Mommy's Favorite Things: My Experience With Mirena IUD

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Experience With Mirena IUD

So I really wanted to share this info here and get it out there.

I got my Mirena 4 months after Avery was born, in September 2007. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. It would be good for 5 years, or sooner if need be and I didn't have to worry about anything. Like everything else in the world though, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

About 4 months later, I was diagnosed with eczema. Eh it was winter and whatever right? I went on with my life. 3 months later it was acne, 2 months after that nausea. I started getting about 10 pregnancy symptoms all at one time. I took a pregnancy test, negative. Went on about my life.

Every couple months I would get a new 'side effect' but never thought anything of it. Bloating, weight gain, etc. Stuff just kept happening.

I took 2 more pregnancy tests in that time and both negative. Just now about 6 months ago I started linking my problems to this Mirena.

I have been depressed, experienced nausea, tender breasts, acne, eczema, back pain and aches, headaches, bloating, cramps constantly, I have gained 15 pounds in 3 years. A lot of issues going on okay. A LOT of issues. Once I discovered this could be because of the Mirena, I started to do some research. Checked out the Mirena website and nothing was there except irregular periods. So I let it go.

Now I check the Mirena website and everything is there in plain sight. ALL of my symptoms are listed. Yes I may be in the '5%-10%' of women, but I'm sure that's MUCH higher.

I can not believe that what I thought was AMAZING in the beginning actually turned out to be the worst thing in my life and the true devil. It is RUINING my relationship with Jon. Seriously!

I'm so depressed and moody, I snap at him for everything. We actually read that within the last 2 years of being on Mirena, most couple end up divorcing or splitting up. I'm so glad we've made it this long!

I am getting my Mirena out on the 24th (Happy Thanksgiving to me!!!) and I could not be happier about it. I'm not going to be on any Birth Control for at least 6 months to let my system clean out.

I took this SERIOUS bloat picture to document it before I get it pulled
I looked like that when I was roughly 25 weeks along with Avery. I had only gained 15 pounds my entire pregnancy and I've gained 15 pounds with this device. It is hurting me inside and I want it out SO bad. Because it's not considered an 'emergency' that's the earliest they could get me in. 

So that's my experience and I wouldn't recommend this to ANYONE. 
It might be good for 6 months to a year, but other than that, Don't get it PLEASE!!

Every 2-3 months I get a new symptom. I would hate to see what comes next.

Since having that Mirena out, my life has completely changed. My symptoms started disappearing immediately and I was able to conceive on our 3rd month of trying (5 months after getting Mirena out), had a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Since then I've had ANOTHER healthy pregnancy and delivery. All symptoms dissipated and my life returned to normal.

My husband and I said I'd NEVER go on birth control of any kind again. He had a vasectomy after our third and our family is complete. I'm thankful that I didn't have any long lasting effects of the Mirena and thankful that those were my only effects. I'm thankful I was able to conceive and have healthy children after Mirena.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have posted this! I was contemplating getting on this. But they won't give it to me since I've not had a child yet.

I'm on Seasonique, and I like it. It has it's draw backs though like any other type of birth control. If it wasn't for my horrendous cramping during my period or the fact I get UTI's so easily due to the use of condoms, I wouldn't be on a birth control at all.

I've been on Seasonique for about 7 months now and I've gained about 15-20 lbs myself (not that I didn't need it) and I've actually had enough symptoms (they never stick around for more than a week or so) that I've taken pregnancy tests, which were negative.

Chari said...

Thanks for sharing! Just until a couple of months ago I didn't realize that hormonal BC was an abortificant! I will NEVER take hormonal BC again! It is evil stuff and really, who knows what it will do to our bodies in the long run. Look into natural family planning. I have used it for a couple of years and it is great.

Anonymous said...

I got the Mirena about 6 weeks after my 2nd son. I bled doe 3 months straight and became anemic. I went on iron pills since the bleeding was "normal" They checked my blood every 8 weeks or so to keep track of my iron and a 10 months post Mirena insertion my bloodwork showed that I was pregnant! So the removed it and upon removal saw that it was improperly inserted to begin with. i love my 3rd son and dont regret it but it was a nightmare while i was on it!

Heather S said...

I don't really regret doing it, but I will never get it again.
We are going to do NFP and condoms for the next few months.
I just discovered that it's an abortifacient as well. I don't ever want to do hormonal BC again, but I may have to. We'll see how this works out. I think before these 6 months are up, we're going to TTC. So there is a plus side to this.
Thanks for commenting.

Julie said...

Ii have been on the Mirena since 6 weeks after i had my son. I love it. it is inserted correctly. I do not gain weight and have had no side effects. I am very thankful after reading your story!

Heather S said...

Mine is inserted correctly and I hate it!
How long have you had it, Julie?

Sheila Hickmon said...

I've been thinking about getting mine out. I've had is for a little over 2 years and I have a lot of those symptoms too. My mood swings are HORRIBLE! I can totally see where they say that the last 2 years cause divorce!

A few months ago I ended up going to the ER for really bad stomach pain and they kept me. They couldn't decide whether the pain was from ovulation or the IUD. I'm gonna go with the Mirena, it was THE worst pain I've ever had. The doc leaned towards ovulation. (?) I haven't had anymore pain like that, but I do get cramps really bad. No periods though which is great.

I'm glad your getting your out! It's insane how many side effects you have!

Sheila Hickmon said...

So I looked up reviews on the Mirena, and OMGosh! There are so many women that have mood swings and a ton of other horrible stuff from the Mirena!

Definitely gonna look into getting it taken out!

Heather S said...

YAY!! I'm glad I 'saved' someone else. I think it's horrible. And like I said, about 5-6 months ago all this info wasn't on the Mirena website, yet here it all is

Michelle Krz said...

I hated Mirena. I only had mine for 8 weeks. I bled for 8 weeks straight. Not spotting... like, full on period bleeding for 8 weeks. It was insane. I was bloated the entire two months and I gained 7 pounds. It was ridiculous. I had it removed after giving it a couple months to see if the symptoms would go away. They didn't. It was terrible!

Heather S said...

I might try the ParaGuard next. It's non hormonal, I hear it gives you HEAVY periods, but I'll take that over these side effects any day!

It's Me...BEE! said...

I just took my IUD out after 4 years due to wanting to expand my family. I never had any side affect or problems. No bloating no mood swings no wrong placement no nothing. I heard of the issues but I thank God I didn't have to experience them. I think it's a case by case thing.

Denise said...

Thanks for posting this. I know I'm late with this comment, but I think those percentages are way off (as in way too low). I'm glad that many women have a good experience with women, but the ones who don't are experiencing some pretty awful things. Me included - you can read about my experience here:

Take care!