Mommy's Favorite Things: Kate Gosselin: I Just Want You To Know REVIEW

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kate Gosselin: I Just Want You To Know REVIEW

I wrote a little bit about it a few days ago. Well I also finished it a few days ago, but haven't had time to write the review, Sorry about that.
I read this book in 3 days, not very likely for me. With how busy I am I usually read a book in around 2 weeks, if I'm lucky. I am also reading 2 other books right now and I still managed to read this one in a few days.
This is definitely a quick read. It's a sucker in... It really sucks you in and you keep wanting to read more and more until it's done and there's no more to read.

I really love Kate Gosselin and I know a LOT about her, but this book helped me understand more. This book is to help all the haters understand her more. It's a letter to all her children, but that's not all It's about!
In this book she has an individual letter to each one of her children in order of birth. All the letters are so sweet, they explain how she came up with their names, how much they each weighed and other info that some may not know about them. 

This book also has a lot of fun facts in it about the family. How they managed to feed all 8 at one time, how she managed to do multiple loads of laundry a day, while maintaining a STRICT schedule.

I think if you don't like this family you should definitely read it to get a better understanding of the family and where they were coming from. If you like this family (like me) I definitely think you should read this book. 

Here's a little snippet from the publisher
In I Just Want You to Know, New York Times bestselling author Kate Gosselin continues her story of faith and family, picking up where her first book, Multiple Blessings ended. Using excerpts and written prayers from her journal, Kate offers an intimate look at the heart of a mother during the three years her family transitioned from obscurity into television fame. The book includes eight individual letters to her children in which she conveys her dreams and direction for each one and reassures them of her love.

I also want to say that I am in no way a Christian and I still loved this book despite the bible quotes.