Mommy's Favorite Things: Our Events!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our Events!!

Healthy, Green, Natural week is almost over. I have 6 more giveaways to go up tomorrow. After that we're all done. We have a Concert to go to tomorrow, so I'm hoping to get them all up, if not, 1-2 may go up on Sunday instead!
Sunday starts our All About Fall Event!!! Are you guys excited for that one? Not as many sponsors for that. We have 11 sponsors one of them is a Review only. So 10 giveaways. Much more reasonable. This week was WAY too many giveaways for me. It was pretty crazy.

I also have a few regulars to post this coming week as well, Still a little more than normal, but more manageable.

Hope you had fun during this event and I hope you'll have fun for this next event. Then no more events Until December 1st, which is a Cloth Diaper related event! It's 5 days of giveaways and I already have 14 sponsors!!! Hecka Busy! But there will be more than 1 sponsor per giveaway. They'll all be combined in one.