracle Blanket for allowing me to review this product and offering a giveaway