Mommy's Favorite Things: Joovy Kooper Stroller Review

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Joovy Kooper Stroller Review

We hate lugging around Avery's huge travel system stroller. We didn't mind when she was still in the infant car seat or when I was toting around a HUGE diaper bag to match, but now that she's almost 3 and we don't really even use a stroller too much anymore, it was time for a smaller one. Joovy to the rescue!

I never liked the Umbrella stroller as it offered NO storage. For us storage is big. We need it. It holds my purse and any shopping bags when needed.

The only time we use a stroller now is if we'll be gone for a while or doing a lot of walking. Mall, Zoo, Nature Trail, Things of that nature. So it won't get used much, but it will definitely get it's use since I plan on keeping it for future children as well!
We received the Joovy Kooper for review!

As you can see we ordered the Appletree color. It's such a nice shade.

This stroller was super easy to put together. The wheels needed to go in, see those red marks by the front wheels? They are the button you push it to pop in the wheel and you push it to pull the wheel out. It is super easy!!
I would've done a video for you guys, but Jon is never home long enough to help me with it and our tripod isn't good enough for this thing... Sorry!

And then the shade needed to be attached. On the side of the stroller there are these tracks and the shade just slides right down it. Only problem I had is that the fabric was covering these tracks and I had to close up the stroller a little bit to move it out of the way, that's it!! After that was installed the back parent holder needed to be velcroed in place. THAT'S IT!! DONE!
Look how big this shade is!! It's actually like 2 shades. It comes down and then another flap comes down further!

Back easy 1-hand adjustment!! Literally it's SUPER easy to lay down the seat or raise it up.

Harness by itself, you can also see here on the sides it has cup holders for the child!

 This stroller has reflective material on the harness and on the sides. 

Also when you close up the stroller there is a lock to keep it closed.

This stroller folds up so small and compact and it EASILY fits in our trunk. That's where it stays in our trunk just in case, and we use the travel system stroller for long walks at home. 

We're taken this stroller to 2 malls so far and really enjoy it. And we got some good looks from it too!!! I like when people notice me (a little conceited maybe!) and this allows me to get that attention. The style combined with color definitely draws attention!

Now I have one COMPLAINT about this stroller. It's that the cup holders on the back aren't big enough for a food court drink. They are a good size for a can of pop or bottle of water, but not big enough for a large drink. The zippered compartment is good for keys, cell phone of even a child's pacifier or something!

Here's from the website!
The one stroller that feels as good in your hands as it looks.
Joovy is proud to announce the addition of the Kooper Buggy Stroller to its stroller lineup. The Kooper is a mix between a euro style buggy and a modern umbrella stroller. The slotted aluminum frame and 1680D high luster laminated fabric gives the Kooper a look that will stand out in a crowd.
The Kooper has all the features that you have come to expect from a Joovy such as a huge removable canopy with sun shade, and a large accessible storage basket. The Kooper’s 1680D ultra premium fabric is as pleasing to the touch as to the eye while being ultra durable. The Kooper does not sacrifice functionality at the sake of fashion. One-hand, infinite positioning recline seat, two cup holders and zippered pocket, and four quick release wheels are just a few features to make parents’ life a little easier. Ergonomic deluxe foam handles, all aluminum frame, and front suspension add to the solid feel of the stroller.
Baby is not forgotten with five-point harness and three shoulder-height anchor points, two mesh pockets in seat and cushioned shoulder pads. Baby can enjoy the stroller from 6 months to 50 pounds. The Kooper includes a compact, traditional 3-dimensional umbrella fold for quick easy storage while only weighing in at only 18 pounds while meeting the most rigorous product safety testing standards for the industry.

Price: The price of this Kooper stroller comes in at $249.99 BUT is on sale for $179.99!!
We're not ones to spend a bunch of money on something like this and even Jon just said "It's definitely worth it, it's the sturdiest stroller I've ever seen" So that is big props for this stroller!!

Overall: ********** TOTALLY a 10 star!!! Nothing beats this and this is the BEST item I've reviewed so far!! Way to go Joovy

One last thing! Joovy also carries double strollers like the new Caboose Ultralight. They also have Triple strollers like the Big Caboose, Zoom jogging stroller and they even have Playards as well as High Chairs. They also have toys like the Doll Booster Seat which even has a latch system so you can put it in the car!!!!

AWESOME company with a lot of items!

 *Disclaimer* I received these products directly from the Company for Review. I was not paid to try out these products!*
Thank you so Much Joovy for this opportunity! I'm sure we'll be a long time customer of yours!


one frugal lady said...

Awesome review! I love this stroller and the appletree green color is great!

Anonymous said...

this is a great review and stroller i love the color and the shade is so big on it! it would be perfect for my baby girl:)