Mommy's Favorite Things: Which Outfit for pictures tomorrow???

Monday, April 19, 2010

Which Outfit for pictures tomorrow???

Avery is going for pictures tomorrow (eek) and I have one outfit picked out, but I always like to do 2 outfits. So what other outfit should I do? They usually say nothing too busy, but this year they didn't so I'm curious!!

Here is our one FOR SURE outfit. She wears a 3T and this is a 24 month so that's why the pants are a little short, but I still think it's ADORABLE!
These are our other outfits. I have 3 to choose from and they all have a pretty busy top... So I'm not sure!! But I didn't want anything pink, because of the first outfit, and she mostly has pink, and this is all I could find!!
 I either like the striped top with leggings or the butterfly top with skirt. 

Which do you like best? Pictures are at 12:40 tomorrow and these items will be steamed by then. So they won't be wrinkled. 
Just for fun. Here are last years pictures (outfits)
 Again we will be doing NO SHOES, because it's so much cuter. and Her toenails will be repainted that Pink color!


Anonymous said...

I like the brown one

Heather @ Girl Gone Mom said...

They're all so cute. The brown ice cream cone top and khakis is my fave :)

Mandee said...

Oh how cute! She is adorable!!! I love the little brown top! You could even put that with leggings and with the khakis to change some pics up. :)
I like the 4th outfit as well though. Tough decision. Can't wait to see the pics! :)

Anonymous said...

i too love the khaki pant sand little brown shirt it looks adorable on her!!

Heather S said...

Thanks Girls! The khakis were just steamed and that is the outfit we're going with. I figure they'll put it up against a white or light colored background so the brown should really stand out. I'm just worried that in the pictures it won't look like ice cream cones it will just be a blur. But we'll try it. I don't have to buy the pictures if I don't like them!!

bayctygrl said...

I see you already picked, I was going to vote for the brown one as well. She is such a cutie!

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Well, my pick would have been the last one (skirt) but honestly, it has little to do with the outfit and more to do with sparkling eyes and beautiful smiles right?!

Heather S said...

I agree Jenn. I LOVE her expression in the first picture. If only I can get this face out of her in ALL her pictures tomorrow I'll be happy!

We never spend that much on Pictures anyway, we don't have much family so it's just us and 2 8X10's for my family... So I can get as many as I want without it costing too much!!!

I go to JcPenney where they have a FREE sitting fee, FREE 8X10 and $3.99 sheets.
So I get like 5 8X10s a couple 5X7s and some wallets for under $30 and I'm happy!!

Dee said...

I would have picked the ice cream top one as well! So cute.

Amy Brown said...

I like the brown top. They are all cute, she's adorable, what a little model in the making :)