Mommy's Favorite Things: All Things Baby Blog Bash Spotlight: Backseat Driver Baby & Review

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All Things Baby Blog Bash Spotlight: Backseat Driver Baby & Review

When Avery was little I never even really knew about online shopping. Okay I did, but growing up we didn't have internet and it was still new to me at that time. We never bought anything online, but I definitely never knew about all the companies online and everything you can buy online. All her bibs and burp cloths came from Target or Walmart (ugh, will never shop there again, that's for a different post). They were plain, ugly to say the least.

When I had the chance to come across Backseat Driver Baby I was in awe. She has the cutest items.

I was able to receive one of her toddler thermal shirts for review.
How it arrived.

I chose the Pinky Toddler Thermal. Since it's American Apparel and runs a full size smaller it's a size 6. It fits Avery pretty well. Fitted in the torso and the sleeves are a bit long, but I know it will fit her all fall/winter and spring. And probably next winter too. 
It's a very light thermal. More for spring and fall. She only got to wear it once since it's been unruly hot here. We've had 4, 90 degree days!!! It's only June!

So she wore it once. We had it sitting and waiting for her to wear again, but since it got so hot I finally washed it. (We usually wear things 2-3 times before washing them around here unless they're dirty, underwear excluded:). It didn't shrink at all in the wash. The applique is still holding strong. It's been great. I can't wait until she can get more use out of it on a chilly day or come fall. I think it's adorable.

There are lots of thermals to choose from for toddler Boys and Girls. She also has onesie/pant sets for babies.

As you can see, totally adorable!!

Price: The Bibs and Burp Cloths are $10 each. The Thermal Toddler shirts are $17, which I think is totally reasonable!!! How adorable are they all. 

Overall: ***** so far!! Everything has held up well. Can't wait to get more use out of it.

All Things Baby
For All Things Baby Backseat Driver Baby  has offered one reader the chance to win a Bib and Burp Cloth set of your choice!!

Look for the giveaway Next Week!!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Backseat Driver in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Backseat Driver for allowing me to review this product and offering a giveaway