Mommy's Favorite Things: Select Comfort Review & Giveaway

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Select Comfort Review & Giveaway

Jon and I LOVE a cool bed, and we're always struggling to find the cool spot at the time. With both of us doing this it makes it hard to find the perfect cool spot. So we were able to review the In Balance Sheets in Sea Blue. I love the color. 
Kind of hard to see here, but it's a nice blue shade. The one thing I don't like is that the set doesn't come with pillowcases.

It's supposed to balance the temperature and provide a more comfortable sleeping space. I haven't noticed this difference. I'm still just as hot as I normally am. But I do like that there's elastic on the corners to hold it in place. They slip under the mattress. We have problems keeping sheets on bed so this is awesome. 

For $160 for the queen set I'm upset that it didn't come with pillowcases and that it didn't really work.

Price: Between $160 and $176. This is a LOT for a set of sheets!

Overall: *** Price is high and they didn't regulate anything. But the elastic is nice and they wash nice as well.

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