Mommy's Favorite Things: Avery's Pictures!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Avery's Pictures!

They went fantastic!! I can't believe how good they went. Avery was so chill about it all and definitely gave her personality! 

So here they are!
These are the ones I ORDERED!  8X10
These are all the other ones! I would've ordered most of these, but we don't have that much room for pictures and don't have a lot of family to give them to. So I didn't order them!
I really wanted this one :(
LOVED this one, but the 3 was backwards :(((
And that's it! It was hard weeding them out and deciding which ones I wanted. But I never like to pay more than $35 for pictures. So I spent $30 and I'm very happy with that! At least I get to look at all the other ones!!

What do you guys think?


Mandee said...

Oh wow! I think you got a great deal on the pics! Where did you go, Sears or somewhere like that? Your daughter is adorable and she sure is a little ham when it comes to the camera! I'm always chasing my boys around taking their pics and they get so tired of it! ha ha!

Huguette En said...

Beautiful pictures, she's adorable!! What a deal!

Heather S said...

I agree! Jon asked why I get her pictures done (once a year I'll add) And I said "For $30, it's WAY easier" So That's what I spent!
We went to JcPenney.
They have a coupon on the website for $3.99 sheets, Free 8X10, and Free sitting fee. I saved $75 today.

Thanks to both of you!

Amy Brown said...

She's adorable the pictures came out great!

Dee said...

They turned out great. She's so photogenic!

Rachel C said...

So cute! I love the one where she's looking up and to the right.
I need to get my son's 18 month pics taken - thanks for reminding me!