Mommy's Favorite Things: Cheryl Ricker's A Friend in the Storm

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cheryl Ricker's A Friend in the Storm

Here's a description of the book: "This ninety-six page gift-book combines heartfelt poetry with powerful quotes and Scripture verses to speak to the heart and soul of anyone going through difficult times. The beautiful fabric binding with foil stamping makes this the perfect gift for anyone seeking comfort.

Author Cheryl Ricker reaches into the depths of human suffering from the perspective of Christ speaking to the reader in soothing poetic words.

This elegant gift book will reach the heart and soul of anyone facing difficult circumstances, leading them through their suffering into the arms of a faithful loving God.

Each two-page spread includes a poem, as well as reflections written by Christian leaders, along with healing Scripture verses.

My Review:
I am not religious at all, so to see some scripture quotes in there was a little boring to me. But I won't let it change my review of the book. I think it is very uplifting. If someone is stressed or depressed or in a bad mood, I think they should pick up this book and read a couple pages. It will help lift their spirits and get them back into a better mood. That is of course my opinion. But I think it's very uplifting.
It is a poetry book, so each page is only a few lines. And at 96 pages It's super easy to read this all in one day, but I wouldn't. I would savor these pages for when you're feeling down.

I loved the layout itself, I loved the graphics that were added to the pages. There are leaves and flowers and such on the pages. It makes it much more appealing then just words. 
Many of the poems toward the end are quite hopeful and in my opinion, they get better with each page you read.

I think you should check this book out and give it a read!
 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from Litfuse Publicity Group for Review. I was not paid to try out these products, and all opinions expressed here are my own!* 


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather~

Thanks for your review of the book!!

I like your blog!!

Blessings on your family!

~ Cheryl