Mommy's Favorite Things: Merry Fluffy Christmas Sponsor Spotlight: Babee Greens

Friday, November 5, 2010

Merry Fluffy Christmas Sponsor Spotlight: Babee Greens

I have done a review for Babee Greens before on their Cotton/Hemp Diaper. I love that diaper. Here is my review.

This is one of my favorite diapers and I reach for it often.I put the Nifty Nappy Woolie wrap over it and together they are bulletproof. The diaper is very absorbent and it comes with an additional liner as well, I assume that holds an extra couple ounces. This diaper will hold everything in and could still be SOAKED without leaking.
This is more of a nap diaper with use, but I have used it at night as well, with no issues.

Well now Babee Greens has added to their items and they have added WOOL!!!! Yep they have.

One thing I don't like is that the diaper covers are sized... So they are kind of expensive to only last a few months at a time. I understand the longies being sized because of inseam changes, but I think they could come out with a one size cover.

Price: They're prices are generous on the diapers and other accessories, but I think the wool is a LITTLE bit much. The Diaper is $19. The Wool Cover is $27, the Cashmere Cover is $30. The Cashmere Longies are $29 and the Wool Longies are $26. The longies prices are eh ok, but the covers are too much.
For a Merry Fluffy Christmas Babee Greens is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a Pair of Wool Longies (ARV $26)