Mommy's Favorite Things: April 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

Beautiful Bow Baby Review & Giveaway

We love bows. I'm not going to keep repeating myself, but Avery is almost always wearing one!!

We received a GORGEOUS set of bows from Beautiful Bow Baby.
It's the Bow she wore for her Pictures!

Absolutely Gorgeous isn't it???
She has some beautiful bows at her shop.
These bows are HUGE and I'm surprised they actually stay together because of how many layers they are. I make bows and there is no way I could make a bow this extravagant! No wonder why it's $5.99. It uses so much ribbon. These bows are so well made and are very well put together. I love the colors and they match most of what Avery owns. 

Check out some of her other great creations
 Aren't they all adorable???
So cute!
Price: The bows are between $6-$10 and the tutus are about $15, the Hats are $12-$13 I think these are all reasonable prices. They are all handmade and supporting a work at home mom, and I'm all for that!

Overall: ***** Very happy with these bows and couldn't be happier. They are HUGE and so well put together

Peeled Snacks Review & Giveaway

We love Organic food and we try and buy organic as much as possible. Sometimes It's hard, but we do try. When I got the chance to review some Organic snacks from Peeled Snacks I couldn't wait to try them!

I'm allergic to Pineapple so they had to tailor to my needs and sent us some random fruit packs. 
I didn't take a picture because we opened them up in the car and started eating right there. 

We received the Apple-2 the-Core, Apricot-A-Lot, Cherry-Go-Round, Much-ado-about-Mango, and Banan-a-peel.

We liked all of them! We started with the Mango and they were delicious. I couldn't get over how good these snacks were. And they are ORGANIC so you can't beat that. Also they are single serving in their own pouch, so Easy for the car or a lunch box. I think these are real easy to take to the park or on trips. 

Our goal at Peeled Snacks is simple: to make you feel good about snacking. We strive to bring you the highest quality organic and natural ingredients from sustainable farms. Our snacks provide a great source of vitamins, minerals and a full serving of fruit with no added sugar. Learn more about our Real Food Philosophy.

Peeled Snacks is also now available in Starbucks throughout the U.S. and Canada

Price: 10 packs are $17.99 I think this is reasonable. So that makes them $1.79 a package. Again this is pretty reasonable!
Overall: ***** Avery really enjoyed them. Even the cherries and she doesn't normally like Cherry. And she REALLY loved the Banan-a-peel ones!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mommystars Review & Giveaway

Customized Shirts, I couldn't be more happy about them. I like that they let people know things that they would normally ask about you and now they don't have to ask these questions because of what your shirt says!

I received the Fancy Script with Stars shirt in Leaf with Pink Writing from MommyStars

 I really like it, but when I washed it the whole shirt went crooked. I didn't like that part. 
I did get a compliment on it so that's always a plus. It was a mom with 3 kids, I told her they have other shirts for multiple names like this one
This one is good for 2, 3, or 4 name personalization

They also have Long Sleeves and V-Neck tee shirts. 

Mommystars was started by two moms who left the corporate world to try and lead a more balanced life. One day they realized that that it was really difficult to find hip t-shirts for moms. And why didn't more moms have shirts with their kids' names on them? We all know how proud we are to be mothers! With this, the idea for Mommystars was born. 

Price: The short sleeve tees and v-necks are $35. The Long Sleeve tees are $38. I think this is okay pricing, but the tees were nothing special material wise and definitely didn't wash well. 

Overall: *** Didn't wash well, but was cute and got a compliment!

Kate Gosselin's New Book

Jon bought me this book. He hates her, but knows how much I like her so he bought it for me. Said it was my Mother's Day gift... Okay!

I got it today and have already started reading it! For those of you who just think she is stuck up and uptight you really should read this book, it might give you a new perspective on her. It really just explains her fears and thoughts as a mother and why she acts the way she does. It is also letters to each one of her children and why she loves them all as a group and as individuals!

I can't wait to read the rest and finish it. There will be a review coming up and I'm actually planning on reading this book in just a couple days time when I usually read a book in about 2 weeks!! So we'll see if I can do it. 
Just look for my review and you will probably want to get this book for yourself!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lennah Designs Review & Giveaway

I love jewelry, but I'm always afraid Avery will break it. She's pretty much past that age of grabbing and chewing on everything, but I still wouldn't put it past her! When I got the chance to review a mama necklace from Lennah Designs I couldn't wait to get it and try it out!

We received the Emma necklace with a pie pendant. I'm in love with it. Even if Avery is past that age I don't care. I like it in itself!
 I thought the beads would be real soft good enough for a child to chew on, but they're not!! They're like a regular jewelry bead.

Our necklaces are only made with high quality non-toxic beads that have passed safety test standards for handling by children!  The beads are strung on a strong cotton cord and include a special breakaway safety clasp that pops open when pulled to prevent the necklace from breaking.

Price: $20. I think this is a super price! You pay this for a cheap chain necklace anywhere, So why not pay this for a durable necklace your child can CHEW on??

Overall: ***** So durable, and it's just an all around good necklace!

A Touch Of Sunshine Review & Giveaway

We received the BEAUTIFUL Hanging Flower and I have to say I'm in LOVE with it. It's so gorgeous hanging on my front door. Jon doesn't care for it because he thinks it's too girly, but I LOVE it! We received this item from A Touch Of Sunshine

 I didn't even tell her I had a red door. So the color she sent me is perfect!! It matches so well, and we just put a dark storm door on so it really brings this out, even though it's hard to see through the screen!

This is WOOD. It's heavy and it's nice... The only thing I don't care for is when the door closes it knocks and drives my dogs crazy, it's also scratching off some paint because of it's knocking. We were also without a storm door for a couple weeks so everytime the wind blew it would make it knock also! Annoying...

A Touch Of Sunshine offers a bunch of wood items for every holiday. Easter/Spring, Summer, Halloween, Christmas. She has hanging like I received as well as wooden block words and letters! Very neat and I will order from her in the future!

Blogger is all messed up today! I'm sorry, pictures won't post and it won't let me copy and paste from a website because it pulls up a box! I might be switching to wordpress soon... This is so annoying!

Price: This flower is $23!
Overall: ****

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shanti Boutique Review & Giveaway

I love yoga. I used to do it all the time. It was so relaxing. It was almost like a high to do yoga. I also did pilates for a while, I've had to stop doing all yoga and pilates do to an accident a couple years ago. I can't get into those positions anymore because it hurts me. In middle school a girl pulled a chair out from under me and when I went to sit, I fell and hit my tailbone on a step. I still hurt from it about 8 years later. I have had a lot of problems with it and this is just 1 hobby I've had to give up because of it.

When I received the Shiva Moon Necklace from Shanti Boutique I fell in love. It is so pretty, yet so simple at the same time.
I like the cord it's on. It's soft and not like a chain. It's simple, but unique and pretty. I like to wear it everyday!

It's a good reminder just to calm down and relax. Even when things get stressful, just calm down!
Our aim is to bring shanti to you and everyone we work with, from manufacturing to the market.
We do this by practicing fair trade principles to produce our unique products, by working with the Tibetan Children's Education Foundation and all with respect for the environment.

Price: This necklace is $46, I think this is fair! It's nice!!
Overall: **** I'm very happy with this company and their products!

Freckles Review & Giveaway

Unique items we love. We love that not many kids would have the same item as her and you probably won't run into anyone that has the same item!! So I LOVE unique-ness and I love things that are hers and hers only!
Well that's what Freckles has to offer!
We received a 5 pk of random crayons and a Tee shirt for review

Here is Avery opening up her gifts!

I like how nicely it came wrapped. I Love the shirt. It's painted by hand (free hand) and it's beautiful. Good thick paint. I also like that it is machine washable and should last a long time! 

The crayons are SO CUTE and Avery loves them. Kind of hard to tell, but they are SPARKLY! They have glitter in them and Avery just loves that!

She has Mini crayons, Small crayons and now a JUMBO crayon!! The purple flower is the Jumbo crayon! 
Price: The Shirt is $16.50 and the Crayons vary depending on size! I think these are generous prices though. Each individual crayon is about $2, but you can get a whole pack of 9 for $15!! I think these are good prices!

Overall: ***** I'm very pleased with these items and they're so well crafted!

BLOG15 for 15% off!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Bearpaw Rainboots: Puddle Jumpin'

These are so cute!! Bearpaw has released the new Rainboot!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Breathless Beauty Review & Giveaway

I like bath and body items. I like the smell they give off and I like smelling good, as anyone does ( I hope?). 

Breathless Beauty sent me a Sweetness Shea Souffle and a Sweetness and Oats soap. I like the Smell of the Sweetness. It's so nice and isn't too strong. I don't like products that are TOO strong, but have a nice smell to them.

The souffle felt real soft and smooth on my hands, it was a little oily at first, but I dabbed off some of the excess and it was still enough to soak in and give me a good soft hand. I think if I was sleeping at night though I would leave it all on, but for me to come out here on the computer and stuff it was better to get off the excess. 

The soap is very nice as well. It's nice and soft, again not too strong and is very nice. It's strong while in the shower, but isn't nearly as strong once you get out and I like that!! It definitely cleaned well and it rinsed off well. There was no residue left behind!

Price: The Souffle is $8 which is AWESOME! And the soaps are $3.50!
Overall: **** Very happy with this company and it's an Etsy store so it's supporting a Work At Home Mom!! Which is great!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Avery's First Trip to the Dentist

You know you're little one is growing up when 1. They are sitting in the Dentist chair all by themselves and 2. When they smile and actually enjoy it!! 

Here's some pictures!
Then she got a toothpaste, toothbrush and 2 "treasures" to take home! She LOVED it and had so much fun!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Heather Hill Review & Giveaway

We love boutique style clothing and I like putting Avery in dresses. We received the Terrific Tie Dress in Vacation Floral from Heather Hill Clothing.

I'm so happy with this beautiful dress. The thing I like about the tie dress is it is adjustable in tightness around the shoulders and it helps to shorten or lengthen the dress as needed. After a while it also allows the dress to become a top for an older girl. So we will have this dress for plenty of years to come!

Here it is with a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt underneath. Perfect for spring and fall weather. And in the HOT summer it can be worn alone! I love this style. So cute and the prints are adorable! 

I'm not really a red fan on clothes for Avery, but this is super cute and I love the contrasting fabrics she used.
A little about Heather Hill Clothing:
As a mother, I want my children to wear clothes that are as unique as they are. As a designer, I think children should have the opportunity to create their own masterpieces. Those two thoughts are the reason that Heather Hill clothing exists.
Because I love colors and fabrics so much I just can’t stop designing—it simply flows out of me. The pieces in our gallery are the end results of those artistic impulses that fill my day. I want them to fill your days too.
Yet, I don’t want to be the one that has all the fun. So we’ve included the opportunity of designing your own dress. I want that to be a special option for little girls, to create designs with their moms, dads, aunts or grandma’s.
So whether you are taken by one of my designs or you take the time to create your own, the goal is to always complement and enhance the innate beauty and exuberance of each little girl. We hope Heather Hill helps you discover and express that unique part of you.

So sweet isn't it? She also has tops, pants and skirts, and accessories!!
Here's my favorite top

She has a wide array of items! I like the Unique-ness and I LOVE the prints and fabrics she uses!

Price: the Dresses are $35-$50, the tops are $33 and the accessory hair flowers are $8-$15. I think these prices are generous and are comparable to other boutiques!

Overall: **** Love this dress, love the fabrics, love the feel of it and Avery LOVES it!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Zehn Naturals Review & Giveaway

I enjoy tee shirts and quirky ones at that. For Avery and myself. I contacted Zehn Naturals for a chance to review their tees. They sent me the Imagine tee, Which I LOVE!

It is so nice and soft. I normally wear a small, but I usually get a Medium for these reviews, I got a medium and although I could've gotten away with a small, I'm happy with the Medium. It hasn't been washed yet so I'm sure it will shrink a little bit. But it's been worn twice and I had a compliment on it the other day and she told me she was going to BUY one! So YAY! I sold a tee shirt!

I love everything about this design. I love the saying because well it leaves EVERYTHING up to the imagination. And I love the Stars that have been added to it. It's so cute, yet adult at the same time!
Here's some other Women's ones I LOVE

As you can see, they have a LOT of tees and plenty to suit everyone in the family! I like this!
I really enjoy this tee. It's so soft because it's ORGANIC!!
And check this out
Zehn plants a tree every time you buy our Women's Organic Cotton T Shirts, Men's Organic Cotton T Shirts and Children's Organic T Shirts
AND we give
10% to Non-profit Organizations.   
Check out our unique artistic designs developed by emerging artists who share our love of all things green!

Awesome? Yep I think so too!!

Price: Women's and Men's are $28 and the Children's are $24. I think these are nicely priced for Organic Tee Shirts

Overall: ***** So soft, nice designs and a wide array of them!

BLOG25 for 25% off any tee!!

So you want to win?

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Friday, April 23, 2010

Honestech Review & Giveaway

I received 4 software products from honestech. I didn't think they were going to send me this much. I thought I would just get 1 or MAYBE 2 products, not 4!! I was blown away when I opened the box!

I have not had a chance to use the VHS to DVD, as we don't have any VHS tapes anymore. And I wasn't able to use the Audio Recorder yet. Just been super busy!

So the Claymation you connect your camera right to your computer and you click the capture button right on the program. You can then make slight adjustments with your object and then keep clicking capture after a few frames it will allow you to play it back and will look neat! Now I did this with Avery and we made a video of her in different movements. It didn't turn out the best as she's a toddler and can't keep still, but it was still cute!

The fotobox is really neat. It's not necessarily software, it is a USB that hooks directly up to your computer and can be used immediately. This allows you to make a slide show and then you can hook it up to your t.v. or other device and watch it back. Which is neat for birthday parties and weddings and other events like that!

So I had a lot of fun with these 2 programs and I'm sure I'll like the Audio Recorder just as much. 

I'm going to give the VHS to DVD program to Jon's mom as they have a BUNCH of VHS' still!
Price: these range from $50-$80 and I think this is a fair price as these are software programs that will last a while!

Overall: ***** I'm very happy with these programs!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

honestbaby Review & Giveaway

I like funny and quirky shirts, especially on children! I don't know why, but I think it's so cute!
I was able to review a shirt from honestbaby and I chose the I'm My Mom's Job as I'm a stay at home mom. 
I think this tee is so cute!

It's an American Apparel tee so it does run small. Avery is a 3, I ordered a 4 and it just fits her, so order up a size!

Avery hasn't worn it out of the house yet, so no compliments. But I know that when we do, we'll get plenty of compliments. I for one LOVE this shirt as it answers questions that strangers might have, and it's super cute! 

It looks even better on Avery!

honestbaby was founded by a mom frustrated with the myth of perfect parenting.
From the moment a new mother holds her baby, she’s bombarded with the “right” and “wrong” way to parent; breastfeeding, ferberizing, nipple confusion, the family bed, Baby Einstein, organic food, pacifiers… everyone has an opinion.
Whether it’s other new moms, family, friends, or self-proclaimed parenting experts, they push their views and make us doubt our ability as parents. Desperate for answers and prone to guilt, we believe everything we’re told.
Until we realize…there is no “right” way to raise a child and few women can live up to those super mom expectations anyway.
honestbaby is a place where it’s okay to tell your real stories, the good and the bad, without being judged. Where parents can admit they’re just giving it their best shot. Because truly that’s all that we can really do.
It’s time to bring parenting back to where it belongs – humorous, light, enjoyable and above all realistic. It’s time for all parents to celebrate imperfect parenting.

honestbaby also has these tees!
 All of their tees come in Girl and Boy colors!
Price: These tees are $30 for S/S and $32 for L/S! I think this is a fair price!

Overall: **** These shirts do run small and they don't state that on the website, but other than that I really enjoy this shirt, It's soft and looks comfy!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Naturally Nora Review & Giveaway

I'm not the biggest fan of cake because of the SWEET frosting. 
I had the chance to review products from Naturally Nora and I couldn't have been more excited to try them!

I received a BIG box of products

Only downfall is I didn't have a cake pan :(
So first I made brownies. The Double Fudgy to be exact, and they were so GOOD! Very fudgy and moist. 

Then I talked to another PR company and they sent me a heart shaped silicone cake pan (review coming soon) So I was finally able to make a cake!

The night before Jon's birthday I made the Alot'a dots cake and frosting mix. 
These are SUPER easy to make. The cake just needed 2 eggs, some oil and some milk (I think) and it mixed up super easy. It's enough for a 9" 2 layer cake OR 24 cupcakes. Well I made the heart shape and I made 2 big cupcakes (minus liners, so they were more like muffins)

It was good!! The frosting was easy to make as well, and it wasn't super sweet.
It's funny because the frosting by itself tasted kind of funny, but with the cake it was REALLY good!

And then the frosting mix came with sprinkles so when you were done frosting the cake you just sprinkled them on. They were weird because they were soft, not crunchy!

The thing with Naturally Nora products is they are completely NATURAL!
ALL food should be good food.
There's no reason dessert has to be full of artificial ingredients or things that are bad for you.
We think that great tasting food should be created in a kitchen, not a laboratory. Unlike most food companies, that is what we do. We pride ourselves on partnering with leading natural ingredient suppliers, use environmentally-friendly packaging, and produce our products in facilities certified to be among the best in the country. This ensures that we provide the highest-quality, all-natural products on the market. 

And that's awesome! I love that they are natural and not full of sweeteners!
Avery really enjoyed the cake and brownies as well!

Price: On Amazon a pack of 6, cake mixes OR frostings is $22! I think this is a VERY decent deal. Just under $4 a box. Not much more than Betty Crocker, but is MUCH healthier!

Overall: **** We are very happy with these products and can't wait to try out more!
I will be making the Vanilla with Vanilla frosting cupcakes for Avery's party as the cake being made only feeds 10 and I think there will be a few more than that here!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Flowerspot Review & Mother's Day Giveaway

I enjoy flowers. I like the smell they bring to the house and I enjoy their colors and they add a lot to a house. I was sent the Fancy Flight flower bouquet from Flowerspot

These came so beautiful packaged. They were in a long box and were wrapped in bubble wrap. When I opened the box the flowers were separate from the glass vase which was also wrapped in bubble wrap. The flowers had a foam pad soaked in a wet solution to keep them moist and when I pulled them out of the box I just had to put water in the vase and add the flowers. I did cut them down a little so they would fit on my counter underneath my cabinet, but if they're on a table they wouldn't need to be cut down!!

 This was taken JUST now, 3 days after receiving them!
*I apologize for the messy counter, Saturday is cleaning day*

Trust me they are more beautiful in person. There's also more at the back and it is very full. The stock photo does it justice so I'll post that one as well!

That's pretty much how it looked when it arrived! 

Price: Most arrangements are around $50 for a large and about $30 for a smaller arrangement! I think this is fair. It's better than going to a floral shop, picking out your own, possibly putting together the arrangement yourself, and giving it. This is all done for you and can be sent directly to the recipient's house!! Worth it to me! Great for a last minute gift as it arrives in just 2 days after ordering!

Overall: ***** Again SUPER fast shipping 2 days after I told them what I wanted. It shipped on Monday and I got them on Tuesday! I told them what I wanted on Saturday! Super quick and easy!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Children's Place $5 Graphic Tees!!

Newborn (Sizes 0-12m) Baby Girls (Sizes 6m-4T) Big Girls (Sizes 4-14) Baby Boys (Sizes 6m-4T) Big Boys (Sizes 4-14) Shoes
$5 graphic tees. 5 days only! sale ends april 26th
last chance! $10 swim and shorts. sale ends april 26th. (new 
styles added)
$5 shipping on every order big or small

†$5 flat rate standard shipping charge on all web orders (exclusions apply, see website for details). Orders shipping to the following states will ship via Priority Mail for a flat rate of $10: AA, AE, AP, AS, FM, GU, MH, MP, PW, VI. All orders shipping to a PO Box address within the continental U.S. will ship via UPS Basic for a flat rate of $5. See site for full details
My Account Customer Service Company The Children's Place, quality clothing and accessories at unmatched value

CSN Stores Review

Here was my Teaser post.

So I was sent the Paula Deen 5 Qt Porcelain Saute Pan and I couldn't be more happier with it! Truthfully.

 You see, right now we have stainless steel. Jon insisted even though he hardly cooks. It's Wolfgang Puck so you know they're good, but I can't get over how much they stick!

If I put some oil in the pan, it cooks off and makes my food stick, Butter same thing, and god forbid I forget any kind of coating!! Ahhh. It's made it to the point where I HATE cooking. I dread pulling out the pots and pans and I can't stand it. 
Well we received this Paula Dean pan and I couldn't be happier with it. Nothing sticks to it.
It's not dishwasher safe, but it cleans up with just the wipe of a soapy sponge.
My first meal I made in it was a gumbo type meal... It was THICK soup (Emeril said) and it was GOOD... In my stainless steel that meal would've been NASTY and all stuck and half the meal would've been a waste, but every single drop came out of this pan and it took me less than 2 minutes to clean up afterwards!
And I'm now proud to say that we WILL be buying the entire set!

Price: This one pan retails for $50 where as the 12 pc set is $120. GOOD deal. Our Wolfgang Puck set was $100 at Sam's Club!
Overall: ***** I couldn't be happier with this pan!
 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!

Slobproof Your Home With Debbie Wiener Givwaway

Debbie Wiener has created this line of furniture Slobproof with Crypton. I think this is AWESOME!!

Here'show it all started:
Her husband was incapable of wiping his feet, she said. “I could follow the trail of dirt through the house.” He snacked while watching television and wiped his hands on the drapes. “It was disgusting.” 

Later, with two boys (now teenagers) and a vomit-prone dog named Daisy, she found her home in a constant shambles. So Ms. Wiener, an interior designer, decided her furniture, not her family, needed to change. 

The result is a new line of slob-friendly upholstered furniture. Ms. Wiener experimented with fabrics used in boating, but found them too stiff. Then she discovered Crypton, a nearly impenetrable material made from fibers encapsulated in a moistureproof barrier, which is popular in hotels and other institutional settings. 

The Slobproof line — made with a softer, more supple version of Crypton Ms. Weiner developed with the manufacturer — includes sectionals, sleepers, sofas and chairs. Ms. Wiener delights in showing how messy foods like chocolate sauce and ketchup easily wipe off. If a wet sponge alone isn’t enough, adding soap or detergent usually does the trick. 

How awesome is that?? I know I need this furniture with Avery, Jon and 2 puppies including a slobbery Saint Bernard... This furniture would be PERFECT for me!!

I looked around the site and I fell in love with a couple pieces! First off I like the Bedford Sofa
They also have chairs, ottomans, end tables and chaises as well. 

Price: Is a little expensive, the couch I have shown is just over $2,000 Which is twice a regular couch, but It does withstand children, husbands, and dogs! So I'd say it's worth it!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!


Bake Me A Wish Temptation Thursday Review & Giveaway

Recently I contacted Bake Me A Wish for a review, when she got back to me asking if I wanted to be involved in Temptation Thursday with other bloggers I said "YES". How couldn't you? I would never turn down cake no matter what it entailed!

So today we bring you Temptation Thursday and that is Myself, Life With 5 Monkies and 1 Ape, The Groschen Goblins, and Thrifty Maven. 

I was sent the Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie cake and it was to DIE for!
We didn't get one that was specific to Mother's Day so I told Jon it was his Birthday Cake. It came 2 days before his birthday! 

We really enjoyed it. Between the 3 of us it was gone in 2 nights!!
It was that good. I don't like cake, so when I received a brownie cake in the mail I was THRILLED and couldn't wait to try it. But I stuck it in the fridge and waited for Jon to get home as it was for his birthday. Then we busted it out BEFORE dinner I might add. And it was gone within 2 days!
It was super tasty and moist. The chocolate was sweet, but not too sweet and it was yummy all around! They put it through a triple pass which includes: 1) getting enrobed in chocolate, 2)blanketed in rich, dark chocolate shavings, and 3) finished off with a drizzle of milk and dark chocolate.

Bake Me A Wish uses only the best ingredients in their cakes and brownies. They allow you to set up an event reminder so that you never forget that special occasion that calls for a special cake.

Price: This cake runs for $39.95, I think this is a very fair price!

Overall: ***** Shipment was FAST like 2 days and it was so good and tasty. Definitely pure and fudgy!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

My Latest Project!

I was wanting to make a birthday banner and never actually saw one in person, so I was leary. Well we went to Avery's friend's party on Saturday and it confirmed that I wanted to make one. She made her daughter's in a Mickey Mouse theme and it was adorable. So I set out to Hobby Lobby and got all my supplies (Just cardstock and scrapbook paper) And I made this last night in about 2 hours. It took a little long because I printed the outline letter and colored them in so we didn't use as much ink...

 Avery's having a princess theme this year, but I wanted something that I could use year after year, so I just did girly! And I think it's ADORABLE!

I already had the ribbon, but a spool of ribbon is about $3, so the Average person can make this for about $8, I did it for $5 as I had NO paper supplies. I think that's a good deal. To know that people sell these for $15-$20 I might start selling them :)
I was going to dress it up with ribbon in between the letters, but I didn't have enough that corresponded and I think it would've been too busy anyway!

So what do you guys think? I can't believe her party is in 2 1/2 weeks!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bored Inc Review & Giveaway

Fashionable clothes for children. I LOVE them. Avery is always looking slick in her clothes and accessories. Ahh I love it! 

When I contacted Bored Inc I couldn't have been happier when they said I could review ANY ITEM of my choice! WOW!
It was so hard to choose the item I wanted to review, but I chose the Cute As A Cupcake tee for Avery.

We got it and I couldn't wait to put it on her!! It is SO cute

It's a 3T and it fits her perfectly!

Hi! We are Bored Inc., a mother & daughter team based out of Los Angeles.
Our goal is to create products that make your everyday life a little bit cuter!
Our art is inspired by our love of super cute Japanese character art.

We have over 13 years of experience working with manufacturers on a wide variety of products and are constantly on the lookout for new product and licensing opportunities as well as freelance design work.

They have items for ADULTS too!
I really like this shirt

And much, much more!
Price: The ADULT Tees are $20!! Where can you find such a deal anymore? NOWHERE and the Kid's tees are $22. Not sure why they're more, but it's still a good deal!

Overall: **** This shirt is so soft. I can't get over how comfy it looks and Avery likes her Cupcake Shirt

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!* 

First Juice Review & Giveaway

We drink juice here, it's most all Avery will drink. And I'm not that happy about it, but I still dilute it like 70% water, so it's not so bad. Well with First Juice I don't have to dilute it!!

That's insane, I know. A 12 oz. can of cola has 39 grams of sugar, and an 11.5 oz. can of 100% apple juice has 36 grams. Say what??

I mean really. We are putting this much sugar into our children and we don't even realize it. WOW! Avery does drink water and milk as well and for that I'm thankful, but juice is her favorite in the morning that's for sure. 

When we received our First Juice review products we couldn't wait to try them. 

We were sent the Blueberry & purple carrot and the Apple & Carrot. To be quite honest I didn't think we would like them, BOY was I wrong! I liked the Apple & Carrot better and Avery preferred the Blueberry & Purple Carrot, but she drank them both with no complaints. 

I like that these have fruits AND veggies in them, and they are tastier that V8 Splash. 
First Juice has 4 flavors to choose from the 2 We tried and Banana & Carrot and Peach & Purple Carrot. I think Avery would enjoy these 2 just as much. I also like the Sippy like top on these bottles, and they are reusable!! We used ours until our Big bottles were gone and then I threw them away, but I don't think it's a bad idea to just wash them out and reuse them for a while. They are convenient for juice and water at the zoo or park for the day! Nice and handy!
Price: A 6 pk of 32 oz bottles is $21 on Amazon!!! AWESOME deal. That's like $2.80 a bottle... And a pk of 12 8 oz bottles is $25. again AWESOME Deal!!

Overall: ***** Avery loved it, It wasn't filled with sugar and It was EASY!! 
Here's a Coupon Page they offer!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DWTS 4/20

I'm a little upset since I love Kate Gosselin so much, but I have to say I'm not surprised and she wasn't a good dancer.

Although I give her credit for 1. trying it in the first place knowing she had NO experience at all and 2. for taking on everything that she has...

You know she has 2 T.V. shows coming out soon right? Kate plus 8 (CAN'T WAIT) and Twist Of Kate. I can't wait to watch either of these. She also has a new book out. 

So she's been raising 8 children, DWTS, writing a book and preparing for 2 T.V. shows. She's a busy mom! I couldn't do all that, so I give her a lot of props! Great job Kate Gosselin and I can't wait to see you on T.V. again soon!

Avery's Pictures!

They went fantastic!! I can't believe how good they went. Avery was so chill about it all and definitely gave her personality! 

So here they are!
These are the ones I ORDERED!  8X10
These are all the other ones! I would've ordered most of these, but we don't have that much room for pictures and don't have a lot of family to give them to. So I didn't order them!
I really wanted this one :(
LOVED this one, but the 3 was backwards :(((
And that's it! It was hard weeding them out and deciding which ones I wanted. But I never like to pay more than $35 for pictures. So I spent $30 and I'm very happy with that! At least I get to look at all the other ones!!

What do you guys think?